The U.S.-backed “Brown Shirts” of Ukraine

In this video (posted from RT story:  “Hammer-wielding nationalists storm town council meeting in Kiev suburbs” we see a regular town meeting being taken over by Nazi Brown shirts who proceed to demand that the entire council immediately resign.  Of course, the fact that they are carrying hammers and bats, and are hiding their faces led by

“…Igor Mosiychuk, who was sentenced to six years in prison in January for planning to blow up Lenin’s monument in the town of Borispol. He is also one of the three suspects in the ‘Vasilkov’s terrorists’ case.  Mosiychuk was freed from jail on February 24 based on Ukraine’s parliament newly-approved decree to release political prisoners…”

The west will destroy Ukraine before it’s over, and the rise of Facism/Nazism will continue unabated in Europe because of this…

These are the very people we  backed (see my other posts on Ukraine) and we have the nerve to tell Russia they can’t invade a country on some pretext (anyone remember Vietnam?  Iraq?  Afghanistan?  Libya?)…but remember that Russia has treaty’s with Ukraine to station their troops there, and what would we do if Germany was overthrown by Nazis, just let our bases close?  (Actually we’d probably fire bomb the entire country into the stone age, just like Dresden)

Yes, you may have thought conspiracy theorists are nuts, but how nuts is it that a Jewish state department official goes right in the heart of Nazism and conspires to put them into power?  And of course, we have her caught with the Ukraine ambassador plotting exactly what happened BEFORE it happened:

These same Nazi’s in any other context would’ve raped and killed her…life is strange, real life is stranger…and John McCain is just as bad, having met and taken meetings with the head of the Svoboda Party.

Just when you thought Hitler was just a figure from the past…who we back is representative of who we are

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"Orthodoxy means not thinking-not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness." -1984
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