Inconvenient Truth #52: Russian forces join FEMA in U.S.

POLICE_STATE_by_TSHansen-300x236In a press release by the Russian agency EMERCOM (Russia’s Civil Defense), it is revealed that Russian troops will be used in the United States as a joint venture with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and will participate in “ of experience including in monitoring and forecasting emergency situations, training of rescuers, development of mine-rescuing and provision of security at mass events….”.

That’s right…Russian troops will be used in security at mass events…mass events like the Boston Marathon, Football Games, 4th of July, etc.

This puts to rest the debunkers who say it is a conspiracy theory that foreign troops will be used on American soil…and ask yourself this:  Under what scenario do you think we, the greatest nation on Earth, would need, of all people, the Russians to come and help us at our weakest point?  The same Russian’s we prepared to fight against in the Cold War, fought a proxy war in Afghanistan in the 80’s via the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and are about to go against in Syria via their immense defense forces there?  Also, do you think, for one instant, that Russian forces will be MORE humanitarian to American citizens than our own?  (I know, it’s a toss-up, especially when  you look at “Inconvenient Truth #38: The Army DOES teach full spectrum operations on U.S. Soil“)

Here is the Press Release by Russia’s EMERCOM and I have also archived it HERE.

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