Inconvenient Truth #21: The disturbing facts about Fukushima’s accident

Any story I have rated as important has been archived here, for posterity sake (and to ensure the MSM doesn’t memory-hole them)

[Updated 02 Apr 2015] – Years on, and billions of dollars have resulted in this:

Japan audit: Millions of dollars wasted in Fukushima cleanup

a.  The French equipment to remove cesium – failure

b.  Equipment to remove salt water from that used to cool reactors – failure

c.  Above ground tanks used to store highly radioactive water – failure

d.  Giant underground tanks to store same water – failure

e.  Highly publicized effort to “freeze” a barrier around plant – failure

I can’t imagine what will happen next, as this is supposed to be a 30-40 year project

[Updated 24 Aug 2014] – Japanese press have reported (Archived HERE)that Thyroid cancer’s are increasing in the population exposed to the Fukushima meltdown:

“The figure can be extrapolated for comparison purposes to an average of more than 30 people per population of 100,000 having definitive or suspected thyroid gland cancer.  The figure is much higher than, for example, the development rate of thyroid cancer of 1.7 people per 100,000 among late teens based on the cancer patients’ registration in Miyagi Prefecture.”

[Updated 08 Aug 2014] – The newspaper  The Japan News reported in a story today that Reactor #3 melted down at least 4 hours earlier than believed, and that “…most of the nuclear fuel in the No. 3 reactor at the plant in Fukushima Prefecture melted through the pressure vessel and continued down to the bottom of the outer containment vessel...”

[Updated 14 Jul 2014] – The Guardian newspaper presents a published scientific study that says Mt Fuji (An active volcano) has come under a lot of pressure from the Fukushima earthquake in 2011 and could potentially erupt soon. (archived HERE)

[Updated 07 Jul 2014] Fukushima has 9 days to prevent ‘unsafe’ overheating – Archived HERE

Fukushima update: Interview with Fukushima Mayor

[Updated 20 Mar 2014] – In a new release, Japan medias states “…Treatment of radioactive water at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant might be indefinitely suspended after malfunctions crippled the water purification process and recontaminated thousands of tons of partially purified water…”  TEPCO said up to 900 tons of water, which had not been sufficiently cleaned in the ALPS equipment, flowed into a network of 21 tanks that were holding 15,000 tons of treated water.   Not only have the 21 tanks been rendered unusable, but all 15,000 tons of previously cleaned water will now have to be retreated.  The UN, in the same story, questions “Why don’t we have a urine analysis, why don’t we have a blood analysis?” said Grover, who also recommended that the tests be expanded to a broader geographical area. “Let’s err on the side of caution,” Grover, a UN special rapporteur who surveyed the events surrounding the March 11, 2011 disaster, said in Tokyo on Thursday.  All this after a ”

[Updated 09 Feb 2014] – Per RT, “…TEPCO has revised the readings on the radioactivity levels at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant well to 5 million becquerels of strontium per liter – both a record, and nearly five times higher than the original reading of 900,000 becquerels per literIn the basement of the station, the drainage system and special tanks have accumulated more than 360,000 tons of radioactive water. ” — Read the full story on RT (archived here)

[Updated 11 Jan 2014] – RT reports (archived here) that the water filtering system has been shut down by TEPCO due to malfunctions.  This means NO water is being decontaminated at the site, and no estimated time they will be able to clean it.

Also, TEPCO has given out URL’s to two live video camera’s at Fukushima, and I have listed them here:

Fukushima 1          Fukushima 2

[Updated 08 Jan 2014] – NY Post reports on the lawsuit brought by sailors of the USS Ronald Reagan, who all became sick after their ship became contaminated with highly radioactive “snow” from Fukushima…story archived here

[Updated 02 Jan 2014] –The U.S. Government has sent out a Request for Solicitation to supply “…potassium iodide tablet, 65mg, unit dose package of 20s; 700,000 packages (of 20s)…” before 01 Feb 2014…that equates to 14,000,000 doses, and I don’t think they are for us slaves…(the solicitation is archived here)…if you live in California you need to begin getting potassium iodine and applying it…especially since the fuel pool at Reactor #3 is spewing steam and that could possibly mean criticality in the pool…a disaster of untold magnitude since there are almost 600 rods in that pool.

