Fukushima: Down the Memory Hole to Hell…

Preferred outfit for Fukushima

Every week a new story comes out about Fukushima, but you don’t see it, do you?  By and large, the MSM (Main Stream Media) has consciously decided to ignore this event that will (I believe) ultimately go down as the biggest story of modern times.  The latest (i.e, as of the date of this post 23 Aug 2012) story is that Plutonium has spread to 10 locations in Fukushima prefecture.

Why Fukushima will continue to be a nightmare to those of us who have long-term memory is documented in the post  I wrote about a major (and under-reported) scientific article on post-Fukushima world-wide radiation release:

Last year, a recognized group of scientists released a report on Fukushima that analyzed hard data collected from sensors located at 3 difference locations around the world. Their findings: 2.5X Chernobyl’s Xenon gas release, and 42% Chernobyl’s Caesium 137 release (Remember that the study was last year, radiation continues to this day to leak from Fukushima). The report also mapped both air and ground deposits in N. America. I highly encourage everyone to read the synopsis of the report (along with a link to the original findings) at “Inconvenient Truth #21: The disturbing facts about Fukushima’s accident“, and understand why this is only the beginning of heartbreak for Japan.

For a complete list of stories I have posted tracking the Fukushima crisis please visit my blogger site “Down the Rabbit Hole

Lastly, pray for the mothers, elderly, and children of Fukushima…

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