Active Shooter: Sandy Hook, “Heroes”, and the deadly consequences of the militarization of the police

In mythology, a “hero” is someone who takes no value in his own life, but sacrifices himself to the service of others.
In the latest active shooter mass killings (Sandy Hook, CT), the media portrayed the police as “heroes” who saved lives. However, the police did not fire one single shot, and the shooter was dead.
Watch this training video from Sumter, SC (My town) and see how the military is showing the police how to do an active-shooter incident. The military is trained not to “save lives” but to “clear an area”, and their first priority is not the safety of others, but their own.

This is how every single “active shooter” incident is now treated, and why you always hear that so many people were killed, and then either the murderer kills himself or gives up (very rarely in a mass shooting does the police kill him)…

I want the media to ask one question: If the police arrived at Sandy Hook, and knowing this was an elementary school, did not immediately storm the building and run as fast as they could towards the sound of gunfire, ESPECIALLY if they had any kind of protective gear on, and if they continued to hear shots fired, and did not storm the gunman, THEN WHY ARE WE CALLING THEM HEROES? And, if the police arrived after the shooter was dead, it does not change the fact of what WOULD have happened if they had arrived earlier.

Another question:  The firehouse was right next door.  I can only assume those firemen heard the first shots (where he supposedly shot out the window to gain entrance), and then GROWN MEN heard children and women SCREAMING FOR THEIR VERY LIVES — why have we not heard that they immediately took an ax, a crowbar, or their own bodies and ran headlong towards the sound of gunfire to rescue those children?  If they had, now 3 days later, the MEDIA would be ALL OVER THAT STORY.  No, we don’t hear anything about the firemen, because they are also indoctrinated in what to do in an Active Shooter scenario, and that is WAIT until the SWAT or COBRA teams arrive.  So, as a man, I cannot even fathom how I would live with myself if I stood there, cowering behind the wall of the fire-station, listening to the horror that was going on over there and not running immediately towards it, ESPECIALLY as you see little children and women running towards your building.  As a side note, I would say that normally at that time of the morning, some of the fire station personnel would be outside, doing a daily check of their trucks, etc, and SOMEONE would’ve heard those shots (see HERE for a map of the location of the firehouse and a straight-line to the school)

Instead, we see “Special Forces” type “SWAT” or “COBRA” team members walking around all geared up for Armageddon when there is no longer any danger.

In this video, make sure you CAREFULLY WATCH how the active shooter scenario unfolds at the local high school (simulated) in my town, police IGNORE that there are shots being fired and that people are being KILLED, carefully “clearing” the building, while they KNOW students are being murdered and ignore the plea’s of injured students without having one of their own help or even call EMS in…

Also note that, although they mention the National Guard participating, at approximately 2:18 an ACTIVE DUTY Air Force Security Policeman recounts his participation; rendering the entire Posse Commitatus act null and void.

The true heroes at Sandy Hook were the true “first responders” — the principle and others who “ran towards the sound of gun fire” and gave their lives trying to stop the shooter. Let’s stop this mythology of “hero” policemen who are only “clearing” the scene and not trying to stop the ramapage…

[from “Heroes saved many lives that day”]
“…Gathered in another room for a 9:30 a.m. meeting were principal Dawn Hochsprung and school therapist Diane Day along with a school psychologist, other staff members and a parent. They were meeting to discuss a second-grader.  We were there for about five minutes chatting, and we heard Pop! Pop!, Pop! Day told The Wall Street Journal. “I went under the table. But Hochsprung and the psychologist leaped out of their seats and ran out of the room, Day recalled. “They didn’t think twice about confronting or seeing what was going on,” she said. Hochsprung was killed, and the psychologist was believed to have been killed as well…A custodian ran around, warning people there was a gunman, Varga said.  “He said, ‘Guys! Get down! Hide!'” Varga said. “So he was actually a hero.” Did he survive? The teacher did not know.”

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3 Responses to Active Shooter: Sandy Hook, “Heroes”, and the deadly consequences of the militarization of the police

  1. Just desire to say your article is as surprising. The clarity in your post is just great and i could assume youre an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the enjoyable work.

    • Samdez says:

      Wow, what you don’t know about active shooter response could fill up volumes. Police do not get their tactics from John Wayne movies where we through endless streams of Marines at a machine gun until they run out of bullets and then take the gun. The number one goal of police response to an active shooter is to stop the shooting. This does mean bypassing victums and injured. Stopping to help the injured only gives the shooter more time to create more injured or dead. These standardized tactics are being taught to police as well as military Police units. Fort Hood and Fairchild AF base are prime examples of why the military need these tactics. I am glad that your manhood has graced you with the perception that you would run into the fire. Obvoiously you don’t carry a gun for a living or go into burning buildings. so you should probably save your judgemnt for things that you actually know.

      • SleepNoMore says:

        I will stick by my post. The Police are not trained to rescue anyone from what I have researched, JUST LIKE THE MILITARY (Which they are being used as role models for the police), they “secure” the scene first. In the active shooter exercise, there is no concern for saving anyone, it is a military-style clearing operation. I served 22 years on active duty so yes, I have carried a firearm. I will say this – if I am ever in an active shooter scenario, I will try to take the shooter out, cause we are all probably going to die any way…But, I do not censor comments unless they are off-topic and over-the-top rude…so your comment is approved

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