[Updated 10 Oct 2013]

A video tour of the Fukushima complex, by Arnie Gunderson

[Updated 04 Sept 2013] – Fukushima radiation leaks reach deadly new high (Guardian)


Part of the storage of 132 Olympic Sized Pools worth of highly radioactive water, and growing…

[updated 28 Aug 2013] – Business Week magazine offers an insight to how unbelievably large the process of cleaning the contaminated water is going to be…

This hand out picture taken by Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) on 19 August 2013 shows contaminated water which leaked from a water tank at Fukushima nuclear power plant

Workers discovered the water was leaking from a tank on Monday

Updated 21 Aug 2013:  Japan has raised the alert level for Fukushima to “3”, and according to the BBC’s report, (archive here) “…A puddle of the contaminated water was emitting 100 millisieverts an hour of radiation, Kyodo news agency said earlier this week.  Masayuki Ono, general manager of Tepco, told Reuters news agency: “One hundred millisieverts per hour is equivalent to the limit for accumulated exposure over five years for nuclear workers; so it can be said that we found a radiation level strong enough to give someone a five-year dose of radiation within one hour…”

Updated 18 Aug 2013:  Folks, get ready for the unthinkable…TEPCO is going to attempt a incredibly difficult operation, and repeat it over 1300 times – MANUALLY remove fuel rods from the spent fuel pool in damaged reactor #4, from the top of a damaged building, where the condition of the rods are unknown (Remember they pumped tons and tons of salt water into this pool).  According to this interview, if even one of those rods breaks apart during extraction, it could cause a nuclear reaction which would cause the building to collapse to the ground and then it is game over for Japan and probably the entire far east.  Stay tuned for the next couple of years and pray for Fukushima.  This interview is so important I am archiving it in case it disappears from the internet.

Here is the original story and here is the archived version

Updated 13 Aug 2013:  Arnie Gundersen says that he believes the radiated water which is HIGHLY radioactive will continue leaking into the ocean for the next 20 to 30 years…which begs the question:  Who in the heck is sane enough to eat anything caught, shot, or grown on the west coast, if given a choice?

Updated 12 Aug 2013:  ABC News / Australia interviews TEPCO workers who say they believe water has been leaking into the ocean since 2011…if that is true, we are truly in a historic disaster…

Updated 11 Aug 2013:  RT is reporting the containment barrier has already been breached, and HIGHLY radioactive water is leaking directly into the ocean…

Updated 09 Aug 2013 – In a move I can only characterize as psychopathic, the government of Japan has EASED exclusion zone restrictions around Fukushima, allowing residents of some areas to “return at will”…

Updated 05 Aug 2013 – The Japanese government has said “Highly radioactive water seeping into the ocean from Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is creating an “emergency” that the operator is struggling to contain, an official from the country’s nuclear watchdog said on Monday”

Updated 23 Jul 2013 – Tepco finally admits that highly radioactive water is leaking into the ocean, making a dire situtation even worse when you read the first part of this post from two years ago…

Updated 11Jul 2013:  Every day it is getting worse, exemplified by this excellent summary of what is going on over in Japan by Global Research titled Fukushima 2013: “Remaining Radioactive Mass”, “Dangerous Leaking Radioactive Water”, All Four Reactors are “Getting Worse”

And here is an interview on Fairewind’s site about incredibly highly radioactive “black dust” found 6 miles away from the accident site

Updated 09 Jul 2013:   From AFP:  “…Toxic radioactive substances in groundwater at Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant have rocketed over the past three days, its operator said, admitting it did not know where the leak was coming fromSamples taken on Monday showed levels of possibly cancer-causing caesium-134 were more than 90 times higher than they were on Friday, at 9,000 becquerels per litre…Levels of caesium-137 stood at 18,000 becquerels per litre, 86 times higher than at the end of last week…tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen used in glow-in-the-dark watches, was present at levels 10 times the permitted rate…TEPCO said in late June that it had detected the highly toxic strontium-90, a by-product of nuclear fission that can cause bone cancer if ingested, at levels 30 times the permitted rate…

Updated 07 Jul 2013 – TEPCO admits that Tritium, a by-product of the nuclear meltdown of the reactors, is now seeping into the ground water, and will possibly reach the oceans sea-life…

“”From test samples on July 5 … we detected a record high 600,000 becquerels per litre” of tritium, 10 times higher than the government guideline of 60,000 becquerels per litre, TEPCO said in a statement.”

