Inconvenient Truth #81: Questions the MSM doesn’t ask about James Holmes

Textbook MSM, blind, deaf, and dumb

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[Updated 02 Aug 2015] – So we have an outburst from a “deranged” lady claiming that she is the mother of James Holmes, who was taken from her at an early age.  However, if you look into it, you will find a woman named Deborah Cave, who sits on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Coalition of Adoptive Families.  If you look at this official photo of her it shows the same build, same hair style, and let’s not forget she sit’s on the Board of Directors of the Adoption agency, yet her degree’s are in….Hydrology and Geology…plus the fact that one of them is from California…remember who else is from California?  Here is the link to the Board of Directors, listing her name, but not her picture:  I then found the official picture of her from a news clipping here: ….notice the irony of the book title “Sheep in wolve’s clothing”, reversing the normal title of “A Wolf in Sheeps clothing”, how more apt to describe Holmes, a sheep (innocent, harmless) in wolves clothing (i.e., the MK-Ultra’d personality he became).  Finally, Look at the age of the woman in the pubic photo reading to the child…much older than the girl, and the woman looks to be of age to have given birth to James Holmes while she got a 4-year degree in California?  Very strange.  So we have the following “coincidences”

a.  Two women, both named Deborah Cave (very unusual name), both of similar height, hair color and hair length, both in Colorado, both claiming to have been in California at an earlier age.

b.  One Deborah says that she is the real mother of James Holmes, and that he was forcefully taken from her and adopted by the Holmes.  The other Deborah is on the  Board of Directors of the Colorado Coalition of Adoptive Families, an older woman with much younger adoptive children (i.e., maybe a substitution for the earlier loss), who has degrees, not related at all to anything dealing with adoption, and which one of them was earned in California (possibly during the same period when she could have had birth to James)?

That’s a whole bunch of bizzaro world coincidences, if you ask me…

Here’s the video from the courtroom:

[Updated 25 Jul 2015] – The Best Reason to NOT Execute James Holmes: He May Have Been a Victim of Both Medical and Legal Malpractice  (Archived HERE)

[Updated 18 Jun 2015] – Also on day 24 of the trial, James talks about his thought that people were trying to read his mind. Crazy, right, unless you consider the possibility he was a Manchurian Candidate. I suggest you view the post

Inconvenient Truth #51: Human Brain to Brain Interface (The beginning of the end) where scientists have transferred involuntary action to a remote person by thinking of that action.  Next, read my post Inconvenient Truth #11: Secret Army Paper on Microwave Weapons on how the Army was experimenting with Mind Control.  Also, read the article, “The Mind Has No Firewall“, an Army paper written in 1998 about subliminal messaging and mind control.  Finally, read Inconvenient Truth #61: AF patent on Mind Control and realize with certainty that just maybe he isn’t so crazy after all.  Here is the clip:

[Updated 17 Jun 2015] – On day 24 of the trial, the Judge’s appointed psychiatrist discusses what James meant by “Ultraception”, meaning ultra reality brought on, in part, by dilation of pupils.  Dilation of pupils is a trademark of LSD or other mind-altering drugs, a “tool of the trade” of MK-Ultra programming (thus, possibly his naming this concept “Ultraception”.  View it below:

[Updated 06 Jun 2015] – In an exchange of what Holmes thought about the planned shooting at the theater (Day 22 of the trial), he consistently refers to it as “the mission”, a military term.  You can view the clip HERE:

Also, in discussing the earliest time in his life when he thought of killing people, James replies this way:

[Updated 04 Jun 2015] – The Psychiatrist who did the only taped interview with Holmes talks about his dilated pupils in explaining why he would periodically check his pupils and heart rate HERE.  You can actually see him do this HERE.  Please read further down about LSD use by CIA during MK Ultra and pupil dilation.

Also during Day 21 of testimony, the psychiatrist get’s James to talk about seeing FBI agent’s watching him while he was at the shooting range, you can view that discussion HERE.  A hallmark of false flag operations is FBI involvement in the background, steering events.

And during an exchange about the need to verbalize any past trauma he experienced, James says he would if he could remember it (a possible indication of split personality).

[Updated 29 May 2015] – Read the complete famous notebook James supposedly wrote and sent to Lynn Fenton HERE  Also, in watching the testimony of Corbin Dates, (See further down in this post his interview with MSNBC on the day of the shooting), neither the prosecution or the defense brought out the fact that he stated the suspect “had a goatee”.  See the arrest affidavit on Holmes, page 6, for the summary of what Dates said that day.  Of course, Holmes did NOT have a goatee.

[Updated 14 Apr 2015] – WATCH JAMES HOLMES TRIAL LIVE (8:40 MST)

I am attempting to archive the entire trial and it is available HERE

I am attempting to archive any evidence released during the trial HERE

[Updated 14 May 2015] – In day 10 testimony, a fellow student named Jessica Tummiskey testified about Holme’s behaviour in the lab.  I highly recommend watching this testimony (remember, she is a prosecution witness) and then reading the rest of this post, to include the Manchurian Candidate post linked below.  I had previously thought his dilated pupils were only after the shooting (when the cops arrested him at his car, and then in court appearances), but if you believe her, it was way before that.  Again, read this entire post after watching her testimony:

[Updated 05 Aug 2014] – I was reviewing all the documents I have on James Holmes (available here), and came across the Arapaho police booking form, where he was booked for the murders in the theater.  Note that on the 3rd line of the form, under “Hair Color” it is listed as BROWN, not the “Joker” orange color we see in the photo here.  It is listed as the NORMAL color of his hair…so WHEN did the hair color change?

Are these the same guy?

Are these the same guy?

[Updated 22 Feb 2014] – In a move that may well determine the truth about what really happened disappearing forever, James Holmes has been found to be “legally insane”, per this news article, which also points out the following:

“…If jurors eventually decide Holmes was insane, he would be acquitted of the crimes and committed indefinitely to the state hospital…”

In other words, the case never goes to trial, the evidence is never presented, we never hear James Holmes side, and, just like in Wizard of Oz, the little man behind the curtain can stay hidden…

[Updated 19 Jun 2013] – The defense team “are demanding  that the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office turn over a videotape of Holmes while he was under psychiatric care in Denver.” according to this update from the Denver Post.   “…A videotape was made of Holmes’ stay, and Holmes’ attorneys have previously asked for a court order to ensure the tape was not destroyed…”.  Maybe the videotape has something we aren’t supposed to see, like the effect’s of his Manchurian Candidate training?  (Archived story from Post is HERE)

[Updated 04 Jun 2013] – The Judge has accepted a please of Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity, thus blocking a trial where we might actually LEARN something about what happened BEFORE the shooting at the theater.

(see below, [Updated 01 May 2013]
When Dr. Lynne Fenton “...told police in June 2012 that the neuroscience student was a ‘danger’ to the public due to homicidal statements…” according to court testimony reported 04 April 2013, why did the media not question the fact that on 30 Aug 2012 she stated she did NOT tell the police he was a danger?  From the article in the Denver Post, “…asked whether she had ever contacted authorities for reasons required by the state law that mandates psychiatrists report specific threats of violence made by their patients, Fenton said she had not…”?

