Nimrod Part 29: Mosul, Ninevah and the Dam


Statues of the deified Nimrod, from the ancient city of Ninevah (Mosul) in the British Museum

On 17 Aug 2014, various MSM (Mainstream Media) outlets began reporting that the United States has been bombing the Mosul Dam, overtaken by ISIL, the “terrorist” group we founded.

However, none of these reports state the absolutely terrifying implications of bombing a dam that could kill 500,000 people within 1 hour, even without the bombs causing a breach.

If you look at Wikipedia article on the dam, we find the following: “It is located on the Tigris River in the western governorate of Ninawa, upstream of the city of Mosul. It is ranked as the fourth largest dam in the Middle East, measured by reserve capacity, capturing snow melt from Turkey, some 70 miles (110 km) north.  Because the dam was constructed on a foundation of soluble gypsum, the engineers…

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