Inconvenient Truth #54: Who is the terrorist?

In 2009, a U.S. cruise missile strike was made on an alleged Al-Qaeda camp in Yemen.  However, during that strike, 41 civilians were killed, including 14 women and 21 children. (read story here)

For a full accounting of the killings of women and children resulting from President Obama in PAKISTAN ALONE, read

Inconvenient Truth #39: Obama’s mercenary killers

The military denied involvement in the strike, but Amnesty International was given evidence from the scene including photographs of an unexploded Cluster Bomb Unit from a cruise missile that is only used by American forces:

Unexploded CBU.  The cruise missile would've carried 166 of these...

Unexploded CBU. The cruise missile would’ve carried 166 of these…

In addition, Wikileaks later released a cable from Yemen to the U.S., in which Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh is reported as having assured US General David Petraeus that  his government would “continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours”.

“The cable appears to confirm Amnesty International’s finding that the Abyan strike was carried out by the US military, not Yemeni government forces,” said Philip Luther, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

The Yemeni government claimed the missile attack targeted a “terrorist training camp” in al-Ma’jala, in southern Yemen’s Abyan area. A Yemeni parliamentary committee was formed to investigate the incident and told Amnesty International in 2010 that they found no evidence of such a camp. 

The committee urged the Yemeni government to open a judicial investigation into the attack and bring those responsible for killings of the “innocent” to justice, but no such investigation is known to have been carried out. The government subsequently apologized to the victims’ families, describing the killings as a “mistake” during an operation that was meant to target al-Qa’ida militants. (source article here)

So, in one single strike, we took out 21 innocent children and of course, they must’ve been terrorists, right?  And then, we don’t have the manhood to admit it.

As of Dec 2012, there were at least 300 drone strikes ordered by Obama, including targeting rescuers and funerals.  And that 300 was for one country, Pakistan.

  • The toll:  64 children murdered, untold numbers injured, and yet this man received the Nobel Peace prize.

Has the world gone utterly mad?  The west stands ready to attack Syria for an incident that was almost certainly false flag, and yet no one blinks an eye towards the mass carnage we have caused around the world, almost every bit of it illegal and against any norms of decency and humanity.

The psychopaths are in full control, and you better strap in cause it’s gonna be one hell of a ride…

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