Inconvenient Truth #60: The Sandy Hook Police Report

An in-depth analysis that reveals the truth about the Sandy Hook shooting.

[Updated 17 Oct 2016] – Reviewing this post, I searched and discovered the final ruling on the Hartford Courant’s FOIA ruling that demanded all documents related to Adam Lanza be released.  However, on April 11th of this year the Judge in the case ruled that the papers would NOT be released to the public.  Quoting from the article:

The Freedom of Information Act, he ruled, does not apply to “documents that were private property before seizure by the police and that a court would ordinarily order returned to the rightful owner by the end of a criminal case.”

Huh?  The owner of the documents is DEAD, and there is no criminal case.

Thus, key evidence that was cited in the media does not ever have to see the light of day and scrutiny of anyone who doubts the official story.  Read the press release HERE , and I have archived it as well...

[Updated 24 Jul 2015] – Back in May 2015, the Hartford Courant had won an FOIA ruling on Adam Lanza’s personal documents, held by the police (archived HERE).  The court ordered that the documents be released.  However, on 29 Jun, the police department appealed the order and we are now awaiting it’s appeal (appeal story archived HERE).  I find it extremely interesting that one of the FOIA ruled documents to be released are “…spreadsheet ranking mass murders by name, number killed, number injured, types of weapons used, and disposition…”  This is in reference to the “reams and reams” of paper about mass murders that was initially reported by the newspapers via the police, but never materialized (see further below).  Also, as I talk about further down, there is evidence that there may have been either molestation or something else with Adam, and you can view info about that further down…we will have to wait and see if the info is released, or even if it ever existed…

[Updated 13 Feb 2015] – I have posted a link to the just released

and will update this post on anything I eventually find in it.

[Updated 26 Jan 2015] – In Book 00206061, the Ct State Police registered a “confidential informant”.  However, no mention of this informant, or what they had to offer, has been found by me so far.  Why, in a case that was open and shut, and in which Adam Lanza was declared the sole suspect, with no outside help, would you need a confidential informant?

In book 00194623, page 45, a knife is displayed.  On the handle you can see two carved pentagrams, one with the star pointing downward.  Not sure if this was made this way or someone added them:

Click the photo to enlarge

Click the photo to enlarge

In book 00256315, Natalie Hammond (lead teacher who was in the conference room and was shot) described the shooter as “5‘8″ to 5’11” and…wearing dark hat and a mask” – Adam Lanza was 6′ tall, 112 lbs, and wore a black stocking cap, not a mask…

[Updated 23 Jan 2015] – In Book 00184096, page 15, Officer Penna is in room 10 (where Adam Lanza lies dead) and states information on types of weapons involved in shooting:

D5…be advised we should have multiple weapons including rifles and shotgun.

This is clearly not related to the car that Adam drove, because Officer Penna had radio’d in the suspect car as he ran past it, never mentioning guns.  Also, people try to say that a police office must’ve “dropped” a shotgun shell in the hallway, however, officer Penna was clearly in room 10, not the hallway, and the Active Shooter formation of CSP Lt Davis, CSP Sgt Cario, Officer Chapman and Officer Smith are the only ones at this point who entered that room (p 13, 9:51:31).  This could have easily been cleared up by asking them if they were using a shotgun when they entered the room.  Since it was not cleared up, how did this reported shotgun end up from inside the school to the car?

[Updated 02 Jan 2015] – In document 257980, book 2 of the State Police Report, we have a very strange incident – the police are requesting the ping location of Kaitlin Roeg’s cellphone, which is then located by Sprint to be located in the woods by Sandy Hook elementary school.  (an aerial  photo is included showing the presumed location of the phone) Note that this was on the day of the shooting…This is the same Kaitlin Roeg who officers said was “hysterical” that they were shooters, and not come to rescue her, yet in her later interviews says she walked the children out calmly (see my update below dated 23 Jul 2014).  As this Kaitlin Roeg is the “star” teacher who protected her students, and would not have been in the woods at any point that day, HOW DID HER PHONE end up there?  I found the report (00003242) where Kaitlin Roeg tells an officer she thinks the shooter “might have taken her phone” and how the police got Sprint to triangulate the phones position…


[Updated 22 Nov 2014] – The Office of the Child Advocate has released “Shooting At Sandy Hook School“, archived here.  I am writing a post (in progress) about this report and you can read it at “Inconvenient Truth #83: The OCA Report on Adam Lanza, AKA AL“, but please note it is an ongoing process.  A major finding within the report will be revealed in this post.

[Updated 01 Aug 2014] – I have extracted pages 4-6 of “00019345.pdf”, which details a meeting the police had with family members after the shooting.  These three pages are the “official” timeline of event’s that morning, and were given out as “confidential” to the family members.  One item worth noting is the person who was shot in the hallway and retreats into the classroom:  Their identity is redacted.  As I “assume” this is an adult, and not a child, why would they redact this identity and not the others documented?  And if it is a child, why single them out and only note that the shooter killed students in each room (not identifying them by name)?  You can read the entire document HERE.

[Updated 23 Jul 2014] – from police report “Sec 16 – State Police Emergency Services Unit Reports“, page 57:

“Tpr. Poach and I entered the classroom and I approached a closed door in the corner which was blocked with bookshelf.  As Tpf Poach posted on the door, I moved the bookshelf and ordered the individual(s) out of the closet and identifying myself as a state trooper.  After several verbal attempts, I attempted to open the door and observed the door handle was locked.  I asked tall police officer from an unknown town for his badge so that it could be slide(sic) under the door, so that the individual(s) would knew we were the police.  I received a master key, I was kneeling, Tpr Poach was posted over me and the unknown officer was against the wall.  I unlocked the door handle, as I attempted to push the door open it was forced close, the unknown officer held the door open once I was able to push it open.  When the door opened I observed numerous children in a small bathroom with blonde female teacher holding the children back.  The teacher began to yell at me “You’re not the police, I don’t believe you”, she repeated this several times and which time Tpr Poach grabbed a couple of the children and the others followed.  As the children exited the bathroom they were passed off to the officers and escorted out of the classroom.  I stayed kneeling and the teacher stayed motionless against the bathroom wall, continuously repeating “You’re not the police, I don’t believe you.”  Once the last child exited the bathroom I reached in and grabbed the teacher, later identified as Kaitlin Roig and she became hysterical and I physically escorted Roig from the school exiting through a classroom door at the [redacted] corner.”

