Inconvenient Truth #83: The OCA Report on Adam Lanza, AKA AL

The Office of Child Advocacy for the state of Connecticut published their findings on Adam Lanza’s life in a report titled “Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School”, which you can view here.

Throughout the report, Adam is referred to as “AL”, even when they mention his brother in the same sentence as “Ryan”.  This seems to me to be an attempt to go out of the way to dehumanize Adam, and I can see no reason for it.  However, on with my observations:

On p. 24 we read the first hint of Nancy Lanza’s mental issues: “…As early as 1997, there was indication in Mrs. Lanza’s medical records that she felt the marriage  was having trouble...”

[p. 25] – Between ages 8 and 9 “….He participated in school activities, performed in a school play, and attended boy scouts. He played baseball at least two seasons, though he later indicated that he did not like doing thisIn elementary school, AL was described as being creative, developing strategy games involving maps and characters that he would sometimes play with his father…”

[p.26] – “…In first grade, AL was reported to be reading at grade level and he was determined to be “[a]bove grade level” in math….”

[p. 27] – “…AL was described in school records as “respectful” and having appropriate behavior….early in second grade…Adults continued to describe AL as “conscientious, quiet, but more talkative since he was grouped with another second grade student.” He was described as attentive to detail. Teachers reported that sensory processing was improving and that he was no longer distracted by tactile input. An interim report in October described him as an “excellent student and a thoughtful friend to peers” with “wonderful thoughts and ideas to share….”  “…By third grade, AL made a “concerted effort to volunteer answers,” but would not ask many questions. His work was “neat and thoughtful” and he was a “good citizen.” He would follow rules, help others, and accept responsibilityA brief description in his educational record states that he was performing at age-appropriate levels of academic and social skills. He had met his goal (Level 4) on the Connecticut Mastery Test in Reading, Mathematics, and Writing…

[p. 28] – Even though Nancy writes a letter to the school stating “…a certain level of strictness seems to bring on anxiety and depression….”, indicating she wished to micro-manage the way the school taught her son, “…there is little in his educational record that echoes or responds to Mrs. Lanza’s observations…”

[p. 29] – “…Grade 5 found that AL…exhibited good effort, made independent application of grade-level concepts and skills, and showed great insight into the motivation of characters in stories he read, as well as solving mathematics problems. He was described as well-liked by his peers and showing appropriate classroom behavior...”

I want you to notice the underlined part in the next quote:  “..he generated and may have submitted, along with another boy in his class who was listed on the “Book” as AL’s co-author, an extremely disturbing project in fifth grade called “The Big Book of Granny.” The book was spiral-bound with a purple cover, indicating that an adult may have helped him “professionalize” this work. This was a very dramatic text, filled with images and narrative relating child murder, cannibalism, and taxidermy….According to the present-day statement of the co-author (an individual who as an adult was diagnosed with mental illness and is purportedly living in a residential setting),  the book was created following a class assignment to create a comic book-style creative writing project. The co-author claims that the book was bound in school and submitted for a gradeThere is no clear indication in the educational records that school staff carefully reviewed or were otherwise explicitly aware of the contents. There is no mention in the school record of any staff response to receiving this book or admonishing AL regarding its sale…”

This book was characterized by the State Police report as indicating Adam’s dementia or violent thought; however was his mother actually involved in the process (at least to the point of reviewing it and “professionalizing” it before he turned it in) and if so, was she somehow aiding and abetting this type of behaviour?  I will out rightly state I believe when you take the remainder of the evidence I will present from this report, along with my post “Inconvenient Truth #60:  The Sandy Hook Police Report“, it  makes a very strong case that Adam was possibly raised as a Manchurian Candidate and suffered severe mental, and possibly physical / sexual abuse characteristic of programming by MK-Ultra.  Note that on p. 29, the mother of the co-author of the report “described AL as “normal and polite.”

If you read the excerpts from the Big Book of Granny, note the style of writing and the age-level.  This book was not solely written by a 5th grader, and had to have been “professionalized” by an adult…so how do we know NANCY LANZA didn’t write this from start to finish?  If you want to compare to what a normal 5th graders writing style is like, view this report (go to page 26).  As we continue in this report, I want you to note her continual delusions and misrepresentations, and how she continually isolates Adam.  ALSO VERY IMPORTANT YOU WILL SEE THAT A KEY COMPONENT OF MK-ULTRA IS DISCOVERED IN THIS REPORT CONCERNING THE PSYCHIATRIST…