[Updated 11 Apr 2013]

[Updated 15 Mar 2013] – The judge presiding over the Aurora murders trial has ruled he will allow possible “truth serum” to be administered to James Holmes…we are really entering the Twilight Zone, as if we haven’t been already:

[Updated 13 Mar 2013] – the following picture of James Holmes in court 12 March 2013 reveals that his pupils are dilated  just as they were in early court appearances.  I do not have to tell you that pupil dilation is a sign of psychotropic drugs and/or hallucinogenics  as medical literature will show.   However, no one in the MSM or the Denver Post itself (where this picture is hosted) comment on it at all…

The  arraignment for Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes

The next is a picture taken by the Denver Post, with the original link, of James Holmes “parents”, Robert and Arlene Holmes, on the day the Judge entered a plea of “Not Guilty” for Holmes:

James Holmes, Arlene Holmes

[Updated 17 Jan 2012] – I finally found the complete presentation James Holmes did during his summer internship back in 2006. It is important because he goes into exactly what he was working on, “Temporal Illusions”, which refutes what John Jacobson said about him (see below under the list of questions)

[Updated 10 Jan 2012] – The L.A. Times reports from the hearings that “…Sgt. Matthew Fyles of the Aurora Police Department, the final prosecution witness, presented the photos from the cellphone, including the self-portraits taken July 19 between 4:12 p.m. and 8:27 p.m. The last picture was taken about four hours before the first 911 call came from Theater 9 that someone was shooting. That call lasted 27 seconds and police said they heard 30 shots…” and
“…In addition to the weapons, gas masks and body armor recovered at the scene and when Holmes was arrested, Fyles said police also confiscated several plastic clips, like those used to hold down picnic tablecloths, that had been wrapped in turquoise duct tape. One of those clips was found by police on the blood-stained emergency exit door to Theater 9, holding it ajar.

Later police found a roll of turquoise tape at Holmes’ apartment, which had been booby-trapped, another sign of Holmes’ deliberation, the prosecution alleged…

[Updated 09 Jan 2013] – Just found that they (Colorado courts) have made an additional repository for court-related documents in this case.  They are Here, Here and Here

Additionally, first time testimony that some of the booby traps James Holmes used was reported:  “He also purchased chemicals including improvised napalm, as well as thermite, a substance which burns so hot that water can’t extinguish the blaze.  Holmes’ purchases were for two planned attacks, prosecutors said – the theater shooting and the booby-trapped apartment that would have blown up if anyone had entered…”
[Updated 07 Jan 2013] – In the first day of hearings to decide if the state has enough evidence to proceed to trial, several interesting things were reported by the media:

  • An officer who arrested Holmes stated the following according to Fox News:  “… (officer) Oviatt pointed his gun at him, handcuffed him and searched him. He said he found two knives and a semi-automatic handgun on top of Holmes’ car. An ammunition clip fell out of his pocket and Oviatt found another on the ground. He said Holmes was dripping in sweat and his pupils were wide open … Prosecutors did not indicate why Holmes’ pupils were dilated.  Oviatt said Holmes seemed “very, very relaxed” and didn’t seem to have “normal emotional reactions” to things. “He seemed very detached,” he said.  At one point, Grizzle asked Holmes if anyone had been helping him or working with him. “He just looked at me and smiled … like a smirk,” Grizzle recalled...”  In a Time Magazine report, it is stated “…Oviatt said Holmes was “just standing there” not moving much at all, and seemed unconcerned when officers arrived on the scene. “Not in any hurry. Not excited. Not urgent about anything.…”
  •  (See “Inconvenient Truth #9, The Manchurian Candidate” for a possible reason for Holmes expressions)
  • Also, in the same report from Fox News comes this tidbit:  “Officer Aaron Blue said Holmes was fidgeting around after he and Oviatt put him in a patrol car, prompting them to stop and search Holmes again. They were worried they might have missed something because of Holmes’ bulky outfit In the San Francisco Chronical report of the Hearings first day, it is stated that Holmes “…was clad almost head-to-toe in armor when police caught him after the July 20 rampage, an officer testified…”
    (In my questions the MSM does not ask, if Holmes still had on the outfit, there would’ve been gore all over it as many people were shot point-blank.  Where is the evidence of this suit with the gore?  Also, if he had this armor ON in the patrol car, what is the ballistic equipment strewn on the parking lot outside the car?  And the two gas masks?  see below…)
  • Still referencing the Fox News report, “…Inside the theater, the movie was still playing on the screen. An alarm was going off and moviegoers’ cellphones rang unanswered…” and from the Chicago Tribune “…Police described the macabre scene as the film projection continued while people moaned and cried for help, cell phones rang, and strobe lights from the auditorium’s fire alarm system flashed….” – (View this excellent post on what goes on inside a theater with the emergency doors and protocol, and how none of that was apparently followed at Aurora…I have archived the post because it is so important to understanding a key hole in this story)
  • From the L.A. Times report:  “….Inqui introduced the  theater’s surveillance video, which shows Holmes, dressed in dark pants, a white shirt and a skull cap, scanning his ticket, handing it to a ticket agent and then walking to Theater 9…”  It would be extremely important to see this video, as it may or may not show whether Holmes hair was dyed as the booking photo shows, and also did he have a goatee (as one of the witnesses stated the man who opened the exit door had a goatee – see below)

[Updated 03 Jan 2013] – According to the L.A. Times, “…vast amounts of evidence in the case against James E. Holmes, suspected in the July 20 Aurora movie theater massacre, will be made public next week as a long-awaited preliminary hearing is set to get underway…” – stay tuned…

[Updated 22 Dec 2012] – The Huffington Post has a story about Lucid Dreaming (“Have Neuroscientists build a Dream Control Device?”) in which they show how scientists can train a mouse to run a maze; then when the mouse is sleeping (lucid dreaming), they trigger it remotely to “turn left” or “turn right”…the story goes on to say that “In short, these scientists have discovered a way to track and control dreams.”   Since a “Lucid Dream” is where you are able to function physically while in a dream state, and based upon further evidence listed below, why has the MSM not fully investigated both the Jared Loughner, James Holmes, and Adam Lanza cases to see if this was done to them?

In addition, there is this:  A actual “Lucid Dream” mask that is being marketed as allowing  you to “take control of your dreams”, in essence where you “wake up” inside of your dream and begin interacting within that dream [Make sure you watch the video].  This is exactly what both James Holmes and Jared Loughner talked about, and why it is such a key thing for the MSM to investigate.  If someone could continually place these guy’s into “Lucid Dreams” (or temporal illusions) where they thought they were in a dream, interacting, and then set a “trigger” for them to go into it, how do we NOT know this happened to “trigger” them as a Manchurian Candidate?