My comments:  First, who is the unidentified officer, and who put the bookshelf against the door, when the teacher and the children had locked themselves inside the bathroom?  Second, why, even after the children were escorted out of the bathroom, did Katilin Roig still REFUSE TO BELIEVE THESE GUYS WERE COPS?  And finally, why, throughout this entire report, are the corners, points of entry, and classroom identities redacted?  Why has the MSM not attempted to talk to Kaitlin Roig to find out why she was adamant these guys were not police officers?  If you read an interview with her from the Greenwich (Archived HERE), you will see she claims to have moved the bookshelf in front of the door.   However, the story does not substantiate the police reports that she refused, even at the end, to believe these guys were police officers.  “…Kaitlin took two children by the hand, SWAT teamers took the others by ones and twos, and they all walked past the two classrooms where students and teachers lay slaughtered—police had shut the doors—and went out a side exit and down to the firehouse at the foot of Dickenson Drive.…”  She does, however, confirm she thought there were multiple shooters: “…but there are really bad guys out there right now. We’re gonna stay here till the good guys come…The children did not speak much about December 14, Kaitlin says, except to say, “Remember that day when the bad guys came to school…”.  Also, the story makes it clear that Adam shot himself in the hallway “…There, outside Soto’s door, as the police entered the building, he put a Glock pistol to his temple and fired…” – I am beginning to wonder if this has something to do with all the redaction’s about points of entry of the police.

[Updated 28 Jun 2014] – In a clear case of not getting every picture redacted, I found the photograph of Nancy Lanza’s bed with the blood stain ON the bed, from “Sec 5 – Backup Scene ” photo #665:

Pages from Sec 5 - Back-up Scene 1

Clicking the photo will enlarge it

Now, can anyone explain how a woman who suffered 4 shots to the head, only bled the amount show on the bed?  I can’t even understand it if the stain is from soaking through the pillow…which, by the way, a pillow on the floor has a small stain on it’s corner…if there is another pillow it is not shown.  And, if you look closely at the bedsheet, you cannot find any holes from the four shots…don’t know if this is legitimate from the angle of the photo, but wanted to bring that up.

[Updated 21 May 2014] – In a display of chutzpah never seen before, the FBI has released HEAVILY REDACTED documents due to a FOIA request from the Hartford Courant.  I have archived the documents HERE, and will post more if I find anything readable in them.

  1. On page 81 of the FBI reports, a redacted individual (I believe to be the computer club teacher) states that “…remembers that Mrs. LANZA was a teacher or volunteer and would come from work to respond to ADAM’S episodes…”

[Updated 12 Mar 2014] – As there is a thread on REDDIT about this post, and I am NOT a user of that website, if anyone there wants to question this post, leave a comment.  REDDIT USER Mindsequalone is not the author or owner of this blog, he/she just shared it because he/she thought it was relevant (My thanks to them)…for example, one user on that site seems to delegitimize my point that Nancy Lanza was apparently taking many presciption drugs due to  blacked out photos and entries on her medicine cabinet by saying HIPAA still covers a persons info when they are dead; however if you go to the Health Journalism, and read this article you will find “Additionally, the following are NOT protected health information: police and fire incident reports, and court records. Also, birth records and autopsy records are not protected health information to the extent they are maintained by state agencies. In addition, if a state FOIA law designates death records and/or autopsy reports as public information that must be disclosed, covered entities may disclose that protected health information without an authorization”.

Note :  I will update this post as I go through the 1000’s of documents released by the Ct State Police, which I have archived HERE  (all references to documents will be to my archived vault).

As this is a “living” document, it will appear rough at first, but eventually I will wrap it all up.  Please be patient, and subscribe so you can get updated when I add new truths from the police reports…As you read through this post, ask yourself this question:  Why have the MSM not looked into the findings in this report that are highly highly suspicious and do not tend to prove that Adam, at the very least, was the only shooter?

First, some key points from the police audio tapes of the morning of the shooting:

The Audio Tapes of the Sandy Hook Police Dept:

I have started transcribing relevant portions of the tapes (What I consider relevant) from that morning of the Sandy Hook Police Department, and provide them here.  The tapes are available for download HERE.  In the tapes, you will hear interaction between state police, local police, emt and fire department.  There is an annoying squealing sound that is officer’s using encrypted radios that sound eerily like aliens in the movie “Signs”.  They can apparently talk encrypted, and others can respond in the clear.  As I finish a transcription I will add here, and update the post.  Here are some important things I have found in the tapes:

  1. Within 1:39s of the call going out, the first police arrive at the school.
  2. Within 2:30s of the call going out, shooting has stopped (assuming Adam Lanza is dead at this point)
  3. About 45 s later, two individuals are reported running down the outside of the school.
  4. 13s after that, a officer states he sees them coming towards him (two individuals running).  He then takes down one of them into a prone position, and the other is the one shown on video, running into the woods.  Approx. 5 mins after the call about the shooting goes out, the suspects is reported to be on the ground, prone.
  5. At 1:36 into the second tape, officer reports a suspect in custody and searching for a second.
  6. At 4:20 into second tape, a staging area for EMT and FD is set up at the FD up the road, instead of at the school.  This is strange as it would mean moving any injured from the school up to the FD for treatment, movement to hospital.
  7. At 12:35 into the second tape, report comes in stating they have a shotgun and a rifle from within the school.
  8. At 29:00 into second tape (~36 mins after the shooting is broadcast on police radios), everyone is told that triage will be set up at the FD.  Again, making no sense as triage would “normally” be as close to the scene, and in this case there is no more shooter.
  9. At 17:20 into the third tape, report comes in that “At this time I have 4 students who left the school being transported back to the meeting room at the firehouse“ – why would they be transported back?  Why were they not questioned at their homes, as this would further traumatize the students in coming back to the scene of the crime.
  10. At 18:00 into third tape, “they” are told to gather information, and names of the 4 students and refer them to “me” (whoever that is)
  11. At 22:49 of the third tape, Someone asks for confirmation of registration of license plate 872-YEOThis is the suspect’s Honda Accord (shown HERE at the Washington Post pic #15), his mother’s car.
  12. At 4:00 mins into the 5th tape (~2 hrs. 15 min. since shooting called over radio), an officer states “They (HQ) were inquiring about video camera’s at the Sandy Hook School.  There are no video camera’s that record; the only video camera’s are to let people in…which does not record…”

