Inconvenient Truth #89: NSA admits it is part of the military

We want your soul

We want your soul

It is always extremely important to understand the NSA is under the Department of Defense, and that means it is the United States Military that is spying on every single human being in the United States, as well as the world.  In the ACLU FOIA release, we see a Deputy Director of the NSA declare in a petition to prevent revealing information brought by a lawsuit, that the NSA IS “…an intelligence agency WITHIN the Department of Defense…”.

This is why the MSM never explain WHO the NSA is, and leave the impression it is like an offshoot of the CIA.  But it isn’t, and we all should be very afraid that our own military is spying on everything we do electronically – phone, text, social media, email, internet browsing…

(2 pages) Classified declaration of William B. Black, Acting Director of the NSA, disclosing information regarding the government:

NSA Black 2006 Declassified Hepting Declaration

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  1. flggy says:

    Why is there stuff blacked out????

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