Sandy Hook: The Connecticut Shooting

Updated 05 Jan 2014:  To say this case is bizarre is an understatement, and I believe there are occultic connections to this event.  For confirmation that Newtown CT had an official Church of Satan organization, look at this link (archived for posterity), and be sure to read the last line:


Victoria Soto of Newton Sandy Hook Elementary School, with a man flashing the Satanic hand-sign in the background (courtesy CNN)

It is also very occultic that the 3 weapons used, the Glock 9 and Sig-Sauer 9 and the Bushmaster .223 rifle all encompass satanic numbers:

“9” being the number of Satan as it is narcissistic (when you multiply 9 times any number, and reduce the indivual parts of the sum down, it will always return back to 9, such as 9*9=81, 8+1=9)

The Bushmaster .223 rifle, if we read it backwards (a common hidden in plain site method), reveals “332 Master Bush”, and we know that both President’s Bush and Bush Sr are Skull and Bones men, whose number is 322:

Tim Russert of Meet the Press confronting Bush and Kerry on their membership in Skull and Bones

There were 27 people killed (2+7=9) and Adam lived at 36 Yonongdaga Street (3+6=9), he was supposed to start his rampage at 09:00 (“9”)

Updated 02 Jan 2014:  I am in the process of writing a post titled “Inconvenient Truth #60: The Sandy Hook Police Report” which dissects the 1000’s of pages released by the State Police. Please refer to this document often in the coming weeks as I will continually update it as I go through each and every document.

Updated 29 Dec 2013:  I have posted the final report of the State Police HERE (plus any reports / stories I have archived), and by perusing these documents you will see that anything of importance has been blacked out.  I will do a fuller post on this information at a later date.  However, suffice it to say there is NO photograph of the “reams of printed stories about mass killings” NOR the 6-foot long spreadsheet Adam supposedly had printed, tracking and cross-referencing every mass shooting.  I do not see ANY evidence WHATSOEVER of a tie-in with the Norwegian mass shooter Anders Behring Breivik, which the state police assured us was there.  Also, I do not see a “massive abundance” of violent video games…

Updated 03 Jul 2013:

In their role of “Militarized Police”, the state police of CT have said that their report on a mass shooting in which the only suspect identified was dead the day of the crime will now be delayed at least 9 months from the incident (September).  The secret deals and overall secrecy from a public agency that are supposed to be the “servants” of the people show why the military should not train in any way shape or form with police forces… read the update from the Hartford Courant with the subtitle  “Who made the State Police King?”…who, indeed…

Updated 28 Mar 2013:

The first set of search warrants by the Ct police have been released, and I have archived them HERE:

Points of interest:

a.  On page 10, the police identify the black Honda (license 872-YEO) as being registered to Nancy Lanza (This has been a source of controversy, even to me).

b.  On page 68, it lists personal writings of Adam Lanza, but does not list the “REAMS” of printouts nor the 7′ X 4′ spreadsheet of supposedly detailed info he kept on other mass murders.

c.  On page 85, it mentions a photo of a deceased person under a cloth and what appeared to be blood.  It also mentions a check made out from Nancy Lanza to Adam Lanza for the purchase of a pistol.

BUT, NOWHERE is there the mention of the gigantic spreadsheet of mass killings, or the reams and reams of printed documentation of mass killings….

Updated 15 Mar 2013:

The Stamford Advocate has been cited extensively in a story they published claiming Adam Lanza had studied other mass murderers extensively:

Source: Lanza studied previous mass killings

I have a few “common sense” questions about this article:

a.  Why are there “unnamed sources” about this?  What’s so secret that it has to be “unnamed” or, if it’s so sensitive why release this without official blessing?

b.  The article states the police “…recovered reams of documents related to “virtually every mass murder” in the United States and abroad…”, but how did his MOTHER not know about this?  Who prints out REAMS (one ream = 500 sheets) of paper?  And if he printed it out, why didn’t he destroy THAT instead of the computer hard drive?  (BTW, destroying the hard drive does no good any way, the ISP’s can trace every web site you went to…why aren’t they releasing info about the sites he visited to download and print these literally 1000’s of pages found?)  I mean, who PRINTS articles any more, you save them to email or print them to adobe…this sounds very suspicious to me.