Tape 1: (All times are minutes:seconds into the tape)
23:00 – Call goes out about Shooting at Sandy Hook School
–”Caller indicates she thinks there is someone shooting in the building
23:45 – “Dispatch says front glass door has been broken out at the school, they are unsure why
24:24 – “All units, the individual I have on the phone continues to hear what he believes to be gunshots
24:39 – First unit arrives, says for other units to take up position in school driveway
25:20 – Dispatch tells all units that “Shooting at Sandy Hook appears to have stopped at this time, the school is in lockdown
26:12 – A report that a teacher saw “two shadows running past the building past the gym which would be rear [garbled]
26:29 – Officer reports “Yeah, we got them, they are coming at me, down [garbled] lane
26:42 – “Coming up the driveway, left side

27:00 – “We have them
27:10 – “Stage at Methodist Church, I will need two ambulances at this time
28:04 – “Responding units, last known gunshots were at the front of the [garbled]
28:18 – “Acknowledge, we don’t have any [visual?] crew on station
28:30 – “I’ve got a party(i.e., suspect) on the ground in the prone [position]
28:35 – Chief acknowledges they have a second suspect on the ground
29:24 – Someone states again that last known shots were in the front of the school
Total time from dispatch notifying officers about shooting, until time dispatch says shooting appears to have stopped:
Total time from first unit arriving on scene till shooting stops:
40 seconds.

If we “assume” the shooting started ~ 1-2 mins before the dispatch notifies cops, we are talking total time of 3:30 to 4:30 from the time Adam Lanza shot out the glass and killed himself. In that short span, he is supposed to have shot the principal, psychologist and vice-principal in the hallway, who attempted to disarm him, then go to a room and shoot the kids in there, come out, the officer(s) at the rear of hallway see him, he ducks into another room and shoots everyone in there, then kills himself. THAT is if it was 1-2 minutes before dispatch notifies everyone. Also note the police apprehend two suspects and have at least one of them prone on the ground (the other ran into the woods which I have video on)

Tape 2:
00:48 – Officer states they just received report of a person in room #1 shot in the foot.
01:36 – Officer calls in to say something about a person either in custody or looking for the suspect, and will continue…
2:00 – Officer reports (09:45AM) they have [garbled] at the south east of the school (I believe this to be the suspect on the ground)
2:57 – Office reports multiple bodies in the school.
4:20 – Police are moving (staging area?) up the road to the fire dept.
5:12 – An officer asks if “We might possibly need a second medic?
08:58 – “We have suspect down
~10:00 – continues to direct everyone responding to stage at the fire department
12:35 – “Be advised, we have multiple weapons, including one rifle and shotgun
15:29 – “We are conducting an interior search at this time
17:22 – A team is dispatched to the roof of the school to “clear the roof
17:50 – “We need boxes (i.e., ambulances?) here – call Danbury if you have to
19:15 – “We just found a {garbled} by a police car.” (Command Center than tries to get hold of this person)
20:00 – “They said call for everything (ambulances)
20:10 – “What is the number of ambulances you will require?” answer: “They don’t know, they are not giving us a number
21:00 – 21:21 – Someone calls for Hook and Ladder fire truck to respond, medical emergencies
25:30 – Someone calls in to say an ambulance is transporting one patient to Danbury hospital
28:00 – Someone indicates they need access to the roof through the janitor closet, which is locked?
29:00 – More ambulances / FD call in, wanting to come to Sandy Hook, police indicate to stage at the FD, they then ask where do we set up triage, and they say again, at the firehouse.

Tape 3:
00:01 – Again the responding personnel are told to set up the triage at the fire house
01:45 – A unit is told to set up triage in the rear parking lot of the fire house.
3:33 – Someone asks if anyone grabbed the Mass Casualty Kit; they are told “That’s a negative“; They are then told to pick the kit up
04:04 – A question is asked about the status of the patient taken to the hospital. “Gunshot wound to the right foot, conscious and alert
09:20 – Someone cut’s in to say “Maintain airway traffic” (Meaning too many people talking unnecessarily)
16:40 – A policeman calls in and says “John I can’t get the Quad up here the roads blocked too much“. A person responds saying he has to so get the road cleared.
17:20 – “At this time I have 4 students who left the school being transported back to the meeting room at the firehouse
17:30 – “Who is in charge at the firehouse at this time?
17:40 – “I have 4 individuals coming back to be placed in the meeting room
18:00 – “Gather information, names and phone numbers if you can and refer them to me
21:24 – Someone is told of incoming EMT and ambulances (6 ambulances (3 AMR, 2 Campion, and 1 South[garbled] to be staged at the firehouse)
22:49 – Someone asks for confirmation of registration of license plate 872-YEOThis is the suspect’s Honda Accord (shown HERE at the Washington Post),
24:45 – “Okay, all ambulances coming in at this time continue in with traffic. Hold all other ambulances” – Someone replies that they currently have 7 rigs (i.e., ambulances) at the firehouse.
27:03 – “Be advised we have the superintendent of schools set up in an office at the firehouse.”

Tape 4:
18:15 – “Have we cleared the building yet?
18:50 – Someone says “I can confirm the school has been checked 3 times and they are doing a 4th check
29:35 – Someone states there are three fed’s coming in and to make sure they have the state police(?) frequencies

Tape 5:

04:00 – responding to a request to find out if there were video camera’s in the school, an officer states “They (HQ) were inquiring about video camera’s at the Sandy Hook School.  There are no video camera’s that record; the only video camera’s are to let people in…which does not record…”

Next, let’s take a look at the official State Police Report, and see if we can learn anything:

1. From CFS-12-00704597 State Police Report, talking about Adam Lanza’s body when inspected at the school ON THE DAY OF THE SHOOTING: (please go to the documents pages 32 – 34 on the left side navigation)

