Inconvenient Truth #34: Problem, Reaction, Solution and Belviq Diet Pill

The use of the Hegaelian principle of Problem, Reaction, Solution is constantly used by corrupt governments and those who run them behind the scenes to get things they want in place.

A good example was The Patriot Act of 2001, which was presented to Congress a little more than one month after 9/11, even though it would’ve been impossible to research and prepare such a document so quickly.

(note:  the Patriot Act was a list of modifications of laws, and as such, was composed of hundreds of modifications to existing laws).

In that case, the Problem was the terrorist attack on NYC and the Pentagon, the Reaction was the demand for solution by any means possible to secure our nation, and the Solution was – The Patriot Act, which by any quantifiable measure does nothing to protect against terrorists, but in fact makes all American citizens suspects of terror.

(Note:  An excellent comparison of the Patriot Act, and it’s negative impact on the United States Constitution is at  NPR also did an analysis on the subject at

The use of Problem / Reaction / Solution is usually carefully crafted so that each stage is rolled out in such a way that no one can easily see the overall scheme.

However, in the last week of June, we have a scenario that shows just how absolutely stupid the powers that be think we, as Americans are.

Starting in June, the new’s began reporting multiple stories about how “…doctor’s should be screening adult patients for obesity”, with a report published  by the USPSTF titled Screening for Obesity in Adults (official report).

Here are a number of stories, all within the second half of June 2012:…0.0.d7wB4aKA99Q

In this case, the Problem was the report issued by the panel.

The Reaction was the media hyping the need for Doctors to screen for obesity by reporting almost verbatim across every new’s organization the same story (which, incidentally would be institutionalizing mandatory screening of all American adults who might be obese).

So, normally we would wait a while before the Solution was revealed.  However, the SAME week, the solution was revealed (27 Jun 2012):

NYTimes: Prescription Drug to Aid Weight Loss Wins F.D.A. Backing

In the article, it is revealed that “The first new prescription diet pill in 13 years won approval from the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday, providing a new option for the roughly one-third of American adults considered obese.”

So, we have a new weight-loss drug that get’s approved, after a week’s flood of stories about how Doctor’s have to mandatory screen ALL adult patients for obesity (to include those who are not obese, but “overweight”).

Why would they (Big Pharma) need the Problem/Reaction/Solution model?

By putting out this propaganda before the introduction of the drug, it attempts to create a target audience for it’s product ahead of time, by institutionalizing the symptom’s for which it’s drug is touted as “the cure”.  The NYT article notes “…Some analysts are projecting annual Belviq sales will exceed $1 billion…”

While the article also states “…insurers have been reluctant to pay for such drugs. Medicare Part D, which pays for drugs for seniors, explicitly excludes obesity drugs…”, if screening of all adults with or without clinical obesity is instituted per the report, I think it’s safe to say that Medicare will fall in line.

Another note from the NYT Article is the comment “…“Once that word gets out that it works the same way [as fen-phen, a previous weight-loss drug pulled from the market], you are going to have a huge demand,” said Dr. Hendricks, who was on the advisory committee that voted in favor of approving Belviq…”

And let’s not forget this:  In the NYT piece it states “…The main safety concern about Belviq is that it works somewhat similarly to fenfluramine, a drug that was part of the popular fen-phen diet pill combination. It and a similar drug called dexfenfluramine were withdrawn from the market in 1997 after they were found to damage heart valves. ”

Better to get out in front of that bit of new’s with the Manufacture of Consent and create an illusion FIRST, as that is all anyone will remember.


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