[Updated 28 Nov 2012] – MSM is reporting (and slandering) a fellow prisoner of James Holmes account of a conversation he had with him in which he claims he is a Manchurian Candidate.  As we know for a fact he called his therapist from the theater, it appears more like a Manchurian Candidate operation than ever before.  (Read my post “Inconvenient Truth #9, The Manchurian Candidate” on the CIA’s own FOIA documents about this very subject). If this continues in the expected fashion, James will either:

  1. commit “suicide” in jail, thus ending any evidence coming forth.  (this “attempt” has already apparently occurred)
  2. be killed in jail, same result.
  3. be forcibly medicated into a zombie for a year, and in one week be found competent to plead guilty and go into the black hole, same result. (aka Jared Loughner)

However, I do not see any circumstance where he will have a public trial.  And question yourself:  What has happened to his therapist, his family, and friends/colleagues?  Why has NO ONE gotten a single interview of any substance with anyone?  I know of 10 relatives who would spill their guts about me for $1000, so please don’t say no one was asked.

[Updated 09 Oct 2012- The defense filed a motion against the state for producing a new mugshot photo of James Holmes in direct violation of the court’s order to limit pretrial publicity]

[Updated 24 Sept] – In a local story, Jame’s sister Chris Holmes wrote a song several years ago called “Walking on Death Row” which has been linked to James…

[Update 17 Aug] – In the video below, the head of the Neuroscience lab at Salk Institute at the time James Holmes attended during the summer in High School, discusses how “false memories” can be implanted:

[Update 16 Aug] – in the audio of police, at approx 10:15, you can hear the officer say he needs the movie to be shut off in theater #9. (go to bottom of story to video of police audio) This means that the normal automated emergency procedures were either disabled or non-functional (View this excellent post on what goes on inside a theater with the emergency doors and protocol, and how none of that was apparently followed at Aurora…I have archived the post because it is so important to understanding a key hole in this story).  Why has the MSM been silent on this key piece of info that goes directly to how James Holmes was able to prop the emergency door without it alarming?

These are the same guy?

[Update 15 Aug 2012:  If you look at the picture above, you can pretty clearly see the color of James eyes in the right hand side (a larger photo can be seen here).  In a Yahoo News Story, which shows the police booking form for James, it lists his eye color that this picture was taken for as…hazel.  Can anyone see what I see, that his eye color appears hazel in the older pictures, but blue to blue-green in the jumpsuit booking photo?  Also, I have been able to download and archive a document from UC Denver (I don’t believe they wanted it public), that shows all requests for official documents from news organizations.  It shows requests for info about contact between Holmes and others that I have not seen in the news.  Please help me research this and get back with me via comments on anything you find, and I will credit you with the info.  Thanks…the document is HERE.  Also, I have been able to archive the 176-page application of James to University of Illinois, 2011, which you can read here, including internal emails within the University Neuroscience program about James.]

  • On page 66, you see the acceptance letter to James Holmes from University of Illinois and their level of respect for him
  • On page 72, you can see James discuss what he did (among other things) at Salk institute, directly contradicting Jacob Johnson
  • Starting on page 86, you can see the glowing letters of recommendation for James Holmes
  • On page 117, you can see that James was the #1 pick for the program
  • On page 107, you can see they were disappointed that he declined (mentioning how they had spent the money to bring him out)

In the days after the Aurora, Colorado shooting, I have amassed some questions I believe the MSM (Main-stream media) have failed to address.  Although the majority of Americans (and I dare say all people) will automatically accept that he is guilty, we should ALL want the truth.  When there are as many inconsistent and down-right fabrications about the incident as there is here, something is wrong…be skeptical, but always keep an open mind:

  • Why has the mainstream media by and large failed to report that James Holmes was adopted? (Business Insider)

… Holmes was adopted as a child and raised in San Diego, Calif…

  • Why has the MSM not determined why James Holmes car had Tennessee license plates, when he lived in Colorado (and his parent’s lived in California) – see also comments on this post by CATMAN, with a video also stating the same thing
    • This is now proved false.  The search warrant AND my checking on the clear indication it is a Colorado license plate (see HERE and HERE and HERE)

…Sources familiar with the detention of theater shooting suspect James Holmes say his low-key detached demeanor has not changed since he was taken into custody early Friday morning.  According to knowledgeable sources, reports that Holmes was spitting at guards in jail are “simply false.”  One national news organization also reported Tuesday night that Holmes has been put in a headgear to prevent him from spitting at guards.  However, knowledgeable sources tell CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia that is just not true.   The story claiming Holmes was in a protective headgear was reported Tuesday night, despite a report by Ferrugia on Monday that, “contrary to what some media organizations have reported, our sources say in the past 48-hours Holmes has been calm and docile in jail, just like he was in court. There have been no outbursts at all as he is in isolation…

    • Why has the MSM not asked if anyone working at the theater discovered the emergency exit door open in the approximately 30 minutes between when it was supposedly blocked open and the shooting started?
  • Also, how does someone “kick in” an emergency exit door from the outside, when the exit doors only open one way, to the outside?

View this excellent post on what goes on inside a theater with the emergency doors and protocol, and how none of that was apparently followed at Aurora…I have archived the post because it is so important to understanding a key hole in this story

…One witness who saw Holmes launch his deadly attack says he thought he also saw someone open the doors of the movie theatre to let the shooter in.  The witness, who has not been named, told KCNC it appeared that a cinemagoer who left the screening after receiving a telephone call deliberately left the emergency exit open….”

Witness Corbin Dates told MSNBC that the person who got up and went to the exit door had a goatee.  James Holmes did NOT have a goatee…

  • Since the media has labelled the person who went to the exit door as James Holmes, why hasn’t the MSM requested by FOIA the phone records of Holmes which would verify it was his phone, and because of E911 technology, place the phone in the movie theater.  Who was calling James?  What were his movements that night before the shooting (Remember in the Casey Anthony case, before the trial there were records of her movements by her cell phone produced by the media).   Even if they are unsuccessful in getting the records, why no story on the attempt to get them?
    • Since there was enhanced police presence at the theater due to the premiere of the Batman movie, why did the police not notice James Holmes as he suited up at his car?  Did they not patrol around the theater within the 30 or so minutes between the emergency door being opened and the shooting beginning?
  • Why has no one asked if there was a policeman or policemen in the theater during the screening, and thus possibly able to shoot James Holmes?

…Davies said she saw the gunman running though the darkened cinema at the Century 16 theatre, grabbing certain audience members and shouting at them before shooting them.  She told the New York Post:  I see him up there, and I’m hearing him yell at people, and then you just hear the rounds going off: Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!…

The suspect was dressed all in black,” Oates said. “He was wearing a ballistic helmet, a tactical ballistic vest, ballistic leggings, a throat protector and a groin protector and a gas mask, and black tactical gloves.

