Inconvenient Truth #32: Jack Parson’s and the Occult.

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John Whiteside Parsons (born Marvel Whiteside Parsons on October 2, 1914 – died June 17, 1952), better known as Jack Parsons, was an American rocket propulsion researcher at the California Institute of Technology. He was one of the principal founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Aerojet Corp.

He was also a Satanic occultist who worked with Aleister Crowley (“The Beast”) and Ron L. Hubbard (Scientology) in Satanic rituals.  Jack Parson’s made it a ritual before every test flight of his rocket’s to say a prayer to his “god” Pan (in reality Satan)…


Jack Parson’s established the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and was considered a genius in the field of rocket propulsion.  In 1972, a crater on the Moon was named for Parsons, one on the far side.

In the document title “JPL 101” put out by NASA (Link:, it states:

“The science that JPL has brought to the country and the world can be found in the astronomy textbooks that the Laboratory’s missions have caused to be rewritten in the past decades.”

However, it also states “…“Jack was an excellent chemist, and a delightful screwball… [with] penetrating black eyes which appealed to the ladies” who “loved to recite pagan poetry to the sky while stamping his feet.” (p. 11)

In describing his occult beliefs, the publication states in passing:

“Parsons headed a local lodge of an esoteric order linked to a   notorious occult group that spawned stories of drug use and sex orgies.” (p. 11)

In Feb 2000, Salon magazine published a story on Jack Parson entitled “Sex and Rockets” in which we find the following facts about Parson’s:

“Jack Parsons embraced that oddly compelling trinity — as a self-taught chemist and co-founder of Pasadena’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), who devoted much of his life to magic and following the occult mage Aleister Crowley.”

…America’s space program owes much to Parsons’ rocket design and innovations — and in 1972 the International Astronomical Union honored him by naming Parson’s Crater on the dark side of the moon. After co-founding the JPL — which his admirers referred to as “Jack Parsons’ Laboratory” — Parsons started Aerojet Corp., now the world’s largest rocket producer and manufacturer of solid-fuel boosters for space shuttles….

However, the article notes a dark side to Parsons:

“…he immersed himself in the philosophy of his mentor, English occultist Crowley –the bald guy in the back row on the cover of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band.

“Jack Parsons, along with Ron L. Hubbard, carried out a highly satanic ritual in 1946 “…known as the “Babalon [sic] Working,  a ceremony in which the “whore of Babylon” was invoked to attract an “elemental” with whom Parsons could conceive a “moonchild” to usher in a new age.  the ceremony involved annointing objects with menstrual blood, invoking spells and incantations, and Parsons’ act of masturbating (using his “magic wand”).”

In another piece, author Paul Rydeen writes:

The purpose of Parson’s operation has been underemphasized. He sought to produce a magickal child who would be a product of her environment rather than of her heredity. Crowley himself describes the Moonchild in just these terms. The Babalon Working itself was preparation for what was to come: a Thelemic messiah.[8]

“Almost immediately he met Marjorie Cameron right in his own home, and regarded her as the Scarlet Woman and the fulfillment of the ritual. Parsons, Hubbard, and Cameron then proceeded to the next stage of the Babalon Working in which Cameron acted as Parsons’ magical sexual partner with whom he could sire a Moonchild.”

It should be noted that Jack claimed he caused the “Whore of Babylon”, a demon spirit, to physically appear during the ritual.

In 1950, Jack was under investigation from the FBI for “borrowing” classified documents from his then-employer, Hughes Aircraft.

On page 11 of the FBI Interview, Jack admits voluntarily that “…while residing at 1003 South Orange Grove, Pasadena, California, he was a member of a religious cult which was alleged to have been involved in immoral activities.  He said that he is no lo nger connected with this group and has severed all relations with it...”

On page 16, the FBI Interview states that an informant said “…Parson’s home, as of that time (1946) served as a headquarters for a religious cult in Pasadena…”

On page 19, the FBI Interview states “…A religious cult, believed to advocate sexual perversion, was organized at subject’s home at 1003 South Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena, California, which had been reported subersive…”

Aleister Crowley is mentioned on page 30 of the FBI Interview:

“…He (Jack Parsons) said a great many of the teachings and ideals of the Church of Thelema were based on the teachings of ALEISTER CROWLEY of London, England…”

On page 37 of the FBI Interview, mention is made of a weekend “initiation” for an unnamed person at Jack Parson’s house:

“…He (unnamed) was approached by [redacted] to attend a week-end party to be held at 1003 South Orange Grove, Pasadena, California.  [redacted] that after his arrival at that address he learned that what he thought was to be a weekend party was actually a meeting of a cult, known as “The Church of Thelema”.  During the course of the weekend [redacted] initiated into this order, and states that he does not recall anything of the initiation proceedings, except that all of the participants removed their clothes and were given robes.  [redacted] was apparently drugged and that he spent two days and nights at 1003 South Orange Grove, and that there were 40 or 50 members of the cult…[redacted] said that a girl named [redacted] is apparently the concubine for the organization…”

That the church of Thelema was Satanic and followed Aleister Crowley is evident on page 58 of the FBI Interview, stating “…The fundamental principle of the Society are “Do what tho wilt shall be the whole of the law”…”

On page 25 of the second (continuation) FBI interviews (pt 2), we find the following:

