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Inconvenient Truth #4: Kissinger calls on Obama to start New World Order

In an interview on CNBC, Henry Kissinger (much more about him in future Inconvenient Truths), is asked what the greatest crisis and opportunity for Obama is at 2:11 into the interview. His reply is that it is an opportunity for … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #3: The Riegle Report on Iraq

[Updated 15 Oct 2014] – A NYT Article on chemical weapons (archived HERE) in Iraq points out that all the weapons found were PRE-1991 invasion, meaning there were no “build up of WMD’s” that Bush used to invade.  But, also … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #2: George H.W. Bush and James Parrot

In an FBI document dated 22 November, 1963, a George H.W. Bush furnished information to the effect that James Parrott had been talking of killing President Kennedy when he came to Houston. The address listed for George H.W. Bush was … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #1: Northwoods

What:  The Northwoods Document (Declassified as part of the 1979 Kennedy Assassination Committee hearings). Why:  Proof of previous “False Flag” operations planned by parts of the U.S. Government When:  1962 during the build-up to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Where to … Continue reading

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