“…When he was arrested, he was wearing all of his black gear…”

“[CBS Story] – On CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday, Oates said the responding officers almost mistook Holmes for a member of the SWAT team his protective gear was so complete.  There was one particular piece of equipment that he had on him that was out of place, and I am so proud of my officers that they spotted that right away and challenged him,” Oates said. That piece of equipment was a non-regulation gas mask…”

“[Canada Free Press]…Clearly, radio communications from officers at the scene strongly indicate that the responding police officers believed that more than one suspect was involved based on their observations at the scene and in spite of the utterances of the suspect. The possibility that more than one person was involved is later supported by the presence of other, duplicate equipment, including an second gas mask found at the NE corner of the theater complex—approximately 25 parking slots away from the alleged shooter’s vehicle….”

  • Since the Aurora Police radio transmissions state that they had the suspect in custody within 90 seconds of arriving, and he was in full combat gear, including the gas mask, how come a SECOND GAS MASK with blood stains is found down at the end of the building hundreds of feet away?
From Washington Post (Click image to enlarge)

“…On July 20 Oates said police “immediately arrested the suspect at the back of the theater” 90 seconds after the first 911 call was made, which would make it difficult for Holmes to account for all of the items…”

  • Why has the MSM largely ignored the fact that James Holmes NEVER said he was “The Joker” to anyone, not least the police?

“[ABC Affiliate] – …Holmes was apprehended outside his white Hyundai parked in the back of the theater, police said. Three of the weapons were in the car and one was left at the scene inside the theater, said authorities…”

Read more:

  • Since witnesses say James Holmes “picked people up off the floor and shot them” point-blank range, there would be blood all over him.  Why has the MSM not asked if the police saw him drenched in blood and other tissue when they arrested him, as he was still fully dressed in his “tactical clothing”?
  • Why did the police report that James Holmes immediately tell them he had booby-trapped his apartment if he wanted to produce carnage?  And where did he get the technical savvy to so intricately booby-trap the apartment?

…A law enforcement source tells CNN that Holmes’ booby-trapped apartment is so intricately rigged and dangerous that robots may be used to disarm the flammable or explosive materials. A decision about entering the apartment isn’t expected until tomorrow. “There’s so much circuitry and collapsing circuits, it’s a difficult process,” the source told CNN…

(Note: A ‘collapsing circuit’ – in its idea – is a circuit designed to detect a failure in a circuit and act on it. The most basic implementation would be to monitor voltage/amperage levels on the target circuit and react when those levels change (a wire is cut, an element wears out etc.).  Collapsing circuits are used in electronic security devices like alarms (alarm is set off if tampering in the device is detected), and bombs (the load is detonated when, for example, the counter is disconnected).  Typical (generic) usage for such circuits is mainly intrusion detection and failover systems – a collapsing circuit could be used to warn the user of a failure, or to enable a backup system.)  Read more:

  • According to news reports, James Holmes was an “outstanding marksman“, however no one seems to be seeking out how he received this training?

…Law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation say the gunman in a massacre on Friday in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater must have had a substantial amount of target practice before the shootings.  They based their assessment on what they call the gunman’s “unusually high” hit rate during the attack in the theater. Twelve people were killed, and 58 were injured…

“…[CBS Story] Here’s an individual who we see kind of lolling in court but who went into that theater, actually shooting and hitting with bullets more than 52 people of the 70 injured,” said Miller on “CBS This Morning.” “Here’s a guy who went in with what we think was about 100 rounds; that gives him a 50 percent hit ratio.  From law enforcement, when you go on the range and you’re shooting at a paper target – it is standing still and waits for you – that’s a 90 to 94 percent hit ratio in a lot of places. In combat shooting in the street, police officers often hit in ranges of 21 to 25 percent of their targets…”

  • As one of the big stories in the first days concerning James Holmes was the “bizarre” messages he left on the answering machine at Lead Valley Range shooting club, how come the MSM has not questioned Lead Valley Range owner Glenn Rotkovich on why he accepted an application purported to be by James Holmes that had a TYPED signature, instead of a WRITTEN signature, and how would he know this was filled out by James Holmes if there was no written signature? (This form was originally D/L by me and linked from Fox News).  According to this radio interview with Glenn Rotkovich, he admit’s he never met with James Holmes and admits the voice messages could’ve been a prank committed by someone other than James, why did the MSM not interview this man in-depth as to why he did not indicate this could be a bogus form since it did not have a written signature?

My note:  In the radio interview, Rotkovich says he first put two and two together after the shootings when one of his employee’s called him and said wasn’t the guy who filled out the app a month ago named James Holmes, and Rotkovich immediately remembered the name.  Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t know how they would have remembered this since James Holmes never contacted Rotkovich after the initial application on 25 Jun 2012…who is this employee who reminded him of James Holmes and why hasn’t the MSM sought to interview that person?

…The alleged package had been in the mailroom since July12 and is now in the possession of the FBI, according to Fox…

..prosecutors say media accounts suggesting police are examining the contents of the package are inaccurate. “The contents were secured and not examined, and [are being] held for potential in camera review,” the state’s brief says. The reference to “in camera review” means review by the trial judge in a non-public setting… (from the reply of the Prosecution to defense motion about disclosure

“…Larry Klayman, legal counsel to Jeffrey and Jacqueline Maes and their family, said he was informed by Doug Bechtel, an assistant to Douglas County District Attorney Carol Chambers, that their office was seriously considering downgrading a second degree felony charge leveled against CIA agent Raymond Davis.  According to Klayman, it now appears the CIA has unlawfully intervened and pressured DA Chambers to downgrade the felony charges, despite the serious bodily injuries to Jeff Maes…”

  • Why have the MSM not investigated WHO said James Holmes told the police about the notebook, since the prosecution now admits that the story is false? (View item #7 in the people’s motion reply)

However, in James Holmes application to University of Illinois’ Neuroscience program in 2010, he states:

“…Programmed a flicker fusion utility, which notes differences in contrast between monitors….My first summer internship,at theSalk Institute of Biological Studies, was done while I was still in high school. Working in Terrence Sejnowsky’s computational neurobiology lab, I had little experience incomputer programming and the work was challenging to say the least. Nonetheless, I taught myself how to program in Flash and then constructed a cross-temporal calibration model. The purpose of this model was to show an illusion between cause and effect relationships. In this illusion, the mind is actually tricked into believing an action precedes the event that caused it. Completing the project and presenting my model at the end of the internship was exhilarating…”

18_250x358– This Terry Sejnowsky is a renowned Neuroscience researcher who attended and spoke at a “Waking up to Sleep” symposium the same year Holmes attended his Neuroscience lab, in which he discusses how disrupting the natural sleep cycle of people, including “volunteer human’s kept in caves” could alter their perceptions of time.

n the video below, the head of the Neuroscience lab at Salk Institute at the time James Holmes attended during the summer in High School, discusses how “false memories” can be implanted:

In an Aug 10 2012 news article, it says that Holmes applied to University of Illinois’ Neuroscience program and that “…Holmes’ GRE quantitative score was 800 (94th percentile), his verbal score was 710 (98th percentile), and he had an analytical writing score of 4 (45th percentile), according to his UI application. His GPA was 3.94 out of 4.00, according to the application. Holmes also submitted three letters of reference; the UI redacted the names of those who recommended him for the program. References describe Holmes as an intelligent and driven student, “among the top 1 percent of honors students…”

  • Why does David Eagleman, who currently runs the Initiative on Neuroscience and the Law at Baylor University, said a widely circulated video of Holmes making a presentation at the institute was misleading. Eagleman said the words were prepared by his advisers.   “He was just given the presentation to read,” Eagleman told USA Today. “He wasn’t any sort of superscientist when he was 18.”