c.  The article then states “…Although the technique is commonly used in the violent video games that Lanza reportedly spent endless hours playing in his basement, he exhibited a proficiency at it that make investigators believe he had previously done it with a real weapon…”

– Why have they not found ANYONE who EVER saw Adam practicing this ANYWHERE?  His mother and him went to shooting ranges (however, where did they shoot at in say, the last 6 months to a year?)  This article states he fired 1 shot ever 2 seconds with deadly aim (150 shots in 5 min = 30 shots / min, or 1 shot every 2 secs), at children and teachers presumably running around trying to get away…doesn’t add up and doesn’t make sense.  Who has ever been able to sustain that rate of fire, INCLUDING the time it takes to change magazines, and maintain that type of accuracy?

d.  And then, of course, nowhere does it mention who owned the car Adam used the morning of the killings, a mystery that was easily solvable, just like James Holmes’ car having Tennessee license plates

Updated 08 Mar 2013:

Search Warrants for Adam Lanza’s House, Car Still Sealed; Police Records Too

Updated 20 Feb 2013:

Watch Raising Adam Lanza on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

Updated 28 Jan 2013:  In the 29 Dec issue of the Litchfield County Times a story entitled “Newton Search Warrants for Adam Lanza’s Home, Vehicles still sealed“, the following is revealed:  Please note in the story, it refer’s to the Honda Civic as “A” black Civic instead of “Adam’s” black Civic, while it refer’s to the BMW as Nancy Lanza’s 2009 BMW.  When referring to the property it calls it “Nancy and Adam Lanza’s” Also note the use of Suspect(s) in the story…and now they are getting this information sealed for a total of 6 months…

“…One Dec. 14 search warrant deals with a black 2010 four-door Honda Civic that was parked in front of the 12 Dickinson Drive elementary school. Four other search warrants, dated from Dec. 14 to Dec. 16, deal with Nancy and Adam Lanza’s Yogananda Street residence, a two-story Colonial-style house. In one, police also got permission to search Nancy Lanza’s silver 2009 BMW, which was located in the house’s garage.

Sedensky made the same argument to keep all search warrant documents sealed for another 90 days, that the unsealing of them would “adversely impact” an ongoing investigation.

“The investigation, which was a basis for the issuing of the search warrant, is still continuing,” Sedensky wrote, in his applications. “No arrests have been made and none are currently anticipated, but have not been ruled out.”

Sedensky also asserted that there is information in the search warrant affidavits that “is not known to the general public and any potential suspect(s), the disclosure of which would jeopardize the investigation and chances of successfully solving any crime(s) involved.”

Finally, Sedensky asserted that disclosure of the affidavits would “seriously jeopardize the outcome and success of the investigation by divulging sensitive and confidential information known only to investigators and any suspect(s) and also identify persons cooperating with the investigation, thus possibly jeopardizing their personal safety and well-being,” the applications show.

The state’s attorney’s office declined to comment further…”

Updated 19 Jan 2013:  In the interest of fairness, I am providing a link to Salon magazine’s article on debunking Sandy Hook.  It does have some things worth reading.  I also offer version of debunking (I usually use to determine if something is “legit”).  Sandy Hook is so early on in real information that it’s hard to reliably report things as FACT, that is why I have not written my post yet (and really, may not if fact’s do not ever come out; itself evidence of some type of cover-up)

Update 31 Dec 2012:  As I have seen several web stories alleging the photo showing evacuation of the children on the morning of the shooting was taken on an earlier date, I decided to email the newspaper which released the photo, and provide the email string here, unaltered:

In your newspaper online, you published a photo on the day of the shooting of school children being led from the shooting by state police.  It has been repeatedly used by national media, but I have seen several reports that says the photo was not taken that day.  Can you confirm for me if this photo is a archive photograph or was it taken on the day of the shooting at Sandy Hook?  The story is titled “Shooting reported Sandy Hook Elementary School”, 14 Dec 2012, and the link on the internet is

The photo is attributed to Shannon Hicks.  Thank you for your time.