The new readings came after TEPCO said in late June that it had detected the highly toxic strontium-90, a by-product of nuclear fission that can cause bone cancer if ingested, at levels 30 times the permitted rate.

Updated 04 Jun 2013 – TEPCO has now admitted that ground water seeping into the reactors is already contaminated, from cesium that was blown out of the reactors when they exploded.   This admission reverses their previous “story” that the ground water was safe, and could be pumped into the ocean, to keep it from entering the reactor cooling water and becoming contaminated.

Updated 19 May 2013:  Today a 5.9 earthquake struck just off the coast of Fukushima, as reported by RT:  Initial reports by TEPCO indicate no abnormalties, but I will post any changes to that here.

Updated 09 May 2013:  Asahi Shimbun reported [archived here if the report “vanishes”] that TEPCO plans on pumping groundwater that surrounds the reactors into the ocean, apparently in a desperate attempt to prevent it from leaking further into the reactor buildings:

  • “The company has dug 12 wells to the west of the reactor buildings, where it plans to pump up groundwater before it can enter the facilities and become contaminated.”
  • “…about 400 tons of groundwater flow into the reactor buildings on a daily basis and mixes with the radioactive water…” —my comment:  That is equivalent to 100,000 gallons of water PER DAY, or enough water to fill an olympic size pool every 6 days leaking into the reactor buildings…(400tons = 800,000 lbs = ~100,000 U.S. Gallons; Olympic size pool = 660,000 gallons)
  • “…300 tons of groundwater would still flow into the reactor buildings every day even after TEPCO starts pumping up the water through the wells…”
  • “…Currently, surface tanks at the Fukushima No. 1 plant hold about 280,000 tons of radioactive water. An additional 100,000 tons are believed to be flooding the basements of the No. 1 to No. 4 reactor buildings as well as the turbine buildings. (my comment:  Note that is TONS, not pounds….they are in serious trouble)
  • “…An estimated 120 tons of radioactive water leaked into the ground from the faulty underground tanks. …”
  • “…The underground storage tanks were protected by a double layer of polyethylene waterproof sheets and a 6.4-millimeter-thick sheet of bentonite, a clay-like substance.  The ministry’s standards for controlled disposal sites for industrial waste call for at least 50 centimeters of bentonite to surround the waterproof sheets. TEPCO officials apparently felt that a double layer of polyethylene waterproof sheets would be sufficient…”
  • The illustration (embedded in the story) indicates the number of above ground storage containers on site.  Note that the blue cylindrical containers are actually the size of railroad cars, and the silo-type are even bigger.  On the Google Maps below, if you zoom in you can actually see how many of these there are just a few hundred yards from the ocean…WHAT HAPPENS WHEN ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE HITS THAT LOCATION?

And if you want to get really scared, look at the size of those light blue circular holding tanks in this video from The Guardian and realize how many of these there are at Fukushima!

Updated 06 Apr 2013:  Reuters – 120 tons of highly radioactive water has leaked from a containment pond (really just a hole dug in the ground and lined with a “water-proof” material) at Fukushima into ground water. READ HERE

Updated 06 Apr 2013:  “…Children born in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington between one week and 16 weeks after the meltdowns began in March 2011 were 28 percent more likely to suffer from congenital hypothyroidism than were kids born in those states during the same period one year earlier, a new study shows….”

Updated 26 Feb 2013:  All stories and info I have personally collected can be found HERE

Update 14 Jan 2013 – The following German scientific research video shows simulation of CS-137 radiation spreading from Fukushima to the west coast of the United States (projected) for a period of 5 years…it shows Hawaii will be diluted in two years:


Update:  NHK broadcasting released this story 18 June 2012, detailing how the government of Japan hid a map provided to them by the U.S. displaying the spread of radioactivity in the week following the accident.  The broadcast notes that the map “…suggests residents close to the plant were exposed to the annual permissible level within 8 hours...”

