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Inconvenient Truth #65: Google Electronic Throat Tattoo (Look closer)

In the following patent, published November 7th 2013 by Google-owned Motorola, an “Electronic Skin Tattoo” is described (with illustrations) as below.  In this device is a battery and power supply that recharges from implanted “nano-technology”: [From paragraph 0021] A power … Continue reading

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They want your soul

In this RT interview, the FIRST NSA whistleblower gives an insight into how deep the NSA is digging into the United States citizenry, including Congress and even the White House.  This begs the following questions: a.  Why is the NSA, … Continue reading

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That’s the way of the world…

Just a change for one post – enjoy one of the best and tightest bands doing one of their best songs ever…makes my heart feel good when I hear it…    

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Dialogue from the past…

Though written by the group Chicago in 1972, the song “Dialogue” concerning the apathy of the college students about what was going on around them, was a sort of prophecy.  Things have come full circle and we are back to … Continue reading

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