However, David Eagleman has written, and is considered an expert, on Temporal Illusions, and was the co-author with John Jacobson (see previous question) on the very thing that James Holmes referred to in the high school summer video of Salk Institute?

  • Why has the MSM not questioned either John Jacobson or David Eagleman about the discrepancies their recall of John Holmes has versus every other story declaring his intelligence and superior intellect?
  • Why hasn’t anyone in the MSM investigated “Temporal Illusions” and it’s connection’s to this tragedy, especially in light of the fact that both John Jacobson and David Eagleman are experts in that field?
  • Why, unlike the Casey Anthony trial, has the MSM not pursued parent’s, relatives, and friends of James Holmes for interviews?
  • Why has the MSM not attempted to id the young man or woman leaving James’ parents house, since the person looks a lot like James (and how could that be, since James was adopted?)

James (L), and his mini-me, (R), leaving James Parent’s house

  • Why has no one in the MSM mentioned the syllabus of James Holmes Spring 2012 semester at Colorado University, showing 24 lectures by 11 PhD and 12 MD’s, with 10 of those being about the mind or substance abuse, as this shows his level of academic research?

“…In the hours after the July 20 shooting, school officials hid the neuroscience program’s web pages behind a campus firewall and urged students, faculty and staff to refer reporters to the school press office… [The Australian]”

…The Colorado Medical Board of Examiners faulted Dr. Lynne Fenton for incomplete record keeping after prescribing Vicodin, Xanax, Lorazepam and Ambien in the late 1990s, the station said…

  • Why was John Banzhaf, a law professor at George Washington University quoted in The Australian, referring to the Colorado campus not being transparent regarding James Holmes:”…I think the school’s on lockdown because there’s so much that’s potentially embarrassing to it,” Banzhaf said.  Having things disappear from websites and putting internal gag orders on shows there might be other things they don’t want coming out…” but no MSM in the United States is looking into this very possibility?

“…A court document filed last week by attorneys for accused mass murder James Holmes – revealing he was a patient of a University of Colorado psychiatrist specializing in schizophrenia – has been altered online with that key information blacked out.  In the original version of the document posted Friday, public defenders said the 24-year-old Holmes “was a psychiatric patient of Dr. Fenton and his communications with her are protected.”  However, the Colorado state court posted a new version online Tuesday, with the section describing Holmes’ relationship to Fenton blacked out…

  • Why has the MSM not investigated the shipment of weapons and bomb-making materials to the University of Colorado that James Holmes alledgedly used in both the shootings and booby-trapping his apartment [The Australian]

…Authorities say that several months ago Holmes began receiving shipments at both the university and his nearby apartment.  The shipments allegedly included ammunition, combat gear and materials he used to booby-trap his apartment with bombs…

“…[CBS Story] – Over four months, authorities said, Holmes received packages at his Aurora apartment and the University of Colorado medical school, where he was studying neuroscience. The federal law enforcement source told CBS News that authorities interviewed a UPS driver who said he delivered about 90 packages to Holmes at the school’s Anschutz Medical Campus in the last few months…”

  • Since we know that Dr Lynn Fenton was on the Campus threat-assessment team at James Holmes university, why has the MSM not found out if James Holmes has any type of screening by that team prior to the shootings?

…A former University of Colorado graduate student accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in a shooting rampage at a Denver-area movie theater last week had been under the care of a psychiatrist who was part of a campus threat-assessment team…Fenton is … a member of the campus-based ”behavioral assessment and threat assessment team,” which helps faculty and staff deal with ”individuals who may be threatening, disruptive or otherwise problematic,” according to that group’s website.
(Note:  On 02 Aug 2012, ABC ran a story, with unknown sources, that the psychiatrist did in fact notify the threat assessment team in June, but that no further action was taken, and no notifications to Police or anyone else was made.  Since this is over a month before the shootings, why didn’t they notify police?)

  • Why has the MSM not reported the story that a disaster exercise, utilizing a shooter in a movie theater, was taking place on the same day as the shooting, in Parker, Colorado (outside of Denver).  note:  This is normal for a “black ops” event, the same thing happening during 9/11 and the London tube bombings.

So, where does all this lead?  More and more, these type of incidents and related ones (like the Ohio Bridge Bombers), COULD be  used as justification of the use of military within our borders to defeat “terrorist” type activities.  Think that’s just a pipe dream?  In classified testimony to Congress last month, the director of the Defense Department’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization said the use of such ordnance in Texas and the United States is growing. [UPI story]

“…Citing James Holmes’ apartment and use of home-made bombs, Army Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero told Congress that the threat “from both homegrown terrorists and global threat networks is real and presents a significant security challenge for the United States and our international partnersFurthermore, USNORTHCOM and Leon Panetta, US Secretary of Defense, has readily admitted that US armed forces will collaborate with local law enforcement “if called upon.”

To see what really may be happening, read my latest post, “Incovenient Truth #38:  The Army DOES teach full spectrum operation on U.S. soil“, and see how a potential false flag op could be used to bring in a military-style takeover.

Finally, watch this outstanding documentary on James Holmes:

Disclose.tvThe James Holmes Conspiracy (2012 Full Documentary)

Note:  I will update this post as new information becomes available.  PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS SO THE FRAUDULENT MSM CAN BE EXPOSED…

Also, read “Inconvenient Truth #9: Project Artichoke (The Manchurian Candidate)“, on similarities to the James Holmes

Website of Colorado Court System with all documents relating to James Holmes case.  Unfortunately my past experience has show documents can “disappear” so I will try and archive them HEREHERE and HERE.  I welcome any documents others come up with.



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81 Responses to Inconvenient Truth #81: Questions the MSM doesn’t ask about James Holmes

  1. akathesob says:

    Great article!

    • kory says:

      the one thing i dont get about the whole thing is why did they say he got all the guns with state money when his dad is rich thats something i just dont get how can he get financial aid ?

