Inconvenient Truth #65: Google Electronic Throat Tattoo (Look closer)


In the following patent, published November 7th 2013 by Google-owned Motorola, an “Electronic Skin Tattoo” is described (with illustrations) as below.  In this device is a battery and power supply that recharges from implanted “nano-technology”:

[From paragraph 0021] A power supply provides electrical power to the several electronic components of MCD12O. The power supply can be a rechargeable battery, but need not be so. For example, the power supply may employ solar panel technology, capacitive technology, nanotechnology, or electro-mechanical technology, for example, as a means to generate and distribute electrical current.

It’s stated purpose is to allow better “signal to noise ratio” when communicating on your smart phone, tablet, etc in a noisy environment.

View patent here  (archived here)

A system and method provides auxiliary voice input to a mobile communication device  (MCD). The system comprises an electronic skin tattoo capable of being applied to a
throat region of a body. The electronic skin tattoo can include an embedded microphone; a transceiver for enabling wireless communication with the MCD; and a power supply configured to receive energizing signals from a personal area network associated with the MCD.” – From Abstract

And here is a nice, cute picture of the device on a stick figure from page 4:


[From paragraph 0016] The electronic tattoo can comprise audio circuitry that enables reception of acoustic signals from a person’s throat when the electronic tattoo is applied to a throat region of a body. Here it is contemplated that the electronic tattoo can also be applied to an animal as well.  Audio circuitry can also include a microphone for emitting sound corresponding to fluctuations of muscle or tissue in the throat.

And because all CYBORGS must be able to be seen as CYBORGS from other mere “humans” (A major concept of trendy’s), we have a visual display to let everyone know you are transmitting / receiving:

[From paragraph 0026] It is also contemplated that the display may be instructed by processor to illuminate visually upon the electronic skin tattoo meeting a criteria, recognizing a voice pattern, or surpassing a frequency threshold, for example. That is a certain word can be spoken that will enable the display to illuminate when the electronic skin tattoo senses the pattern or frequency corresponding to the spoken word or utterance. In the same vein, a motion of the throat muscle or tissue may also cause the display to light.

But, in the end, the REAL reason for getting this throat tattoo on all the mindless, clueless, D-Cell batteries once called humans is revealed:

[From paragraph 0027] Optionally, the electronic skin tattoo can further include a galvanic skin response detector to detect skin resistance of a user. It is contemplated that a user that may be nervous or engaging in speaking falsehoods may exhibit different galvanic skin response than a more confident, truth telling individual.  (see also Inconvenient Truth #37: Galvanic Bracelets, L. Ron Hubbard, and Microsoft – a study in occultism)


Yes, it’s true, the “Final Revolution” will be, just as Huxley said, when those enslaved will DEMAND to be enslaved, accepting circumstances that they ought not to…


Not far away I contemplate a mobile hot spot comprising an internal brain chip that will change the color of your eyes when you are receiving a phone call (say blue flashing), to a red flashing for data incoming, and yellow flashing for text…of course if you have anti-government thoughts, it will just “shut you down”…



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