Inconvenient Truth #53: Fallujah and our use of chemical weapons…

Here is a comment that I made today on various MSM, very few of which have not either flagged or deleted it, (Bloomberg specifically flagged it (I commented as Enoch Noah) and deleted my additional replies)because it is based on FACTS and not opinions…TRUTH is anathema to the gatekeepers of the corrupt elites and so this is the only place you will be able to see this:

Well I would submit that the US is a bigger war criminal than Assad, and proof of it is when we used a chemical weapon and thermobaric weapons and even depleted uranium in the illegal destruction of an entire city (Fallujah) of 300,000 as told by their own Marines in their artillery magazine after the battle (, and this after the U.S. Ambassador to England said it was a lie…These weapons, banned by the Geneva Convention, caused untold misery in a city that was ordered “flattened” by the Bush Admin. Over 100,000 people who were cut off, all but 4000 being civilians, trapped by the Marines, many women and children, literally were melted by the attack (, and of course we eventually admitted to it (, with many years of suffering through children born deformed and maimed ( and   The documentary that exposed the chemical weapons used in Fallujah ( showed the devastating effects of the weapons.

And even the very story that Syria’s govt was the attacker is a lie (, but that’s okay, salute that flag and get behind the government or you are a terrorist sympathizer…the days of the U.S. government being anything but lying psychopaths are long over…to really see whats going on, view Inconvenient Truths at and wake up and smell the sulfur…

Reply to my comment:


Before the heavy bombardments began, civilians were given 12 hours to evac out of Fallujah  to cross the bridge over the Euphrates. They were given assurances they could egress unmolested.
In the morning, civilians (about 800), on foot, approached the western side of the bridge. US jets approached overhead and dropped multiple 250 pound white phosphorous bombs on the civilians, most of whom were women and children, and old men.

How do I know this? Was high up in a MG tower at Camp Paladin watching this, and a lot more.

9:02 p.m., Friday Aug. 30

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