“Located on the floor east of the shooter was a “Glock 10″ semi-automatic pistol…one round was partially loaded in the chamber, with a magazine of 8 rounds remaining…the pistol was approximately 3 feet from the suspect….the pistol had numerous hairs to the front sight area of the pistol…consistent in color with that of the shooter…A black colored canvas hat was located on the floor northeast of the suspect…This hat had blood stains hairs and a hole consistent with a bullet hole in the forward portion of the top of the hat…”
“This hole was consistent with having been worn by the shooter at the time the shooter received a bullet to the RIGHT REAR LOWER PORTION OF HIS HEAD WHICH EXITED OUT THE TOP PORTION OF HIS HEAD AND HAT“.
Did you catch that?  A kill  shot to the lower rear of the head…who shoots themselves in the BACK OF THE HEAD?
Further proving this shot was to the lower right BACK of the head, report 00118939 page 34, talking about the “boonie-styled” hat next to Adam on the floor: “…This hat had blood-like stains, hairs and a hole consistent with a bullet hole in the forward part of the top of the hat.  This hole was consistent with having been worn by the shooter at the time the shooter received a bullet to the right rear lower portion of his head which exited out the top forward portion of his head and hat…”
I also think it is VERY strange that they use the words “…at the time the shooter received a bullet…” instead of  “…at the time the shooter shot himself…”  Receiving generally means someone did it to you, not you doing it to yourself!  It really makes it sound like they were saying someone shot him in the back of the head…of course they then go on to say he shot himself in the “right side” of the head after just saying it was to the right rear lower portion…
Also, it seemingly conflicts with the following note from the autopsy report on Adam which was done later:
 (from 00101146 report, showing anatomic findings of victims and Adam Lanza) – “Adam Lanza died from “intraoral gunshot wound with extensive injury to skull and brain”…
Note the word “Intraoral“, which if  you go to any online dictionary and look the word up, it says “within the mouth, inside the mouth; situated, occurring, or performed within the mouth”…the report is saying he put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, but the FIRST REPORT from the scene says the shot was to the lower right back of the head and exited through the top of his head
Lastly, in  report 00045958, it shows the record of photo’s taken of Adam during the autopsy, which do not show ANY photo taken of the back of his head, only the top.  Curious, since they clearly indicated in the first report it was there.  For the “debunker” on REDDIT, I would like to ask a simple question:  Who puts a gun to the back of their head and shoots themselves for a suicide?

2.  Also, from the 00122616 report, on the Bushmaster Rifle:

Swabbing was done on all parts of the rifle and cartridges (this rifle was in the school with him and was said by the coroner to have been the source of the shots fired that day)…here are the results of DNA comparisons to Adam Lanza and his mother:
From the conclusion in the report of the DNA samples taken from the rifle (all DNA samples taken, not just some): (go to page 5-6 of the report via left navigation)

However, even more mysterious and really very shocking, is that one of the items being tested, right along with the guns and bullet’s Adam is to have used in the school, was an envelope containing a Christmas card and hand-written note address to the students of SHES (Sandy Hook Elementary School).  This is detailed in “Sec 12 – CT State Police Forensic Laboratory Reports“, and it is extremely important to understand that this envelope is literally from Adam Lanza’s body, as you can see on page 12, where it states “009 – Item 83A- Envelope with fingerprint cards (Adam Lanza)” and again solely deals with ballistics and not items randomly picked our from classrooms.  And at the bottom of page 12 you see the envelope was addressed “For the young students of Sandy Hook Elementary School”

You can begin reading about this card at the top of page 13, and be sure to read everything from this point in the document on.  The envelope’s flap (both sides), Card, and adhesive side of the stamp were all found to have DNA.  It DID NOT MATCH ADAM OR NANCY, BUT DID MATCH SOMEONE IN THE CONVICTED FELON DNA DATABASE (see also #122616, page 6).  WHY HAS THE MSM NOT DEMANDED AN EXPLANATION OF THIS “HAND-WRITTEN NOTE” AND CARD IN AN ENVELOPE THAT PRESUMABLY WAS FOUND ON ADAM AND DOES NOT HAVE EITHER HIS OR HIS MOTHER’S DNA, BUT A CONVICTED FELON OF UNKNOWN IDENTITY?   AND WHAT DID THE CARD AND NOTE SAY?  This is critical to the case yet is totally unexplained.

Furthermore, in report 00063156, page 5, we read that during a search of the vehicles in the parking lot, “a red blood like substance was located next to a white Subaru bearing New York registration FGX5945, which was parked in the northeast side of the parking lot.  An Integriswab swabbing was taken of the red blood like substance (Exhibit #502) for the purposes of identifying a potential DNA source.”  Just who did this blood match?

3.  From 00124235 report: (see page 5 using left navigation)

“The DNA Results eliminate both Nancy Lanza and Adam Lanza as the source of DNA found on the drivers front door handle and drivers exterior door handle on the suspect vehicles car as well as the gun. ”