  2. flggy says:

    And what about one of James Holmes’ professors that was too scared to open the door and had his wife answer it, when a CNN reporter went to his house to ask about Holmes? Here is the transcript, the reporter is named, Griffin, and it’s about half way down the page:

  3. gabzgrl says:

    You’ve pretty much covered the inconsistencies to a T. I would rather believe this wasn’t some inside job, but the flip side is…what would you do if it was? How would you hold those corruptors accountable? There would be no way to sort it out, but they say “follow the money”. atm it’s kinda dangerous to be labeled schizophrenic. It seems that the schizophrenics share one thing in common, an inquisitive nature and a big heart who have endured a lot of suffering. I don’t know many who are outwardly violent or who want to be. Anyone who becomes deluded by an idea or ideal can essentially be schizophrenic. Maybe those who work behind the scenes are somewhat deluded as well.

  4. Cat Man says:

    One question you left out. The white car in the back of the theater had Tennessee license plates, according to media accounts. If he’s from California and living in Colorado what the heck are those plates doing on that car? And who’s car is it? Why haven’t the plates been run through the system so we know who owns that car? Was it the car of the person who helped him? The person who walked out of the theater? Otherwise, your piece is brilliant. My theory about the MSM is that the big ones, ABC,CBS, NBC, FOX, the cable news outlets, etc.,are manned and run by the CIA and FBI. Remember, Anderson Cooper was in the CIA before his gigs at CNN.

    • SleepNoMore says:

      Where can I get a new’s link that shows that? I will definitely add it to the post and thanks…I am witholding judgement right now, but my previous research shows this is not what it seems, and the MSM is decidedly not looking into things. In the Casey Anthony case, it didn’t matter one iota if the family wanted privacy, they camped out on their lawn…why isn’t the same thing being done in this case? Any way, if you can help me out with a good link, I will add it to the post, and again, thanks…

    • The plates were run through the system, and the address corresponding to that license plate was NOT the address of James Holmes’ residence. But, as you said, why hasn’t anyone in the MSM talked about this, done some research, etc.

      “Also at this time, data is returned on the Colorado license plate reportedly affixed to the vehicle used by suspect Holmes. The address provided to the officers on site did not match the address known to be that of suspect Holmes.”

      And Anderson used to be in the CIA?! Nooooo! No wonder he’s not “keepin’ them real” in this case.

  5. Cat Man says:

    Here’s a video with the reporter saying that the Tennessee plates hadn’t been confirmed but that information was provided by police on the scene:

  6. Your blog will be cited in the up-coming article!

  7. chris p says:

    Great post, I’m gonna spread this around. This guy over here is doing a lot of research, good info on the comments of the Aurora articles.

    I’ve been banging out these youtube videos on a regular basis.

  8. AuroraLies says:

    The information collected here needs to be heard. The lies and the cover-up cannot remain buried. The message must become social in order to gain momentum. Please help the message become social by using the hashtag #AuroraCoverUp and retweeting tweets. Spread the word on facebook. Be heard.

  9. No MSM source has yet described a possible scenario to account for the single blood trail leading “toward” the theater exit…

    • SleepNoMore says:

      You are right. The only reason I did not include it is that it was just a hair borderline speculative (in my view). But, it is readily apparent by looking at pictures of the sidewalk that the blood splatters indicate a person was probably walking towards the exit. Thanks for this excellent point.

  10. chris says:

    Hey check out this channel, very nice resource for research

  11. chris says:

    Here’s another good one

  12. Winston says:

    An excellent set of questions. Our MSM no longer takes the time, effort or money to properly investigate anything. They produce little more than superficial, sensationalist garbage. For instance, here’s a probable post-9/11 anniversary attack that was never covered in the MSM. On the day of the event, I noticed the dates and times that were too close to be a coincidence and investigated it further:

    Channel Tunnel Fire – 11 September 2008

    The full investigation report (translated from French):

    Click to access 101122_ReportET2010_eurotunnel_eng.pdf

    “The drivers did not notice anything particular until about 15:54 hrs. At that time, they
    hear an audible alarm and notice flames through the window in the rear passenger access door
    of the amenity coach. They also hear several noises that sound like explosions.”

    Note that the 15:54 CEST time in the report is 09:54 EDT 9/11/08. The first WTC tower collapse occurred at 09:59 EDT 9/11/01.

    In the conclusion of the extensive investigation:

    “The initial cause of the fire is not yet precisely known, but it can be assumed that a
    road vehicle caught fire and that the fire spread”


  13. Winston says:

    The CATMAN link to something about the Tennessee plates is dead.

  14. Winston says:

    More questions:

    23 July 2012 – An acquaintance of the Colorado ‘Dark Knight’ gunman has been questioned by police over a phone threat to have the shooter released from jail.

    Yeom Pyo Lee was sought by officials after police received a message from his telephone threatening violence if James Holmes was not released from police custody.

    Lee, who is believed to be a student on the PhD course at the University of Colorado, Denver from which Holmes recently dropped out, was released without charge after questioning.

    He came to the attention of the police when ‘someone called from [his] phone and threatened violence if Holmes is not released’, according to KDVR reporter Justin Joseph.

    It is not known whether or not Lee was responsible for the communication.

    Question: If it came from Yeom Pyo Lee’s phone but wasn’t Yeom Pyo Lee, who was the “someone who called” and why did they call? If it was Yeom Pyo Lee, why did he make that threat?

    He Just Moved In There – James Holmes Apartment Manager

    Question: Where had he lived before? At a location inconveniently remote from the crime scene? From the firearms and other purchases, he’d been planning this for at least two months.

  15. Winston says:

    Holmes has shown up as a recent but pre-incident member on two dating sites, and Adult Friend Finder (AFF). AFF said the IP address was assigned to Holmes which proves absolutely nothing as those who are tech savvy know and he was on a pay plan, not a free membership but my Google search has turned up AFF membership hacks that may or may not still work. Strangely, though, his DOB listed was a few days off on and his height listed as 5’11”. His height was listed as 6′ on AFF. The FBI says he’s 6’3″. What is even more interesting is the heading on his pages on both of those sites – “Will you visit me in prison?”

    But the question is, how or why did he make those errors in his height and birthdate? And if he wasn’t the one who started those sites, who did? Or did someone mess with them after he’d created them? If so, why?

    • shempenny says:

      What’s also strange is there was a guy, Jackie Mitchell, who said he had a couple beers with James Holmes, who had brown hair two days before the shooting. I think Mr. Mitchell is referring to James Holmes’ CU school photo when he mentions the “mugshot.” Do we know when that Adult Finder profile was created, because the photos show the red/orange hair? I still don’t think that’s the real James Holmes… just sayin’. Note: I don’t watch that show on HLN. I found the video on YouTube and then went to the source.

  16. SleepNoMore says:

    For what it’s worth, I have the uploaded official booking report from the Aurora Police, which lists his height as 5’11”. If someone can find anything of reportable interest from this, please let the rest of us know. The document is at

    Thanks Winston for the info.

  17. D.D.COVERS says:

    Cant decide whether or not I see an Adam’s apple on the person seen leaving the home… he does have a younger sister with short hair

  18. Valerie says:

    Great job! I’ve been hunting for days about this case and find it all fascinating. Another question… it was reported that James Holmes loves Batman. If this is true, wouldn’t he have watched the movie first!?!

