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When Science is your god: Melon and your mind

You can’t make this stuff up.  A new product getting ready to launch, the Melon headband “…Turn the invisible activity of your mind visible! Melon’s brainwave monitoring headband listens to the electrical activity naturally given off by your brain…” and … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #69: Survival of the Firmest (Look closer)

Thanks again to my wife Jill, who helps keep me awake.   We’ve all seen the commercials, middle-aged men who can’t be a “REAL” man unless they can “get it up” and “keep it up” for their woman/slut/whore/porno/ etc… But … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #68: Bio-sensors and the Air Force’s “race” to the Singularity

On the steady pace to make each of us “D-cell” batteries, the Air Force is testing “Bio-Sensors” on runners in the annual Air Force marathon… ”…Josh Hagen, a Research Lab chemical engineer with the 711th, told the Armed With Science … Continue reading

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Psycho Killers: False Flag operations and the U.S.

QUESTION: “Why does the U.S. establishment behave like this? (false flag operations) ANSWER: “It’s important to understand the establishment as a collection of psychopathic individuals (killers)…and that’s not meant as some kind of metaphor, it’s meant as almost a medical … Continue reading

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