Here is a link to the NHK report:

On 28 Oct 2011, the Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions (ACPD) group released a paper titled “Radionuclide release from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant”.  This paper details the release of two isotopes, Xenon-133 and Caesium-137 into the atmosphere following the earthquake/tsunami on 11 March 2011.

 Differing from previous maps and projections based upon hypothesis of wind direction and atmospheric conditions, this study looks BACK and can definitively determine the amount of release.  The results are extremely disturbing, not just for Japan, but for Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, the U.S. and really, the entire world.

 Especially disconcerting is the fact that the largest amount of radiation reached the United States within 1 week of the accident.  Do you remember anything about that being told to you by the main-stream press or Government?  And what about the decisions, early on, not to monitor radiation levels in fish, vegetables, and meat in the U.S.?

 Note:  This paper only determined the dispersal of Xenon-133 and Caesium-137.  Other products (such as Iodine) have not been released by governments so they were not included…again…why?

 Below, I have extracted some key data points, and you can view the entire paper HERE

1.  “…In this paper, we determine the emissions of two important radionuclides, the 133 noble gas xenon-133 ( Xe, lifetime of 5.25 days) and the aerosol-bound caesium-137
137 ( Cs, lifetime of 30 yr)…” 

2.  “…Regarding Xe (Xenon-133), we find a total release of 16.7 EBq released, which is the largest radioactive noble gas release in history not associated with nuclear bomb testingThere is strong evidence that the first strong release started very early, possibly immediately after the earthquake and the emergency shutdown on 11 March at 06:00 UTC. The entire noble gas inventory of reactor units 1–3 was set free into the atmosphere between 11 and 15 March 2011…”

3.  “…regarding Caesium 137 (Cs), the inversion results give a total emission of 35.8 (23.3–50.1) PBq, or about 42 % of the estimated Chernobyl emission…”

4.  “…indicates that emissions were not only coming from the damaged reactor cores, but also from the spent-fuel pool of unit 4…” 

5.  “…While at first sight it seemed fortunate that westerly winds prevailed most of the time during the accident, a different picture emerges from our detailed analysis. Exactly during and following the period of the strongest Cs emissions on 14 and 15 March as well as after another period with strong emissions on 19 March, the radioactive plume was advected over Eastern Honshu Island (Honshu is another name for Japan), where precipitation deposited a large fraction of 137 Cs on land surfaces. The plume was also dispersed quickly over the entire Northern Hemisphere, first reaching North America on 15 March and Europe on 22 March…”

6.  “…There is a larger common spent fuel pool at the site, on ground level. Spent fuel is transferred to this pool after at least 19 months, but the decay heat is large enough to still require active cooling. This pond contained 6375 fuel assemblies.

7.  “…The earthquake triggered the automatic shutdown of the chain reaction in the units 1 to 3 at 05:46 UTC (that is 14:46 Japan Standard Time) on 11 March. Outside power
supply was lost and the emergency diesel generators started up. However, when the tsunami arrived 50 minutes later, it inundated the sites of the reactors and their auxiliary buildings and caused the total loss of AC power
, except for one of the three diesel generators of unit 6…”

8.  “…Although at different rates, cooling of the reactor cores was lost, water levels in the reactor pressure vessels could not be maintained, and in all three units that had been under operation, the cores degraded and, as has been reported, partially melted…”

9.  “…The hydrogen produced in this process caused major explosions which massively damaged the upper parts of the reactor buildings of units 1 and 3. Damage to the upper parts of the reactor building could be prevented in unit 2, however, a hydrogen explosion there presumably damaged the suppression chamber…”

10.  “…Cooling was lost as well for the spent fuel ponds, leading to heating up of the water and raising concerns about fuel rods also becoming uncovered there. The information concerning these ponds and possible releases from them is much less clear….”