Mr Ingham,

 Can you tell me what makes you think we would publish an archive photo and say it was taken on the day of the shooting?


Shannon Hicks, The Photographer of The Photo In Question

Associate Editor

The Newtown Bee

I didn’t say it, I said it has been reported on various sites, and to clear up, or debunk this, I wanted confirmation from your paper, I am not trying to make this personal on you or your paper, just confirmation, and would appreciate it if you would not take it as personal, but professionally.  So I can assume the answer is No?  This will help debunk a story that, if you search at all, will see is being spread on the internet.

  I took that photo on Friday, December 14, 2012, shortly after 10 am.

Shannon Hicks

Associate Editor

The Newtown Bee

—–Original Message—–

From: Raymond Ingham [mailto:]

Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2012 6:06 PM

To: Bee Editor

Thank you very much.  I will refute anyone who disputes the date of that picture with this email…

The Audio Tapes of the Sandy Hook Police Dept:

I have started transcribing relevant portions of the tapes (What I consider relevant) from that morning of the Sandy Hook Police Department, and provide them here.  The tapes are available for download HERE.  In the tapes, you will hear interaction between state police, local police, emt and fire department.  There is an annoying squealing sound that is officer’s using encrypted radios that sound eerily like aliens in the movie “Signs”.  They can apparently talk encrypted, and others can respond in the clear.  As I finish a transcription I will add here, and update the post.  Here are some important things I have found in the tapes:

  1. Within 1:39s of the call going out, the first police arrive at the school.
  2. Within 2:30s of the call going out, shooting has stopped (assuming Adam Lanza is dead at this point)
  3. About 45 s later, two individuals are reported running down the outside of the school.
  4. 13s after that, a officer states he sees them coming towards him (two individuals running).  He then takes down one of them into a prone position, and the other is the one shown on video, running into the woods.  Approx. 5 mins after the call about the shooting goes out, the suspects is reported to be on the ground, prone.
  5. At 1:36 into the second tape, officer reports a suspect in custody and searching for a second.
  6. At 4:20 into second tape, a staging area for EMT and FD is set up at the FD up the road, instead of at the school.  This is strange as it would mean moving any injured from the school up to the FD for treatment, movement to hospital.
  7. At 12:35 into the second tape, report comes in stating they have a shotgun and a rifle from within the school.
  8. At 29:00 into second tape (~36 mins after the shooting is broadcast on police radios), everyone is told that triage will be set up at the FD.  Again, making no sense as triage would “normally” be as close to the scene, and in this case there is no more shooter.
  9. At 17:20 into the third tape, report comes in that “At this time I have 4 students who left the school being transported back to the meeting room at the firehouse“ – why would they be transported back?  Why were they not questioned at their homes, as this would further traumatize the students in coming back to the scene of the crime.
  10. At 18:00 into third tape, “they” are told to gather information, and names of the 4 students and refer them to “me” (whoever that is)
  11. At 22:49 of the third tape, Someone asks for confirmation of registration of license plate 872-YEOThis is the suspect’s Honda Accord (shown HERE at the Washington Post), supposedly his mother’s car.  There is speculation that this car is not registered to Nancy Lanza, but I have not found definitive proof of that yet.
  12. At 4:00 mins into the 5th tape (~2 hrs. 15 min. since shooting called over radio), an officer states “They (HQ) were inquiring about video camera’s at the Sandy Hook School.  There are no video camera’s that record; the only video camera’s are to let people in…which does not record…”

Tape 1: (All times are minutes:seconds into the tape)
23:00 – Call goes out about Shooting at Sandy Hook School
–“Caller indicates she thinks there is someone shooting in the building
23:45 – “Dispatch says front glass door has been broken out at the school, they are unsure why
24:24 – “All units, the individual I have on the phone continues to hear what he believes to be gunshots
24:39 – First unit arrives, says for other units to take up position in school driveway
25:20 – Dispatch tells all units that “Shooting at Sandy Hook appears to have stopped at this time, the school is in lockdown
26:12 – A report that a teacher saw “two shadows running past the building past the gym which would be rear [garbled]
26:29 – Officer reports “Yeah, we got them, they are coming at me, down [garbled] lane
26:42 – “Coming up the driveway, left side

