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Dial “M” for Meltdown (Fukushima)

Watch this layman’s version of Nuclear Reactors, and what happened at Fukushima, then read “Inconvenient Truth #21: The Disturbing Facts about Fukushima’s Accident “

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Inconvenient Truth #51: Human Brain to Brain Interface (The beginning of the end)

In the near future, there will be the capability to make manchurian candidates of anyone, any time.  In this experiment, two scientists at two different locations participated in a “Brain to Brain” interface, where one scientist “imagined” shooting a target … Continue reading

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Protein, Puberty, and Pollutants (Video)

Disclaimer:  I have become almost totally vegetarian through the loving kindness of my wife and have been for the last 4 or 5 years.  She slowly introduced the Mediterranean diet (sans meat) over 2 years, and thus allowed me to … Continue reading

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Brave New World: The Ultimate Revolution draws nearer

Aldous Huxley once famously said that people would one day demand their tyrannical governments enslave them…well, we are now in the age of technical slavery. By technical slavery, I mean that we are slaves to technology.  Ted Kaczynski, himself MK-Ultra’d … Continue reading

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