11.  “…However, it is obvious that the most dangerous situation was in the pond of unit 4, into which the whole core had been unloaded for maintenance work in the reactor. The decay heat for this pool was about 2 MW. A massive hydrogen explosion occurred there which may have been caused by degraded fuel from this pond…”

12.  “…Total Xenon-133 emissions are 16.7 EBz, 1/3 more than the estimated inventory of the site, and 2.5 times the estimated Chernobyl release of 6.5 EBq…”

13.  “The fact that more Xenon-133 was released than was supposed to be on-site can be explained by the possibility that recriticality has occured in one of the reactor unitsFurthermore, noble gas releases may have occured at other Japanese Nuclear Power Plants other than Fukushima…”

14.  “The total amount of Caesium-137 released was 35.8PBq, 34% MORE THAN THE FIRST GUESS, and about 42% of the estimated total Chernobyl emission of 85 PBq…”

15.  “…There were 3 monitoring sites primarily used to collect data on the emissions:  Richland (Washington), Oahu (Hawaii), and Stockholm (Sweden).  At Richland, the plume of Xenon-133 released from Fukushima arrived on 16 March…”

16.  On 12 March, a high pressure system forced winds at Fukushima to shift from WNW to SW.  “…For a few hours around 18:00 UTC on 12 March the coastal areas
north of FD-NPP were a
ected by the radioactive plume but deposition of radioactive material was limited because no precipitation fell at that time…”

17.  “This plume of Caesum 137 eventually “… produced higher 137 Cs concentrations over North America and Europe than the previous simulations suggested….”

18.  On 15 March 2011, a smaller cyclone over Japan developed rapidly and the radioactive plume from Fukushima was caught up in it.  The plume covered large parts of central-eastern Honshu and crossed over Tokyo and other major population centers before it left Japan towards the northeast around 18:00 UTC on 15 March.

19.  “…Between 16 and 19 March, an anticyclone passed from west to east over southern Japan…Westerly winds pushed the radioactive cloud out over the Pacific ocean…”

20.  ”’…However, on 19 March, winds veered from westerly back to easterly, pushing the cloud back to Japan.  Consequently, the plume penetrated inland, and covered large areas of eastern Japan…”

21.  “On 21 March, northeasterly windows transported the radioactive plume directly across Tokyo and even further south to Osaka, and Tokyo received an elevated Caesium 137 depositing on 21 March…”

22.  “…Consequently, Caesium 137 deposits in March was considerable for large parts of eastern Japan (Fig. 16, right panel)…”

23.  “…During the accident events, Xenon-133 and Caesium 137 were dispersed througout the Northern Hemisphere and eventually also reached the Southern Hemisphere…”

24.  “…The first radioactive cloud reached western North America on 15 March…containing Xenon 133…this cloud was detected at the Richland, WA monitoring station…”

25.  “…The heaviest concentration reached western North American 17-18 March.  This cloud was also heavy in Caesium 137.  At the same time, the plume pentrated the subtropics and arrived at Hawaii 19 March…”

26.  “… A map of the simulated surface concentrations of Xenon-133 (Fig. 18) for 22 March shows that all of western North America was engulfed by the Fukushima plume, as well as parts of eastern North America…”

27.  “…By 22 March 2011, the plume had covered the entire Northern Hemisphere and had reached both the tropics and polar regions…”

28.  “…We find that the Japanese main island received 5.0TBq of Caesium 137, or 19% of the total released, through 20 April…”

29.  “…Regarding Xenon-133, it is very likely that the accumulated inventory of Reactor Units 1 thru 3 was completely set free into the atmosphere between 11 and 15 March.  The study indicates a total release of 16.7 EBq, which is the largest release in history and 2.5 times higher than Chernobyl.

