They want your soul

Resistance is futile

Resistance is futile

In this RT interview, the FIRST NSA whistleblower gives an insight into how deep the NSA is digging into the United States citizenry, including Congress and even the White House.  This begs the following questions:

a.  Why is the NSA, which is a unit of the Department of Defense, spying on ANY American in this country?  “…As a Defense Agency, NSA operates under the authority of the Department of Defense…” (Ref:  This is so key to the danger of the NSA snooping programs and one that NO MSM HAS LET THE DUMBED DOWN ZOMBIES KNOW ABOUT.  THE DOD IS SPYING ON U.S. CITIZENS…

b.  Since the NSA is part of the DOD, and Obama is the Commander of the Military, he could stop this in one stroke  of the pen.  Why hasn’t he?

c.  Are members of Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, News Media, and even the President being blackmailed, and if so, what are the activities they have participated in that would be used to black mail them?

d.  Why has NO ONE been held accountable for the Department of Defense spying on American citizens within the United States?  No MSM has called for it, and I doubt they ever will.  Does this indicate a conspiracy, not of “tin-foil hat” people, but of the MSM and the government?

e.  Lastly, WHO is directing the NSA to do this massive collection of information, even on then Senator-elect Obama?  Don’t say the President, because according to this interview he was bought and paid for by the NSA for their benefactors…but WHO are the benefactors and WHY are they doing this?


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