4.  In all 472 photographs of the interior of the Lanza’s home, you will not find ONE single photo of:
a.  “Reams of stories on mass murders in the United States“.  There is one photo (p. 341-342) of ONE single story back in the 1800’s. (This is also chronicled in “Section 11, Evidence Reports” under item 10 as being 13 pages of a story from 1800’s…not REAMS OF STORIES ON MASS MURDERS)
b .  There is not a single photo of the “7 foot long  X 4 foot wide spreadsheet” that Adam supposedly cataloged all of the mass shootings on.  In inventory of everything they found with search warrants, this spreadsheet is not mentioned.
  • In report 00123535, a DNA test was performed on Nancy and Adam to determine if SHE WAS THE MOTHER.  Why was that done, and why has the MSM not questioned that?
  • In report 00146708, test firings of the Bushmaster were performed with unused ammo found on site.  These bullet’s were then compared to fragments retrieved from victims.  The report states “No positive identification could be made in ANY of the bullet evidence submissions noted (above) in the 5.56mm caliber.”  (page 10 using left side navigation) Why has the MSM not challenged this admission?
  • In report 00146708 the same type test was made with the Glock pistol, and it was noted “the general firing characteristics of a Glock pistol…all have polygonal rifling which is not a traditional cut rifling style…They ALL lacked sufficient striae for the comparison and identification process…” (page 11) meaning, of course, they could not concretely identify the expended bullets to the Glock.  Why has the MSM not questioned this?
  • The SIG Sauer pistol was NOT tested against comparative rounds because NONE were presented…so how is this weapon confirmed to have shot anyone?  (See Report 00146708)
  • 19 of the expended rounds could not be identified to any of the firearms (report 00146708) – page 11
  • In report 00162620, the gaming systems of Adam Lanza were submitted for forensic testing.  At the bottom of page 8, (page 5 using left side navigation) someone blacked out the last paragraph; however, if you zoom to 400%, you can clear see that it is two checkboxes:  The first is to confirm that the barcode labels from the lab on the equipment to be tested are the same as the request for evidence receipt.  It requires it to be checked and an initial.  There is no initials viewable.  The second states that the initials prove he form was filled out properly and all questions on the form answered.  Again, no initials (and as far as I can tell, no checkmark).  Why has the MSM not questioned why this document was redacted, and since you can clearly see what the redacted portion says, why did the MSM not challenge this?
  • In report 00162620, on page 8, a statement is made that “the case number on the evidence does not correspond to the case number on the warrant” (i.e., this was to retrieve computer hardware and gaming systems of Adam and Nancy Lanza).  The officer finding this (Trooper Bukowski) makes the point of notifying others about this discrepancy.  This is peculiar when you ALSO consider that, in the same report, the SN’s of the Dell Laptop and XBox are redacted (page 7 using left side navigation).  Why would that be, unless the SN might reveal something about someone else’s involvement, OR that this was, in fact, not the equipment seized from the home?  How come the MSM has not looked into this?  If you look at “Sec 11 – Evidence Reports” (page 1 and page 8), it actually lists the SN’s of both a laptop and another X-Box360.  This appears to be a case of redacting it in one place, but forgetting to redact in another.  OR they intentionally redacted it for highly suspicious  reasons.
  • In the report titled “Sec 1 – Initial Reports“, a detailed description of the search of the Lanza house is given.  In no instance are “Reams of stories on mass murders in the United States” found, only ONE single incident dating back to the 1800’s.  There is also NO finding of a “7 foot long  X 4 foot wide spreadsheet” printed out, detailing every major mass murder in modern history that Adam was supposed to have done.  Curiously, there are numerous papers found in the basement (where Adam was supposed to be most of the time), but no papers attributed to Adam.  Why has the MSM not questioned this information?
  • In the report titled “Sec 2 – Scene Search Reports for 36 Yogananda”, on page 16-17 (using left side navigation), there is this curious bit of information:  An individual logged onto a website called and said he was going to kill himself and to be watching at 9 AM (this was on the 12th of Dec).  When asked where, the individual says Ct, but that was all they would reveal.  Also on 14 Dec 2012, a person in Texas said their son was playing online 20 hours earlier and a person said “…something might go bad tomorrow this could possibly be my last moments alive  as far as I know there’s a list of people that are gunna get shot.  I hope I aint on it”.  This is confirmed as happening because screen shots were taken of the chat session by the person reporting this.  Now, ask yourself this:  How do we know this person making these statements was NOT Adam Lanza, saying he was hoping he wasn’t the one getting killed?  Any information pertaining to interview of the witness was redacted.  Why has the MSM not questioned this or reported this?
  • In “Sec 4 – Images of Items seized“, pictures of various items seized from the Lanza’s home are shown.  Page 7 shows a picture of (apparently) Adam Lanza as a toddler, holding a gun to his mouth with a belt of live ammunition on his lap AND WHAT APPEARS TO BE A GRENADE BETWEEN HIS LEGS, with various rifles and assault rifles behind him. What is this about, and why has the MSM not looked into accusations that the mother Nancy was a “Survivalist” or “end-timer” and did this have anything to do with the shootings?  Was this an instance of MK Ultra training the toddler from the very beginning to be a Manchurian Candidate?
  • In the report “Sec 4 Scene Search Day 3” there are a large number of redacted photo’s (from 36 – 52), of the prescription med’s Nancy Lanza was on (this can be easily deduced by the photo 35 and photo 53 and by page 9-10 of Section 1 Initial Reports, where the medications are all blacked out).  Since she is DEAD, there is no HIPAA violation to show these.  Why has the MSM not looked into what these meds were and how it might have impacted Adam?  Also, photo 73 clearly shows a thank you card from Sandy Hook elementary for Nancy’s volunteer work, something the MSM had cast doubt upon, saying that there was no evidence she had any connection to the school.  As there is a commencement for 5th grade with the thank you note from 1999 (clearly Ryan Lanza), it begs the question of did she only volunteer for Ryan and not Adam?

  • In the report “Section 7 Body Survey Reports and Images of Nancy Lanza“, reference is made to a “Medical lead pad on left wrist and left side of abdomen” under the heading “Evidence of Medical Intervention” (page 2).  It is elsewhere referred to as AED (Automated External Defibrillator) pads; however there is nowhere to be found any medical intervention on the part of the Police or Paramedics that were first responders.  WHO put these on her and when, and for what purpose?  The pads would not be placed on a forearm, but on the chest as shown from the Government website “How to use an AED“:

These pads are also mentioned in “Sec 8 – Autopsy Report and Images of Nancy Lanza“.  It MUST BE NOTED that NO police or emergency personnel placed these items on Nancy Lanza, as they say it was readily apparent she was dead (see “Sec 16 State Police Emergency Services Unit“, page 46).  You can also see that they said the body had “fatal injuries” when they discovered her in “Section 13 – Supplemental Reports” (page 262).  Why has the MSM, not to mention the police themselves, not explained why these defibrillator pads were on Nancy and Who put them there?

  • In the report “Section 4 Primary Scene“, two purses belonging to Nancy Lanza are shown:  One, on the kitchen floor atop a case of water (page 121 and 122), and one in an alcove down the hall (page 420).  The one in the kitchen is listed in the report “Section 11 – Evidence seized“, item #52.  However, the brown purse, sitting in the alcove is not listed as evidence seized, even though it has live bullet’s clearly seen in a plastic baggie…why was this purse not explained and looked into, as the bullet’s appear to be the same caliber as either the GLOCK or Sig Sauer?  This purse is reference in passing in the report “Section 1 Initial Reports” on page 6 under heading “Mudroom / Entryway” but as far as I can tell was not seized as evidence.
  • From

    From “Section 4 – Primary Scene, photo # 420

  • In the report 00046693, items 24-30 describe clothing found on the ground on the passenger side of the vehicle.  This included two different hooded sweatshirts, exhibits 500 and 501.

    Hooded sweatshirts found on passenger side of vehicle

    Hooded sweatshirts found on passenger side of vehicle

  • In report 00063173 (page 3-4), it is noted that “…Investigators examined the entire vehicle for identifiable latent fingerprints…Investigators yielded NEGATIVE results for latent prints, but a shoe impression was lifted from the front passenger door…”  My question would be, why would Adam drive up, get out of the car, go around to the passenger side, and either remove TWO HOODED SWEATSHIRTS from his body or from the vehicle, before entering the school.  Was the latent footprint on the door from his shoe, and why would it be on the door (possible struggle?)  For anyone thinking these could possibly have been student sweatshirts, dropped while escaping from the shooting, note that report 00068254 which details bullet fragments removed from the victims, along with other bullets and gun evidence, also includes the two black hooded sweatshirts, indicating to me that these were thought to belong to Adam.
  • A synopsis made by the very few lines of unredacted FBI interviews in “Section 13 – Supplemental Reports” (starting at page 265) reveals the following information:
    • The National Joint Terrorism Task Force (NJTTF) databases were checked for any evidence of Adam Lanza and none was found (page 274)
    • Around 9:00 on 14 Dec 2012, a witness states they heard 3 shots at the home of Nancy Lanza, but thought it was hunters moving through the area (page 293)
    • Most people interviewed said nothing unusual occurred in the neighborhood in the 24 hours preceding the death of Nancy Lanza, and MOST state they did not know Adam or Nancy. (e.g., pages 295-306)
    • Someone told the FBI that “…Lanza hated his mother and Sandy Hook, because his mother had worked there.  Lanza apparently felt that his mother loved the students more than him…” (page 308).  However, since most of this statement is redacted, it is suspicious as this is the only statement of this type given in the report.342
    • In report 00006482, a witness to the shooting recounts the following:  “…related that the police apprehended someone just outside of room [redacted].  She heard, “Drop your weapon, put your hands up!”…” – who was this person who was armed with a weapon, because if it was another plain-clothes officer wouldn’t we have heard it explained?

