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Inconvenient Truth #26: The Rise of the Machines

In Terminator, the movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, machines reached “Singularity”, the point where they became “Self-aware” and were more capable in thought and action than humans. They then rise up against humans, and the battle for humanity versus machines began. … Continue reading

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Short comment on Haditha rulings…

I will be producing an inconvenient truth on the Haditha massacre’s and the eventual acquittal (and yes, that’s what it amounted to) of the 8 Marines and countless people above them, revealing the true method of warfare our soldier’s use … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #25: Operation AJAX Overthrow of Iran 1953

With all of the recent banter about Iran, and the U.S. getting the sanction’s against the Iranian Central Bank and oil, it might be worth noting that a CIA overthrow of Iran was performed in 1953, as detailed in this … Continue reading

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