Inconvenient Truth #1: Northwoods

What:  The Northwoods Document (Declassified as part of the 1979 Kennedy Assassination Committee hearings).

Why:  Proof of previous “False Flag” operations planned by parts of the U.S. Government

When:  1962 during the build-up to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Where to find document: Northwoods Document (read starting at page 13 for related info to this post)

In March 1962, the Joint Chief’s of Staff put together a document that talked of how to falsely frame Cuba of hostilities towards the U.S.  This included, among other things, plans to have a robot plane shot down by a “Cuban” fighter (actually a MiG fighter jet piloted by a U.S. pilot).  The plan was detailed enough to:

a.  Have a real flight with “real” passengers divert during their flight to Eglin AFB; have a drone (robot plane) painted exactly the same, and have the drone plane fly on as the real flight.

b.  At some pre-determined point, have the “robot plane” transmit a distress signal, then remotely blow up the plane in flight and blame it on the Cubans.

Also talked about were attacks on U.S. military bases and even American cities.

Conclusion:  This is an undeniable fact that the U.S. military has in the past actually planned on using robot planes in a false flag event.  Anyone remember what some “conspirators” say about 9/11, specifically the Pentagon attacks?

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