30.  “…Regarding Caesium 137, a total emission of 35.8 PBq, or about 42% of the total estimated Chernobyl emission was released…”

31.  “…Exactly during and following the period of the highest Caesium 137 emissions rates on 14/15 March, the plume was pushed towards Japan and affected large areas in the east of the island…”

32.  “…During a second episode from 20-22 March, even larger areas of Japan were covered, from Osaka in the south, Tokyo, and areas north of Fukushima…”

33.  A MAP showing the dispersion of Xenon 133 from Japan thru North America and the entire world, from 12 March thru 22 March: (click the picture to enlarge)


34.  A MAP showing the dispersion of Caesium 137 from Japan thru North America and the entire world, from 12 March thru 22 March: (click the picture to enlarge)


35.  A MAP showing the GROUND concentrations of XENON-133 on 22 March 2011: (click the picture to enlarge)


36.  A MAP showing the world wide total dispersion of Caseium 137 thru April 20 2011: (click the picture to enlarge)


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10 Responses to Inconvenient Truth #21: The disturbing facts about Fukushima’s accident

  1. CaptD says:

    Thanks and Tweeted
    Many who saw that storm change the direction of the fallout believe that it was due to weather manipulation, not Nature!

    Either way N. Japan got “hosed” and as the fallout started to flow into China, the wind direction again reversed and it got sucked back toward Japan flowing from East to West over Mid to Northern Japan…
    Imagine what the rest of the released radionuclides looked like! The Gov’t. satellite data will be released sometime and I bet it will be very interesting…

    Here a few links for you:
    Plume-gate: Secret documents prove global cover-up of continued Fukushima radiation pollution
    US Circumvented Laws To Help Japan Accumulate Tons of Plutonium
    Fukushima Meltdown Might Have Come With Earthquake, Not Tsunami
    Radionuclides from the Fukushima accident in the air over Lithuania
    Japan will now have more than enough “NEW” background radiation for the next few generations to deal with…

    • Mr Michael H says:

      I saw on the news after the radiation issue the wind was coming our way; towards my house in Niigata; I even considered sending my kids to school with an umberella to protect them from falling radiation in the rain in the weeks after the quake; but their school doesn`t allow the kids to walk with umbrellas..

      • SleepNoMore says:

        I empathize with you; I would also like to say the main intention of this blog is to realize that the MSM (Mainstream Media) does not have “our” interests first, and that you should not trust anyone’s judgement but your own. If you do not mind telling us, where is Niigata at? I have relatives living in Japan, and thus my concern about Fukushima is personal. I will be doing a post in the near future on what the MSM was telling us (along with NRC) during the Fukushima incident, and what we now know was going on because of a Freedom of Information Act release of NRC documents during that time.

        I have another blog, that has many postings about Fukushima in the media (I as a rule only post here when I have official documentation to back it up)…the other blog, filtered to show Fukushima stories, is at

        Thank you again for your comment.

      • CaptD says:

        Expect to see more of this, from our Leaders:

        Nuclear Power and the Not-So-Divided Japanese Public

        ​BTW: This is a great site for Nuclear info that is well researched.

  2. scott says:

    Thanks for the article. Looking at the data is really confusing. My family and I were in Hawaii March 29-April 29, 2011. I appreciate that you have done such a thorough job of analyzing it the data. What does this mean in terms of potential exposure for my for us?

    • SleepNoMore says:

      As I am not a scientist or expert in radiation I would refer you to fairewinds site (, Arnie Gunderson has provided very good information and also Natural News ( has just committed to focusing most of their gaze on Fukushima, recognizing that it is the #1 problem in the history of the world. Here is a recent story on that site on how rosemary may help against radiation poisoning. I would emphasize to you that you should eat as much unprocessed foods, including organic vegetables as you can; stay away from meat if you can (and fish if it was from the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico). Eat iron-rich foods and foods rich in iodine (Natural New’s has articles on that). You MIGHT be able to connect with Gunderson to see how to go about finding out if you have “hot particles” in your body, might be worth trying…my personal advice again, eat lots of organic produce and vegetables, stay away from meat and fish (if caught in the Pacific or Gulf of Mexico)…the meat is bad everywhere because of numerous things, but any livestock grown in the midwest to west would’ve gotten possible contamination via their feed, if nothing else. Your goal should be to build up your immune system as much as possible. Good luck and please let me know if I can be of any further help.

  3. SleepNoMore says:

    Reblogged this on It Was Only A Dream and commented:

    In light of the continuing interest, I am reblogging this for ease of availability…

  4. My cousin proposed I’d personally like this blog. This individual once was completely proper. The following upload in fact manufactured my personal evening. You cannot contemplate the best way so much time I’d expended for this information and facts! Thank you so much!

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