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Conspiracists: You were right…

Courtesy of the NY Times:  Though denied later, this little bit of truth in an otherwise cess-pool of ignorance in the MSM let’s us see that the US is backing the Muslim Brotherhood (sold out to the CIA) as well … Continue reading

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What a U.S. War Criminal says in defense of his crime

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U.S. earthquake increase tied to fracking disposal well boom

An increasing number of small quakes near deep wastewater wells, used to dispose of industrial fluids used in the “fracking” boom, is raising questions about their use. The fracking process itself is not directly associated with earthquakes, rather the handling … Continue reading

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Another example of manufactured consent

Getting bitewing or full mouth (panoramic) X-rays at the dentist may be associated with an increased risk of meningioma, the most common type of brain tumor.

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