To be continued…

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"Orthodoxy means not thinking-not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness." -1984
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34 Responses to Inconvenient Truth #60: The Sandy Hook Police Report

  1. Terry Sanders says:

    Holy effin shit this CSP report changes everything!!!! Who in New York did the DNA match on the guns, the car door and the card? Holy shit the media lied their ass off to and covered this up!!! Eyewitness statements claimed through the courtyard they seen 3 or 4 people in dark clothing with a long shotgun and the report states shooter had blond reddish hair? The police scans confirm the purple van with a nun costume. Were those people in the van felons from NY? If DNA is in a database it would have to be someone arrested before!!! Holy shit this is bigger than many thought!!!!

  2. Terry Sanders says:

    Someone needs to find out if Morgan Gliedman and Aaron Greene were at the Mount Omni Resort in New Hampshire. Nancy Lanza messaged a friend about meeting a couple there with tattoos and the young woman was trying to talk Nancy into a dragon tattoo. Please someone investigate that lead !!!!!

  3. Bloody Bucket says:

    It’s not the Bushmaster AR-15…it’s the Savage .22LR….the gun used to kill Nancy. Adam didn’t load the 10 round mag…unknown DNA on the casings…nothing on the trigger or handle. Only some of Adam’s DNA on the forearm of the Savage.
    Was the killer wearing gloves?
    The Xmas Card with the felon DNA was found in the bedroom too. A “calling” card perhaps?

  4. swansong19 says:

    It’s a damn thankless job going through the report. Good on you for your efforts.

  5. Bloody Bucket says:

    In going over the photos…particularly “Walkley’s scene” photos…#483…..bears out witness to the crime scene description by the investigators that Adam was shot in the back of the head and it exited out the top of his skull through the black boonie. What is striking is the SMALL amount of blood splatter and hair on the boonie. There’s even a tape for measurement on the exit hole. Half an inch.
    Conclusion: Dead when dumped, then shot. The same with Nancy…very little splatter and very little bleed out.
    If either were alive when they were shot, there would have been a huge mess. The heart is an amazing machine when actually pumping blood. These two weren’t pumping AT ALL.
    Oh yes, there are dead victims. Hopefully someday we’ll get to know their actual story.

  6. Mogga says:

    “Who shoots themselves through the back of the head.” Firstly, your incredulity is not evidence. Lanza was obsessed with guns and may well have been quite aware of the common knowledge that a wound to the back of the head is the most efficient way to kill a human with a handgun. Furthermore, “lower right back of the head” is ambiguous in itself. Turning your hand upside down in a salute style easily allows you to place the muzzle behind and below (for a right hander) your right ear and angling upwards ie the “lower right back of the head”.

  7. dachsielady says:

    Thank you for this fine report.
    Everything about Sandy Hook is false, deceptive and contrived. We need to establish WHO exactly Adam Lanza was. Same for Nancy Lanza. We need positive ID of all people and we do not have that. There is no proof that subject persons existed and no proof that anyone died.

    Accept no part of the official story. It is good to point out the in-your-face blatant falsity of the CT. police reports, but no matter what absurdities are revealed, we no longer have the rule of law and no one will prosecute the case and there are not honest judges and attorneys and witnesses to move toward a just trial.

  8. dachsielady says:

    posting to request notifications of comments

  9. Zephyr says:

    The hole in that hat is from an entrance shot. Beyond that, there are multiple gunshots audible after the alleged “final” shot at 9:40, particularly within the 9:46-9:47 minute. The loudest of these occurs at 9:46:54 a.m. and is almost certainly fired by a police officer, given it’s volume and location relative to Rick Thorne’s cellphone (See 02:59 here: According to multiple reports, two NPD officers are indeed at this moment located in the lobby of the school, sighting down the north hall (see CSP Sgt. Cario’s report, for example). Vincent Riccio, retired police officer and lecturer on active shooter protocol, has mentioned in his presentations that the shooter had a bullet wound to both the chest and head:

  10. Zephyr says:

    Great work, OP–can’t thank you enough for the time you’ve put into this. FWIW, it looks like the bag is listed in Sec 11 after all–CFS12-00705354, Sec 11, p8. It’s also listed in CFS12-00705354, 00263454, p70. What’s interesting though is the difference between the two lists–the latter shows what (I think) remained in CSP’s possession by the “conclusion” of the case. I’m presuming the missing items from that list, must have been ones that were given to other agencies, or returned to the Lanzas, etc. Might be interesting to note what those items are.

  11. Peach00 says:

    I have always been confused by some of the evidence taken from the Nancy Lanza bedroom. Book 3 -00025726 • One orange towel with green and white stripes with BLS from beneath deceased head on pillow.(Did she sleep on a towel?Did Adam put it there after he shot her?Did she survive the shooting and try to treat herself and put the towel on the pillow in order to not make a mess? Did the police put the towel there?) •One envelope containing personal check to Nancy Lanza for $12,075.00.(From Peter for alimony?) If she was getting that amount for alimony each month, why would she be upside down on the house and only have $60,000.00 in assets to her name? The house wasn’t worth that much and with the kind of money he was making should have already been paid off years ago. What was she doing with her money? (clearly not hiring an interior decorator). By all appearances she lived a pretty frugal life for someone in that income bracket.•Printed email conversations located in basket in formal living room.(who prints their email conversations and leaves them in a basket in the living room???)•Sandy Hook School Report Card with name Adam Lanza on it from inside table between chair and couch in North living room. (The man was 20 years old, Did he really keep his elementary school report card in a drawer in the living room???) These are just a few things that don’t make sense to me…Oh and one more thing, the house furnishings and all the technology seems to date from late 1990’s – early 2000’s, almost like a time warp. And I noticed the same school photos of the two boys in two different rooms (different frames). In the photos, Adam appears to be about 8 or 9 and Ryan 12 or 13. If you dated the house furnishings and technology by those photos, that would make the year about 2000.