[p 29] – Concerning Nancy Lanza’s state of mind:  “…A review of Mrs. Lanza’s correspondence during AL’s early elementary school years indicates that she was frequently preoccupied with what she felt were her potentially serious and possibly terminal health issues…Despite Mrs. Lanza’s preoccupation with her health and concerns about her mortality, a review of her medical records from that time do not confirm a significant neurologic disorder, autoimmune disorder, or multiple sclerosis—the latter a diagnosis she sometimes indicated that she had.  A medical record from her July 1999 neurology follow up indicates that all testing was unremarkable.  The record notes that Mrs. Lanza was experiencing “significant stress in her life related to her husband.”  Undated typed notes that appear to be crafted by (or with information from) Mrs. Lanza after 2011 indicate that she was diagnosed with MS several years earlier, that it progressed very slowly, and that symptoms had been “at closest, 18 months apart, and at furthest, 4 years apart.” Mrs. Lanza indicated that most of her “[s]evere” episodes seemed to happen after surgeries or during “periods of high stress.”… There is no indication that Mrs. Lanza was provided a terminal diagnosis by doctors at any time. A 2008 medical record indicates some findings “consistent with [Mrs. Lanza’s] known history of multiple sclerosis.” A 2010 medical record for AL indicated that there is a “maternal history of [m]ultiple [s]clerosis.”…However, a 2012 medical record signed by Mrs. Lanza’s primary care physician indicated that the physician treated Mrs. Lanza for over eight years, had seen her many times, and had “never noticed or treated any symptoms of multiple sclerosis.” The medical form also stated that there were no related medical conditions or history. This medical record was part of an application for insurance…During a present-day interview with OCA, Mr. Lanza initially expressed his belief that Mrs. Lanza had been diagnosed with MS in the late 1990’s,…However, Mr. Lanza then later indicated that, after further review of Mrs. Lanza’s records, it did not appear that a doctor seeing Mrs. Lanza in the years prior to her death had actually diagnosed her as having MS, nor did autopsy results confirm the presence of findings consistent with MS…”

[p 36] – “…In a later police interview, Mr. Lanza noted that when AL was between the ages of 11 and 12, he began to seem a little different, less happy….”

From Wikipedia:  “…On average, girls begin puberty at ages 10–11; boys at ages 11–12..”

From “Child Lures Prevention” website (on how pedophiles work):  “…In the interviews I conducted, the majority of molesters cited a preference for children on the brink of puberty. This is the age of sexual awakening, making it easy for molesters to prey on the sexual curiosity and ignorance of youngsters...”

In the same period of time (age 11-12), “Despite AL’s increasing anxiety and withdrawal, Grade 6 continued his positive academic trend, with A’s and B’s across content areas. In an interview with the state police, a teacher at Reed Intermediate School remembered him as bright, if reluctant, with good ideas regarding creative writing. AL would not necessarily engage in conversation, but he would not ignore others. This teacher remembered no incidents of bullying or teasing, a common refrain from virtually all teachers or other former classmates of AL’s…During the same time period a pediatric record (2003) noted obsessive-compulsive tendencies, including hand washing¸ leading to excoriated skin…”

From  Kids Health:  “…Someone with OCD feels strong urges to do certain things repeatedly — called rituals or compulsions — in order to banish the scary thoughts, ward off something dreaded, or make extra sure that things are safe, clean, or right in some way….”

[p 37] – “…AL’s mother transferred him to a local catholic school for the fourth quarter of 7th grade…[note:  This school was St Rose of Lima Catholic Church, which you can verify from this NY Post Article (archived HERE) which states it was also their Church, very important to remember in the following two paragraphs.

A teacher at the Catholic School stated “…AL would write ten pages obsessing about battles, destruction and war…I have known 7th grade boys to talk about things like this, but AL’s level of violence was disturbing.

However, the report notes “…There is no documentation that teachers explored the source of the violent content of his writings with AL or his parents…There is no copy in the educational record of this disturbed writing.”

It should be noted that a very sordid Priest who molested multiple male victims was assigned to this very school from 1998-2000 (ref:  The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, archived HERE).  You can also view a breakdown of this Priest’s assignments (including Newtown) HERE (archived HERE).  This is RITUAL abuse, and if Adam was abused there, it is further proof of programming…

[To be continued]

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2 Responses to Inconvenient Truth #83: The OCA Report on Adam Lanza, AKA AL

  1. flggy says:

    Great job in being so thorough in this report! It’s clear that whatever happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School, it didn’t happen the way the police said it did! NO POSSIBLE WAY!

  2. Russ Winter says:

    If Adam Lanza was MK Ultra he was groomed as a patsy or a victim, not as a mass killer. There were no actual killings at Sandy Hook.

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