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Inconvenient Truth #61: AF patent on Mind Control

The United States Patent Office has a patent, #6470214, (which you can view yourself HERE) whose assignee is the United States Air Force, calling for the “Method and device for implementing the radio frequency hearing effect”. Under the main heading … Continue reading

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Are egg’s really safe?

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What is the real reason?

In the news the last week was a report by the World Health Organization (linked here) in which they state the rate of cancer will increase 57% worldwide in the next 20 years. CNN reports “…an imminent “human disaster” that … Continue reading

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Chemtrails in my town? oh my…

If you do not know about chemtrails, please research it for yourself.  (Here is news story where a Swedish politician is admitting that chemtrails are real  and are a conspiracy between the CIA and the Swedish government to manipulate weather).  I … Continue reading

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