Inconvenient Truth #5: Usama Bin-Laden – wanted for what?

Update:  After Bin Laden’s assassination, the Justice Dept release a transcript showing what Bin Laden was charged with…care to see?

Every American knows who Bin-Laden is, as we have been told since 9/11 that he was “the mastermind behind 9-11”. This man, who is possibly considered the most evil person in modern history, has been vilified every year since 9/11 as the person who planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks on both New York and the Pentagon.

That should be of little doubt to most Americans. Mention the name 9/11 and who was responsible, and 99% of American’s will say Bin-Laden.

But, what does the U.S. Government agency charged with apprehending Bin-Laden say about him?

The F.B.I. is charged with the pursuit and capture of Bin-Laden for any crimes he committed in the U.S. So, every American would assume that any information about him on the F.B.I.’s site would mention very prominently that he is wanted for planning and controlling the operations against the twin towers and the Pentagon, right?

Well, take a look for yourself. Below is the wanted poster for Bin-Laden on the FBI’s site (unchanged since 9/11 as far as content) for the last 10 years. You will find that he is wanted for murder of U.S. nationals “outside the United States”, bombings of U.S. Embassies overseas, and “..other terrorist activities”, presumably the U.S.S. Cole incident being one of them. However, the greatest attack in the history of the United States since Pear Harbor is not mentioned.

Try to rationalize intelligently a reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on the wanted poster at the Federal Government’s Agency responsible for his apprehension…

Later postings at this site will reveal possible reasons why not…

FBI Poster archived 20 Feb 2011

You can view the F.B.I.’s most current poster for Bin-Laden HERE

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