  12. עבודות גבס Tremendous problems listed here. I’m thrilled to professional a person’s article. Cheers with this particular looking ahead to contact you actually. Do you want to remember to decline us a mail?

  13. Nick S says:

    Is anything found in the house created after mid 2000s? Nobody who is making that much in alimony would have an empty house like that with a honda accord. Adams games were all very very outdated too.

  14. Snowride says:

    The lack of bullet holes in the mattress isn’t really shocking. NL was killed with a 22LR. If they were 40gr 1050fps loads it is likely they would not puncture both sides of her skull.

  15. JW2891 says:

    I keep seeing Honda Accord as the subjects vehicle. It is a Honda Civic. Also were there any pictures of the actual firearms used in the school like the Sig, Glock, and the Bushmaster? If they did were they redacted and why would you redact pictures of firearms used in the school but not the one used to kill the mother. I’ve downloaded all the forms that have been uploaded in google but have not looked at them yet. Does anyone know what document if there is one that states the number of shots fired by the subject from each firearm. If the bushmaster was used the entire time up until he killed himself how was there not one round recovered that was in good enough shape to match ballistics from the weapon. I did notice that there was a shotgun round on the ground next to the subjects Honda Civic. Why would he fire off a round in the parking lot and then put it back in the car. Later on after the incident police stated they moved the shotgun from inside the car to the trunk for safe keeping. Really? Since when do police investigators move evidence to another location other than from the original location to a police vehicle to transport back and process as evidence. In response to the shooting yourself in the back of your head. What person who is out on a shooting rampage has time to think about, “you know before the police get me I should shoot myself but wait in should shoot myself in the lower back right of my head to appear as if my death wasn’t suicide.” No one does. The shooting in Colorado movie theater has a lot of shady things going on with it as well.

  16. Ian Lombardo says:

    In order to presume someone deceased in the state of connecticut an EMT must notice certain conditions. these conditions include but not limited to:
    Dependant Lividity
    Rigor Mortis
    Injury incompatible with life
    a paramedic can also presume a person deceased after hooking them up to a cardiac monitor which requires placing 4 electrodes on four points of the body which can include the arms and the chest. these are referred to “Medical Lead pads” after the patient is hooked up a paramedic must confirm asystole (Heart at standstill) in 3 of 12 leads

  17. flyingtigercomics says:

    The unidentified DNA on the rifle was confirmed as belonging to the deceased fill-in teacher. Her DNA was found inside the clip amongst other places.

    • SleepNoMore says:

      Do you have a reference for this?

    • Recynd77 says:

      Are there any theories as to how the sub’s DNA could have found its way into the clip of the rifle (without her loading the clip, of course)? I find this piece of evidence particularly noteworthy and eyebrow-raising.

      • flyingtigercomics says:

        I call this sort of evidence “continuity errors”… Fiction can have continuity errors, real life can’t.

        And no, there is no explanation whatsoever for how her DNA got into the clip.

        My own past theories have included that she was a female accomplice who buzzed in or provided cover for a shooter or that the truth about Sandy Hook is that it was a cooperative event by the Process Church that included the execution of some of those involved. That would not be the first time either of those things have happened-

        Serial killer Richard Speck had to have had help during his “lone” rape murder spree against nine nurses, only one of whom survived – and the way she allegedly survived is impossible; someone with knowledge of the murder scene was implicated, Speck had none;

        As for the Process church and its pedophilia, ritual murders as a satanist-trapping murder incorporated etc. – and its use of animal shelters and patsies- Sandy Hook has not one but two Process-affiliated “kitten sanctuaries”, one of them run by Gene Rosen.

        Rousseau was a recent addition and one of several staff who filled in for other staff who found reasons not to be there. She was also one of the staff implicated in an altercation shortly before zero day at Sandy Hook.

        And on, and on and on.

      • Recynd77 says:

        I’m sure you’re familiar with Maury Terry’s “The Ultimate Evil”. I read it in the very early 90s, and even spoke to Mr. Terry for a paper I wrote for a class in college. To think that all of that has led here is mind blowing.

        I was under the impression that the Process Church died out or morphed into something else. Do you think it is tied to the Masons or the Church of Satan? How about goings on, like the events of the Franklin Cover Up? I haven’t heard much speculation involving Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sandy Hook, other than some jabs about Gene Rosen in the beginning…but I hadn’t heard anything conclusive. A cat rescue, you say?

        When did the Process Church infiltrate the government so deeply? I’m not surprised…creepy Michael Aquino was at the very top echelon of the military for a long time. (is he still alive…I need to look him up).

        Thanks for the reply. Great work; I look forward to what the coming year will bring (I think). Happy New Year!

      • flyingtigercomics says:

        Best Friends Animals Services / Sanctuary = Process Church… for starters… oO

        In the numerous clips from Sandy Hook watch for the morbidly obese weirdo woman wearing a windcheater – featuring a pentacle with a white cat head symbol on its upper left front I believe. Satanic.

        Maury Terry nailed it. And basically almost no one cares.

        I am still working on the Process angle- but until I have some more factoids to post I am going to wait. I have put stuff on my blog but I am trying to keep it more coherent this time round.

      • dachsielady says:

        Dr. Stan Monteith, may his soul rest in peace, covered Maury Terry and the Process Church back in 2004. There are probably some archived audios of the radio shows somewhere but here is an excerpt from a newsletter.

        ” Most people believe Anton LaVey worshipped the fallen angel we call Satan. They are mistaken. Anton LaVey worshipped Satan because LaVey believed he is the Creator who gives mankind freedom. [10] The media focuses our attention on Anton LaVey to conceal the Luciferian organizations that permeate our society and control our government. If you access Google on the Internet, you will find there are 8,800 sites that mention Anton LaVey, 21,000 sites that mention the Rosicrucians, 57,000 sites that mention Manly P. Hall, 148,000 sites that mention Theosophy, 214,000 sites that mention Satanism, 815,000 sites that mention Luciferianism, and 3,680,000 sites that mention The Process Church of the Final Judgment. [11] What is The Process Church of the Final Judgment? The public has never been told that David Berkowitz, the “Son of Sam” killer, and Charles Manson were affiliated with that organization. [12]”

        Maury Terry, The Ultimate Evil, Bantam Books, New York, 1987

        There is occultic Evil hovering all around Newtown and the entire state of Connecticut. All of this occultic evil is deeply connected with psychiatry and “mental health” agendas.

        Lie Kill Steal and Destroy is the name of their game.

        Woe to those who call evil good.

        “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

      • flyingtigercomics says:

        Laurel Canyon – extensive tunnels linking childcare centre to pedo homes, psych clinic, “caves” and so on.