…They stated that the Parson’s are an odd and unusual pair in that they do not live by the commonly accepted code of married life and are both very fascinated by anything unusual or morbid such as voodooism, cults, homosexuality, and religious practices that are ‘different’…

In the following video, the official archive historian for JPL gives his recollections of Jack Parson’s occult activities:

Video:  JPL archivist and oral historian Dr. John Bluth (deceased) discusses the events surrounding the death of Jack Parsons. This interview was conducted in the spring of 1998

Here is a video commemorating the 60th anniversary of his death:

On June 17, 1952, Parsons was preparing for a trip to Mexico when he was killed in a powerful explosion in his laboratory in Pasadena — also on Orange Grove Avenue, not far from where he grew up. He was known as being a very meticulous chemist and yet there were some very unstable chemicals found in a trash can at his lab. His fiery death is fuel for conspiracy theorists to this day, though the generally sympathetic Carter concludes the explosion was probably accidental.

It would be easy to dismiss Jack Parson’s as a nutball who was an aberation in the space program.  However, you would be wrong.  Future posts will reveal other well-known persons involved in Satanic occult rituals and cults.

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15 Responses to Inconvenient Truth #32: Jack Parson’s and the Occult.

  1. efka says:

    Thelema has nothing to do with Satanism…

    • SleepNoMore says:

      Anything that is not of God is, of necessity, of Satan. Now, if you want to argue that Thelema is not the Church of Satan, so be it. However, anyone who is a Christian and does any research at all of the Thelema belief system will conclude that it is just another method of worshiping Satan…otherwise you will just be arguing highly spurious points of contention…I only state this as a Christian: Obviously if you are not a Christian, it doesn’t matter to you what I say…right?

      • Susan says:

        Who are you? You’re obviously very smart and/or think you are and extremely authoritative. And a self-avowed Christian (FYI both my parents taught Sunday School).
        I suspect English was not your first language–why do you constantly apostrophize Parsons? Jack Parsons, Cameron Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. Parsons, the Parsons’ property. Not Parson’s. I like your use of the word “spurious,” among others, but your God/Satan absolute does not allow for grey areas or compromise or contemplation.
        You reference an old article in Salon called “Sex and Rockets” but do not mention it’s a book review of SEX AND ROCKETS by “John Carter.” You do mention Paul Rydeen, who is, in fact, this “John Carter.” You do not direct your audience to the much preferable Parsons biography STRANGE ANGEL…, written by George Pendle, who used to contribute science articles to the London TIMES.
        Indeed, you may SleepNoMore knowing I’ve got you on my radar.
        Take care &
        Lighten up.

      • SleepNoMore says:

        It is not my intention to direct anyone to any books about Jack Parsons. You seem to have done that just fine. Hope you keep checking on my posts…take care.

  2. jon abrams says:

    Your belief that anything ‘occult’ is satanic, is just that: a belief, not fact. Many Christians consider catholicsm to be an idoltorous heresy, and therefore, occult and satanic. Is this your belief as well?
    Many christians consider judaism to be satanic, since we jews ‘reject’ christ as messiah and savour. Quick question: is it your belief that any religion that does not accept and worship Jesus is ‘occult’ and ‘satanic?”
    interesting stuff, though.

    • SleepNoMore says:

      Faith is the centerpiece of Christianity (and I do not refer to organized religion, but Jesus’s words). As such, we (Christians) believe in things not seen, but know to be true because it has transformed us. Occult and Satanic are two different terms, but to a Christian they are the same.

      Anything that is not of God is quite apparently of Satan. In a relative world, all belief’s are equal, just that your viewpoint may be different from mine, doesn’t mean mine is right or yours is wrong.

      I do not believe in relativism. Black and white are the colors…I think of it this way: All the colors of the wheel combine to make the color black. White is the absence of all the colors. So, anything that is not white (not “white people” but true unadulterated Christianity) is some shade of grey, and thus not of Christ because they are a part of the “carnal” world.

      Lastly, because you are Jewish, you are God’s chosen people. According to the Bible, at the end the Jew’s will be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, who was himself a Jew. I have no problem with the Jewish people.

      Thank you for your comment. As you can see, I do not censor anyone’s points of view…

  3. Orphic Doorman says:

    As for Christianity, I’m going for direct contact with the divine. No maitre d.
    As for JP: you might not know it now, but baby, he’s a star.

    • I wholeheartedly concur. Also, to hell with unilateralist sky-daddy horror-fantasy “gods” with their black/white, all/nothing, this-or-that dualistic moral delusions. To hell with religions that claim historical and factual basis for their “god” when in fact there is none. At least what Jack did was real, and had real, measurable results. More than anyone can say for the cold-hearted, tyrannical, apoplectic wraith conjured by the imaginations of xtian SHEEPLE.

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  6. Len Hummel says:

    Excellent and informative article. Parsons was deluded by satanic/Crowley rituals and the seductions of the occult and sexual pleasures. One of their first principles is that “CHRISTIAN MORALITY” is to be rejected. “the human will” is then “enthroned” in the place of GOD and godly moral truth & rules of behavior.
    We are surely living in the closing years of what is sometimes referred to as “the end of bloody human history.” …

  7. Peter Alexander Vaughn says:

    A “Satanic Occultist”? You must be joking. Please get a clue. Your facts are so horribly wrong it would take a month of Sundays of writing just to correct your little post.

    • pdproperties says:

      PV, back up your claims. Did you read Sex and Rockets? Do you have any knowledge of this topic?

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