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It Was Only A Dream

Any story I have rated as important has been archived here, for posterity sake (and to ensure the MSM doesn’t memory-hole them)

[Updated 02 Apr 2015] – Years on, and billions of dollars have resulted in this:

Japan audit: Millions of dollars wasted in Fukushima cleanup

a.  The French equipment to remove cesium – failure

b.  Equipment to remove salt water from that used to cool reactors – failure

c.  Above ground tanks used to store highly radioactive water – failure

d.  Giant underground tanks to store same water – failure

e.  Highly publicized effort to “freeze” a barrier around plant – failure

I can’t imagine what will happen next, as this is supposed to be a 30-40 year project

[Updated 24 Aug 2014] – Japanese press have reported (Archived HERE)that Thyroid cancer’s are increasing in the population exposed to the Fukushima meltdown:

“The figure can be extrapolated…

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