        Presidio – extensive tunnels, etc.

        McMartin – proven tunnels, etc.

        Newtown / Sandy Hook: documented tunnels.

        Another odd coincidence, as David McGowan would say…

  18. Goober says:

    The tapestry is unraveling… don’t let up!

  19. I don’t even know the way I stopped up here, but I assumed this post used to be good.
    I do not realize who you are but definitely you are going to a well-known blogger if you happen to
    are not already. Cheers!

  20. arnash says:

    8 casings found at the school entry door? Who could hear such gunfire and then decide to not only look out into the hall and but to step out into it in full view of an armed attacker loaded with weapons???
    After supposed shooting them after the door, why did the adults in the offices not escape out their windows? Were they like prisons with bars preventing exit? Makes zero sense.
    After hearing all of those additions gunshots, why weren’t the classrooms emptied via windows or barricaded???
    After the first classroom was shot to hell, (80 bullet casings), ask the previous question again. Why the hell would the classroom door to the second class not be barricaded (if the windows were all covered with bars) -blocked with every desk, table, bookcase, and jam under the door that any sane person would have put in place??? The official narrative is totally illogical since it presupposes that the teacher and children would have done nothing at all to preserve their lives. Who would buy such an absurdity?
    Nothing about what I’ve read so far is adequate to convince an objective observer that something other than a drill took place, along with a huge, pre-meditated fraud on the American public.
    What would convince me of its actual occurrence would be evidence of bodies and wounded, and proof of the student and faculty population.
    I’ve seen the internet archive screen-shot of the history of web traffic to the school’s website, and do you know when it ground to an end? Following the Christmas break in 2007. That can only be explained by the school having closed down at that time. If so, then everything claimed about it would have been fraudulent, or did it re-open? If so, when? If not, that would explain the absence of a huge student population fleeing the school, which would be because the school was empty.

  21. Sherrie says:

    If you watch the video “the real deal with james fetzer” Sandy hook #80 there is explanations of all the pictures and how it was staged this shows the real truth! This is horrible!

  22. greyeagle winters says:

    There are so many things wrong with this it’s hard to know where to start. I very much doubt the crime scene in Nancy’s bedroom is real. Even with a .22, there should be blood spatter and brain matter on the walls and bedding. According to the coroner’s documents, she was pronounced dead by the coroner at approx. 2:30 pm 12/14, but the the body bag wasn’t sealed until 2:55 am on 12/15, some 12 hours later. There is no body on the bed, so the picture had to be taken after the body was removed. By that time (about 18 hours after the victim was actually shot) the blood would have been mostly dry, especially around the edges, and would be brown instead of red. I don’t believe that is actual blood. In a news clip I can no longer find, CBS showed police outside the Lanza house during the search. It was not the Lanza house. The house they showed was white with black trim instead of pale yellow with green trim. It was shabby with peeling paint on the trim, which the Lanza house was not, and it had a semi detached garage connect to the house by a short enclosed hallway. The Lanza garage was under the house on the main level, not next to it. Whose house did they show, and why? Adam’s room was said to be in the basement, but the room shown as his in search photos show full size windows covered with plastic. The house does not have a walk-out basement, so it wouldn’t have full sized windows as they would be underground. The house does have several steps up to the front door and the foundation is higher on the front and probably the right side, so it’s possible if the room was in that area of the house it could have bigger windows but I can’t find a picture or video showing that side of the house. The nuns and priest in the purple van get mentioned on forums and in videos. Some people point out that one of the nuns shown standing in the street looks like a man dressed up as a nun. There was supposed to be a FEMA drill at St. Rose of Lima school the same afternoon as the Sandy Hook incident. I think the nuns we are seeing and hearing about might have been part of a scenario where shooters dressed as priests and nuns breach the school security. I doubt they were involved as shooters or anything else at Sandy Hook because they were driving a purple van, which would stand out as opposed to a white or silver van. One of the things I would really like to know is if any of the Sandy Hook parents put in life insurance claims. The reason I want to know that is they would have to have a death certificate for the claim. That would prove there actually was a death certificate issued as no one seems to be able to come up with any. Lots of great info on this blog.

    • dachsielady says:

      Nice information. There is such a long long list of anomalies about the Sandy Hook “shooting” event that we have by now firmly established that it was a huge planned deception. I do not like, however, when people say things like “nobody died at Sandy Hook” or “no children died at Sandy Hook.” We are dealing with Evil with a capital E. Any false data can be presented to us at any time that will further deceive most with those nobody-no-all kind of statements.

      We will never have the whole truth about Sandy Hook or any of the false events over the last half century. Our study of Sandy Hook shows those of us who have studied 9-11 extensively that the exact same kind of deception tricks and strategies were used back then as they were used at Sandy Hook and Boston. It even looks a great deal like “they” have become increasingly and deliberately blatant or bold in their ostensible screw-ups in carrying off the events.

      One thing I cannot abide by is journalists who use the phrase “Sandy Hook massacre.” That is nothing but neuro-linquistic programming language to send the subconscious message to others that Sandy Hook event was a massacre. In fact, it would be best to always even put the word “shooting” in quotes or better yet, avoid it altogether and just refer to the Sandy Hook Elementary School [SHES] event. It is so clear that language and phrasing is a big part of the mind numbing and mind control going on with these Cass Sunstein type deceptions and manipulations.

      There us a New Testament bible verse, which no search engine will help me locate, that says something like “they think they do God a favor” that perfectly describes the minds of those people who participate in these false events at the behest of the worshipers of Satan who rule this world. But our job is to expose facts and data as best we can.

      The goal is a one world death and slavery system for all and the smiling faces of most all around us are going right along with this evil.

  23. Matthew says:

    Quick question… but first. Great work and fabulous article. Love the fact that you’ve continued to update it. Does anyone know why many of the PDF documents (police reports, etc) go blank when viewed? When I open the PDF I can see content for a second and then it goes blank. Anyone else having this issue?

    • SleepNoMore says:

      Matthew, I just started noticing this too. I think Google is going through some sort of growing pains…you can alternatively download the file to your PC (use the DOWN ARROW symbol on the tool bar when viewing the “blank” pages…then open using Adobe Acrobat Reader or other suitable software…I can see them fine this way…sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully it will return to normal soon.

  24. EffYouCT says:

    Reading this 4 years after the event and 2 years after this post was written and it is the most beautifully written analysis of that lousy final report. No DNA found written in THEIR report yet you still have morons like SandyHookFacts and his idiot shill group adamant the official story happened as reported.

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