Inconvenient Truth #24: Big Brother pushes church’s to promote flu vaccines

In a move that would seem eerie under normal circumstances, the Federal Government’s HHS department has been urging church’s to promote getting flu vaccinations to everyone 6 month’s or older.

In the bulletin, the government states “As you know, faith and community leaders play an integral role in helping to keep their communities and congregations healthy, especially during flu season. As trusted messengers, you are able to spread important information about healthy practices and the need for vaccination.”

Trusted Messenger?  That sounds awful propogandistic to me.  They are saying that because the church leader’s are trusted, the people will listen to whatever form of manufactured consent they are told.

Next, the bulletin states “Two specific ways that you can help are to host a seasonal flu vaccine clinic in your congregation or just remind individuals and families to get vaccinated through local meetings or informal gatherings.”

Remember in the Bible “Give unto Caeser that which is due Caeaser, and give unto God that which is due God”?  Well, I guess they want to change it to “Do unto your congregation that which the government says to do”

When the government uses symbols that are very important to people’s lives as a tool to indoctrinate them, we are in a very dangerous position.

And finally, check out the one page flyer titled “Faith and communities fight flu” that the HHS is pushing on church’s to post in their sanctuaries.

Big Brother is on the march, and regardless of where you side on the separation of church and state, this latest incursion has deep and troubling implications!


Faith and Communities Fight Flu (HHS pamphlet for church’s)

HHS Annual Flu Guide

HHS Newsletter to faith-based organizations

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