27:00 – “We have them
27:10 – “Stage at Methodist Church, I will need two ambulances at this time
28:04 – “Responding units, last known gunshots were at the front of the [garbled]
28:18 – “Acknowledge, we don’t have any [visual?] crew on station
28:30 – “I’ve got a party(i.e., suspect) on the ground in the prone [position]
28:35 – Chief acknowledges they have a second suspect on the ground
29:24 – Someone states again that last known shots were in the front of the school
Total time from dispatch notifying officers about shooting, until time dispatch says shooting appears to have stopped:
Total time from first unit arriving on scene till shooting stops:
40 seconds.

If we “assume” the shooting started ~ 1-2 mins before the dispatch notifies cops, we are talking total time of 3:30 to 4:30 from the time Adam Lanza shot out the glass and killed himself. In that short span, he is supposed to have shot the principal, psychologist and vice-principal in the hallway, who attempted to disarm him, then go to a room and shoot the kids in there, come out, the officer(s) at the rear of hallway see him, he ducks into another room and shoots everyone in there, then kills himself. THAT is if it was 1-2 minutes before dispatch notifies everyone. Also note the police apprehend two suspects and have at least one of them prone on the ground (the other ran into the woods which I have video on)

Tape 2:
00:48 – Officer states they just received report of a person in room #1 shot in the foot.
01:36 – Officer calls in to say something about a person either in custody or looking for the suspect, and will continue…
2:00 – Officer reports (09:45AM) they have [garbled] at the south east of the school (I believe this to be the suspect on the ground)
2:57 – Office reports multiple bodies in the school.
4:20 – Police are moving (staging area?) up the road to the fire dept.
5:12 – An officer asks if “We might possibly need a second medic?
08:58 – “We have suspect down
~10:00 – continues to direct everyone responding to stage at the fire department
12:35 – “Be advised, we have multiple weapons, including one rifle and shotgun
15:29 – “We are conducting an interior search at this time
17:22 – A team is dispatched to the roof of the school to “clear the roof
17:50 – “We need boxes (i.e., ambulances?) here – call Danbury if you have to
19:15 – “We just found a {garbled} by a police car.” (Command Center than tries to get hold of this person)
20:00 – “They said call for everything (ambulances)
20:10 – “What is the number of ambulances you will require?” answer: “They don’t know, they are not giving us a number
21:00 – 21:21 – Someone calls for Hook and Ladder fire truck to respond, medical emergencies
25:30 – Someone calls in to say an ambulance is transporting one patient to Danbury hospital
28:00 – Someone indicates they need access to the roof through the janitor closet, which is locked?
29:00 – More ambulances / FD call in, wanting to come to Sandy Hook, police indicate to stage at the FD, they then ask where do we set up triage, and they say again, at the firehouse.

Tape 3:
00:01 – Again the responding personnel are told to set up the triage at the fire house
01:45 – A unit is told to set up triage in the rear parking lot of the fire house.
3:33 – Someone asks if anyone grabbed the Mass Casualty Kit; they are told “That’s a negative“; They are then told to pick the kit up
04:04 – A question is asked about the status of the patient taken to the hospital. “Gunshot wound to the right foot, conscious and alert
09:20 – Someone cut’s in to say “Maintain airway traffic” (Meaning too many people talking unnecessarily)
16:40 – A policeman calls in and says “John I can’t get the Quad up here the roads blocked too much“. A person responds saying he has to so get the road cleared.
17:20 – “At this time I have 4 students who left the school being transported back to the meeting room at the firehouse
17:30 – “Who is in charge at the firehouse at this time?
17:40 – “I have 4 individuals coming back to be placed in the meeting room
18:00 – “Gather information, names and phone numbers if you can and refer them to me
21:24 – Someone is told of incoming EMT and ambulances (6 ambulances (3 AMR, 2 Campion, and 1 South[garbled] to be staged at the firehouse)
22:49 – Someone asks for confirmation of registration of license plate 872-YEO. This is the suspect’s Honda Accord (shown HERE at the Washington Post), supposedly his mother’s car. Note:  This is a prime piece of evidence that is very questionable, many websites are reporting this registration comes back not in Adam or his mother’s name, but another person entirely.  I will update this post if I see that on the tapes.
24:45 – “Okay, all ambulances coming in at this time continue in with traffic. Hold all other ambulances” – Someone replies that they currently have 7 rigs (i.e., ambulances) at the firehouse.
27:03 – “Be advised we have the superintendent of schools set up in an office at the firehouse.”

