Inconvenient Truth #8: Who created the Taliban?

It is another inconvenient truth that is not well known – who created the Taliban?  As you should know, the Taliban was the ruling power in Afghanistan on 9/11, and part of the reasoning of our going to war in Afghanistan is that they were harboring Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.  Since then, the Taliban are considered to be the primary threat to both Pakistan and the United States (this, by the way is the U.S. position and not Pakistan’s).  In many American’s minds, there is no difference between “Taliban”, “Al-Qaeda”, and “Terrorist”.

So, it might be important to understand who created the Taliban.  There are numerous sources out there that will show you the U.S. and ISI (Pakistani Intelligence) are the creators of the Taliban, but why don’t we let the current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tell you for herself (Start watching at 2:34 into the clip).   This is a classic example of our government creating rogue elements that eventually backfire on us, creating much larger problems (a term called “Blowback”).  More worrisome is the fact that no major media outlet’s ever seem to relay this fact when they are discussing the Taliban or “insurgency”…look for revealing truth’s about “Al-Qaeda” in future posts…

If you cannot view the video within this post, click HERE:

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