Inconvenient Truth #69: Survival of the Firmest (Look closer)

Thanks again to my wife Jill, who helps keep me awake.


We’ve all seen the commercials, middle-aged men who can’t be a “REAL” man unless they can “get it up” and “keep it up” for their woman/slut/whore/porno/ etc…

But what is REALLY behind ED and is there a real danger underlying it?

So there you have it. Erectile Dysfunction is really the “canary in the coalmine”, screaming out the warning that if you don’t change lifestyle and diet, all the erections in the world will not help you when you end up in a pine box. As usual, the bigger question is, why the Mainstream Media doesn’t cover this issue…but I think I know why:Corporate-Media-controlS.-D. Chung, Y.-K. Chen, H.-C. Lin, H.-C. Lin. Increased risk of stroke among men with erectile dysfunction: A nationwide population-based study. J Sex Med 2011 8(1):240 – 246.

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