Tape 4:
18:15 – “Have we cleared the building yet?
18:50 – Someone says “I can confirm the school has been checked 3 times and they are doing a 4th check
29:35 – Someone states there are three fed’s coming in and to make sure they have the state police(?) frequencies

Tape 5:

04:00 – responding to a request to find out if there were video camera’s in the school, an officer states “They (HQ) were inquiring about video camera’s at the Sandy Hook School.  There are no video camera’s that record; the only video camera’s are to let people in…which does not record…”

Update 19 Dec 2012:  In the meantime, I have found 5 different fan sites of comic books, etc, back on 15 Dec 2011 posting about a viral promotion for the upcoming Batman movie in which a t-shirt, wrapped in a cardboard tube made up of a map is sent to their house or business.  When you unroll the tube, you will see that it showed where Hurricane Sandy would come ashore, and the words Sandy Hook at the same place (bottom middle, near where it says Strike Zone 1)…I thought at first this was rigged, but 5 different sites all time-stamped (with plenty of comments back then) exactly 365 days before the shooting at the real Sandy Hook…

Unfortunately, I have learned from this video (and verified it myself) that if you overlay this map onto Sandy Hook school (google maps) where the circled building is near strike zone 1 is exactly where the school building is, and the road curving to the right and up is an interstate in exactly the same spot on Google Maps…please watch the video (I embedded it here, after the map below).  Also, Gotham City, according to Wikipedia, in the series “Young Justice”, is located on a map in Southwest Connecticut…(when you view the article, scroll down to just above the heading “Notable Residents”)…thanks to for the information about the overlay map and the wikipedia article.  One last “coincidence”:  Of course, many people will realize that “Sandy Hook” is an unusual name for a town/school, but on the map below is where “Hurricane” Sandy HOOKED into the coastline, right where the brother of the shooter lived (Hoboken, NJ)…

Note in the map above, Sandy Hook is a roughly triangular shaped island.  The real Sandy Hook, NJ is a barrier island that sits across from Staten Island, and in no way resembles this:

…meaning the designer of this map for the movie did not intend to denote a real geological feature…

Compare the area of the first strike zone (circled square that sites off-center to right, with road curving to the right and the up) to this photo of Google Maps showing the school (if you overlayed, you would rotate the following map to the left a few degrees to line up) — I did just this, placing the MAP from the viral campaign on top of the Google map of Sandy Hook Elementary School, rotated it slightly and everything lined up: (Note:  I placed a red square around the school and the object on the viral map, perfectly lined up.  The red line shows that the roads on both maps are also lined up)

sandy hook overlay

Note:  As I believe this video will be flagged and deleted, you can download the video from my google apps HERE

Lastly, here is a video clip (Watch full screen, change quality to 1080HD through the cog wheel on the lower right of the video) of the scene where the above map is shown (Watch carefully at around 7 seconds to see the officer point down to Sandy Hook on the map) – better yet rent or buy the movie and watch carefully 1:58:40 seconds into the movie…

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11 Responses to Sandy Hook: The Connecticut Shooting

  1. Note in the map above, Sandy Hook is a roughly triangular shaped island. The real Sandy Hook, NJ is a barrier island that sits across from Staten Island, and in no way resembles this:…meaning the designer of this map for the movie did not intend to denote a real geological feature

    You need to correct this. Sand Hook island is Newtown, CT. See the following:

    Make sure you right click on the images and then choose View Image.

    Also, see this:

    and this:

    • SleepNoMore says:

      I disagree that it’s a perfect match, however it is close. There is no disputing, however, that when you overlay the elementary school with the google map of the same building on the batman map, it is 99% perfect. Thanks for the comment, and let me know via this post if you find anything else!