  19. shempenny says:

    Thank you for putting all of this together (along with your helpers). I’ve dedicated nearly every spare second of my life to following the developments of this situation since 5:45am on July 20th. You’ve done the best job of putting everything together in one place. I live/work in Highlands Ranch/Greenwood Village, CO. This occurred blocks from where many of my friends and coworkers live. I listened to eye witness testimonies as early as 7am that morning and the way they described the scene and how events unfolded have not been reported with the same details by the MSM. I’ve posted your blog on my FB page and Twitter feed. We’re going to put these pieces together and figure this out. Thanks again!

    • SleepNoMore says:

      You are welcome. I am thinking about putting together a “hypothetical” scenario of what might have happened here; it would not be any more fiction than whats been reported so far!

      • shempenny says:

        Yeah, do… here’s my theory, which I’ve been posting all over YouTube: Based on eye witnesses and police radio (both on YouTube), a tall, larger man in the theater (in black, wearing a mask, front row) received a call, went to the emergency exit back door and directed someone behind Theater 9. He propped the door and sat back down, which the MSM never questions. The person who was being directed parked a white car (TN plates) behind the theater exit door. He had James Holmes with him, who was drugged and left near the car. The guy who parked the car came through the exit door and along with the guy in the front row they shot the place up and fled. They left James Holmes (or whoever that is) behind to talk the fall. The bad guys are still out there! I’m limited with characters on YouTube, so I’m not really incorporating events leading up to that night, but given all the information gathered to date, I think that could be done as well.

    • I have something to tell you, Shempenny, I can verify something about his mentor-and the doctor working with James. I have first-person experience with associates of theirs. I need help getting this information out there.

  20. SleepNoMore says:

    Thanks to everyone for staying awake and staying on top of this…

  21. shempenny says:

    Something else for everyone to help me look into… there was an outspoken girl named Allison Michelle Ernst (spelling not confirmed) who attended a recent hearing. She wasn’t able to share the information she wanted to and has now disappeared from MSM. Here’s a link with a video and article that mentioned her.

  22. Jaime says:

    I think that “boy” that you mentioned above that looks like James.. is actually a girl. It’s probably his sister. I might be wrong but looks like a girl to me.

    • SleepNoMore says:

      Hmmm…didn’t consider that it was a girl…can anyone verify if his sister is his natural sister that must’ve been adopted, too?

      • Dianne says:

        Allison Michelle Ernst is in her 30s, James sister is still a minor I think and is 15 years old. I haven’t found any verification that says James is adopted. This article says it came from one of the victim’s father who heard it from one of the cops. Now lets remember so far the cops saying James said “he was the joker” was false and the guards saying he was spitting at them has now come up as false. So let’s try not to spread things around as facts so soon. How would the cop know? would they have access to those type of records? the family isn’t talking so they didn’t hear it from them. Also consider the father is understandably upset so he could just be saying he’s adopted because he’s upset and wants more anger aimed at James. I don’t think he is adopted- his father and mother are very smart so that would explain why he is/was.

      • SleepNoMore says:

        As with everything in this post, the reason this case is very disturbing is that basic facts are not being sought by the media. The story about Holmes being adopted COULD or MAY NOT be true, but, as anyone who can google James Holmes under advanced search for last week or even 24 hours will see, very little investigative reporting is going on. Until we get answers, the question(s) remain valid. It is also pure speculation to think that the father would say he was adopted out of embarassment…

  23. Jesus says:

    More questions.
    Why is their a a riot shield laying down next to the corner around the theater exit?

    Why is there a medical backboard under his car?

    Why is their riot gear on the ground when he was taken in custody with the riot gear on? When it was stripped off of him he was painted red & wearing all red underneath?

    Why does the assault rifle have a 30 round magazine when it was reported a 90 round drum?

    Why 2 gas masks?

    Why blood trail leading towards the exit?

    Why not one single CCTV video of him entering the theater after purchasing a ticket? Or did he get his ticket on fandango?

    Usually on a premeire you cannot find a good parking spot and you don’t know which cinema the movie will be shown in.

    How did he know to park so close to the one he went to?

    • shempenny says:

      Great additional observations and questions! With the car situation, I believe Guy 1 who was sitting in the front row, who received a call and went to the back door (per an eye witness), directed Guy 2 where to park. Guy 1 put something in the door to prop it for Guy 2. Guy 1 and 2 shot the place and fled with James Holmes left in the car drugged and framed.

  24. Jesus says:

    James has no online presence before 7-20-12.
    Not a single facebook page or linked in social networking looking for work or interests.

    The only online presence James Holmes has is a classmates account which was created on 7-20-12

    • SleepNoMore says:

      In a very recent NYT article, a “female” classmate is mentioned whom James Holmes attempted to ask out. She also said he confessed to her having a type of Bi-polar disorder. Of course, her name is anonymous. I happen to know the two female classmates and have facebook friend requested each. Let’s hope they will accept out of their conscience and maybe we can get some answers…

  25. Sue says:

    Get a clue – why do people keep saying the exit door was KICKED in from the outside? He went in the right way with a ticket and he went out the exit and propped it open. Why is this so difficult for you morons to get? The pictures above are the same guy – James Holmes is a cold blooded methodical KILLER and insane at that.

    • SleepNoMore says:

      Before you say “people keep saying”, please read the entire post as it is fully referenced…free your mind and the rest will follow…

    • shempenny says:

      We’re not saying anyone kicked the door in (those doors open out, so the MSM is technically wrong when they say that happened). Eye witnesses saw a man who, yes, likely bought a ticket, sat in the front row, received a call, went to the back alley door, and propped it open. He or a second person came through that door (after likely parking the white car behind the theater) and did what they did. Maybe James Holmes was one of those people, but maybe not. He might have been left behind in the car the entire time. I live 15-20 minutes from Aurora and the first reports and interviews I heard that morning came from some Gateway HS students who were in the theater. One student clearly said “the shooters” several times. When the interviewer said, “Just so you know, you keep saying shooters, but it’s our understanding only one person has been detained. Are you suggesting they should be looking for a second person?” The student said, “Oh, well, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble and I know the police are doing a great job, but if you ask me, there was more than one shooter in that theater.” I can’t “unhear” that eye witness account. Other reports have stated that gas cans came from two sides of the theater. So, with all of this, we (on this site) are trying to figure out what really happened here and we’re looking at every clue that can be found. The families of the victims deserve to know the truth.

  26. xoff says:

    You’ve done very good work. I’m glad I read this.

    My observations of the picture you have captioned “James Holmes and his mini-me.” Mini-me is actually the person playing the role of the “in custody” orange-haired James Holmes.

    James Holmes (on the left) has dark eyes, either hazel or brown. He is lanky, willowy and perhaps tall though it’s hard to tell from a pic. Mini-me (right) has light eyes, either blue or gray-green. He is stocky and shorter. Notice how he’s deliberately shielding his face from the press. He doesn’t want to be recognized.

