Inconvenient Truth #6: Afghanistan Report on Nangahar Province


In March of 2007, a convoy of American forces was moving through a town in the Nangahar province and came under a car-bomb attack.  In response, the convoy began shooting vehicles and people as it made it’s way 16 kilometers (almost 10 miles) back to it’s base.  The report, issued by the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, paints an “Apocalypse Now” type of event, where soldiers are firing at women, children, and men on foot and in vehicles, that show absolutely no provocation at all.

In all, at least 12 were killed and 35 were injured.  More disturbing, there is ample evidence in the report that evidence was destroyed and reporters threatened to give up photo’s taken at the scene.

This is just one example of what is happening to the people of Afghanistan and Iraq (and, to a lesser extent, Pakistan) by our continued presence there.

Imagine, if you can, a country (if we use the propogandist model, we would use Russia), that is occupying the state of South Carolina, and as it moves back to it’s post, it is fired upon, and for the next 10 miles unleashes it’s fury on any and all people it comes across.  As a sovereign nation, what would our response be?

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