  2. Just_Pietzche says:

    The prop master provided the map for the movie. His name is Scott Getzinger, and he lived in Newtown, CT until he died in a car crash in April 2012. It’s very likely that his home town provided the inspiration in naming the area.

    • SleepNoMore says:

      Actually, your comment made me look further into this (Thanks for that initiative) – the person who actually designed this map is Elliot R. Brown, who was an artist for D.C. Comics, and you can read his story on how he designed the city map and why here: You can see, through reading the story and the drafts of the map, how it did not start out looking like the final version from the beginning (ie, the map’s shape and locations). Now, the fact that “Sandy Hook” is prominently displayed on the map may be due to Scott Getzinger, however, as you say, he died in Apr 2012, so no way to confirm (Unless you can provide me a link). The point being, if he DID create the blue lines on the map that line up perfectly with the google map of Sandy Hook elementary, Why did he do it, and why would he circle the exact area on the map as the Sandy Hook elementary school when both this map and Google maps are lined up? Lastly, why would a prop master be given the leeway to show an important plot device any way he wanted to (i.e., to make it so everything lines up with Sandy Hook elementary?)…too many coincidences for my blood, but that’s why I allow all commentary here. Thanks again for this insight, and for pushing me to research it a little more…here is the finalized map Elliot R. Brown produced:

      • Just_Pietzche says:

        I disagree that the portion of the Gotham map labeled “Sandy Hook” lines up with the school. Anybody can overlay the red circle over the school, but rather than making my own red circle, and my own blue lines, I went into photoshop and extracted directly for the original Gotham map, and placed the red circle directly over Sandy Hook Elementary. When I did that, the blue line did not line up at all (see link to the image below). To assume one must contort the map in order to fit, is to assume one must contort facts in order to fit as well.

        There are usually enough lines on any two maps that there is bound to be some parts that line up. This is not a reliable way to find anything of significance. It’s too easy to claim significance in the insignificant using this method.

      • SleepNoMore says:

        Sorry to inform you, but it DOES match. I did not “make my own red lines and blue lines”, the red circle and the blue lines are on the batman map. The only thing I did was place a red square around the rectangular shape on the batmap map so you could see underneath it was the school. Also, I placed the red diagonal line to show that they also matched. To reiterate, I did the following:
        a. saved the batman map
        b. Saved the Google Map
        c. RESIZED the google map (not “contort” it).
        d. made the batman map semi-transparent.
        e. Overlaid it.
        f. Lined up perfectly.

        If you wish, I will post both pictures separately, and you can see for yourself. Take care…and please be careful about disparaging my viewpoint as that comes close to me marking you as “spam”

  3. SleepNoMore says:

    If you look at the film credits at the end of “Dark Knight Rises”, there are two different locations listed: U.S. and U.K. In the U.S., the Prop Masters were Mychael Bates (Lead), and Assistants Tommy Altobello and Matt Cavaliero. In the UK the Prop Master was Barry Wilkinson and assistant Peter Bigg. Either Scott Getziner did NOT work on this film, and did not annotate the map, or he did, and they for some reason do not want to give him credit. Again, it would make no sense for him to be given leeway to create a plot element on the map (which, as I have already shown, was not designed by him) so it would line up with Sandy Hook Elementary Google maps, and I have to assume, unless proof is given otherwise, he played no part in it, as I would accept the actual film credits as authoritative.

    U.S. Property Master credits screen capture:

    U.K. Property Master credits screen capture:

    Scott Getzinger’s resume (which does not list Dark Knight Rises) –

    And yet, we have the N.Y. Times stating he was a prop master on Dark Knight Rises:

    Lastly, I have searched line by line through the entire film credits and cannot find his name listed anywhere, under any position. Another strange anomaly in this strange saga…

  4. KYLE says:

    Scott Getzinger, a property master who provided props for more than 25 films, including “Spider-Man,” “Independence Day,” “The Truman Show” and the upcoming “Men in Black III” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” died at Stamford Hospital after sustaining severe injuries.

    Read more:

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