    If James Holmes was adopted and has a sister. Perhaps the sister is a biological (not adopted) child of Mr. and Mrs. Holmes. Perhaps the Holmes’s have other biological children we don’t know about..

    Look at “mini-me” and imagine him with dyed orange permed hair. They’re close enough to be brothers or, even better, perhaps “mini-me” is the one playing the role of the orange-haired James Holmes.

    How do we know James Holmes is sitting in “isolation” in jail cell? We don’t cause these people (police and media) are proven liars.

    All ‘mini-me’ would have to do is get in costume (prison jumpsuit and wig) and make a few court appearances looking dazed and confused till the media disappears the whole thing down a rabbit hole,just like Tuscon shooter Jered Loughner.

  27. Pamela says:

    I know who had a motive and I believe Holmes was his Scapegoat.. All my information was sent to the Defense attorneys of Holmes.. and FBI as requested by them… political statement and assassinations made to look like …..

  28. manny says:

    So any new information yet?

  29. This page certainly has all the info I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask. |

  30. I love it when people get together and share thoughts. Great blog, stick with it!|

  31. shempenny says:

    Here’s a video that shows Colorado plates (119-RDC) on the white car behind the theater.

  32. Vera Blake says:

    I think you’ll find my post interesting on a lot of what you’ve brought up:

    Did James Holmes Have Help? An In-Depth Look at the Accomplice Theory


  33. SleepNoMore says:

    Reblogged this on It Was Only A Dream and commented:

    Updated 13 March 2013 with photo of Holmes and dilated pupils, and photo of his “parents” in courtroom.

  34. Pingback: Sandy Hook: The Connecticut Shooting | It Was Only A Dream

  35. Parley says:

    Is it possible that the differences between Holmes and his mini-me are merely styling differences meant to convey an opposite image. Holmes in button downs or t-shirts, now in a V neck, shave the hair, gain 25 pounds due to the stress of having to live through an op…..

  36. chavez moran says:

    Hi there! This blog post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept talking about this. I am going to forward this post to him. Fairly certain he’ll
    have a very good read. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Petra says:

    Fantastic article, thanks for summing it up!

  38. Update your facts says:

    James was not adopted. The plates were Colorado, not Tennessee.

  39. I am curious to find out what blog system you happen to become utilizing? I am experiencing some minor security issues with my latest website and I would prefer to find some thing more risk-free. Do you have any solutions?

    • SleepNoMore says:

      I use and paid like $7.00 a year for the website name. I have never had any issues with security, and it has been up a couple years now? Hope that helps. I also use google docs storage for all my archived documents and again, granular security permissions so it works good (other than the NSA scandal and Google’s culpability in it)…

  40. asleep says:

    First of all I would like to say wonderful blog!
    I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you do not mind.
    I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your mind before writing.
    I have had a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting
    my ideas out there. I do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15
    minutes are usually wasted just trying to figure out how to begin.
    Any recommendations or hints? Appreciate it!

    • SleepNoMore says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I have been doing this for a while now, but even so, most of the time either:
      a. It just flows out (not often)
      b. I write a “draft”, and as I keep viewing it, I will modify the sequence of the draft to have it make sense. You don’t have to publish in wordpress until you are ready, but still can preview the draft.
      c. If it is a long post (like the one about James Holmes), I will publish a post to establish the subject, and then as I find relevant updates, I just do that…

      I am not a professional writer, this is a hobby. So, my advice is if you want to write, just write! Use the draft mode in your blog and as you refine the post then preview, then post it.

      Finally, if you want you can post to me as a comment what you have written, and I will be happy to give you any feedback I can…I wont post your comment…good luck…

  41. morris says:

    The mini me james holmes is chris holmes, his sister

  42. flyingtigercomics says:

    Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics.

  43. dde684 says:

    Question; How is it possible for an AR-15 bullet/bullets(shot from theater #9) able to penetrate, pass thru and exit(striking patrons in theater #8 Mckayla Hicks in the jaw) the common dense soundproof wall separating Cinema 16 theater #9 and theater#8? The AR-15 utilizes a .223 caliber bullet. Movie theater viewing auditoriums are scientifically designed and require a 65db stc class sound wall separating viewing auditoriums. This separation wall can-not be penetrated because it requires dense mass usually 12″ concrete block(Cinema 16 remodeling blueprints show 12” concrete block) with all block cells filled with sand. The AR-15.223 bullet is too light a caliber and is frangible how could it breach this wall? Why is it James Holmes Attorneys have not introduced the above mentioned scientific fact into Holmes defense?
    Fact…Cinema 16 theater #8 witnesses state hearing loud gunshots in Theater #8 that were louder than the gunfire emanating from the Batman Movie. Witness states hearing loud offensive banging on the soundproof separation wall that sounded like the wall was being struck with an aluminum baseball bat. Theater#8 eyewitness teacher Steve Ostergarrd gives testimony of loud gunshots, muzzle flashes and smoke grenades in Theater#8 and his student shot in the arm.
    Theater#9 eyewitnesses state seeing grenades being tossed from two directions into the Auditorium.
    Prosecution theorizes the loud gunshots were coming from Theater#9 and alleges Mr. Holmes is the shooter negating all Theater#8 eyewitness testimony.
    Fact…The common wall separating Theater#9 from Theater#8 is a soundproof wall. Sound waves from gunshots if heard at all by the Witnesses in Theater#8 would be muffled not louder than gunfire sounds from the Batman Movie. The loud gunshots heard by the Theater#8 Witnesses had to have come from within the confines of Theater#8.
    Fact…Cinema16 Multiplex Theater is DHX certified; this DHX sound certification requires the Multiplex Theater to have dense sound walls separating Viewing Auditoriums.
    Prosecution presents no Facts and theorizes.223 bullets breached the soundproof wall striking movie viewers in Theater#8.
    Conclusion… Mr. Holmes did not shoot any patrons viewing the Batman Movie in Theater#8.
    The attacks on Theater#9 and Theater#8 were separate, isolated, concurrent, and coordinated.
    One or more Shooters in Theater#9…One or more Shooters Theater#8

    • dde684 says:

      Further to the above Post. This crime is the largest shooting and act of domestic terrorism since 9/11 why is it not being tried in Federal Court under the Violent Crimes Act?

  44. silver says:

    While doing research on Deborah Cave, I stumbled on your blog. This is the most comprehensive and inclusive research that I have seen on James Holmes… outside of Jim Stone’s site…and he only analyzed the ‘false’ crime scene. It’s interesting that a biological mother has appeared with such an impressive education and profession. Is she an actor? This was my first time to see the picture of the “mini-me” and it was shocking to me. The resemblance i.e. facial features are very similar with no distinctive gender. Now that there is a ‘biological mother’…how does one explain the similarities between James and the ‘mini-me’ since James has no genetic relationship with the ‘mini-me?’ Astounding…keep up the great work…I’m going to keep checking in. Thanks…

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