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Inconvenient Truth #87: NSA and SkyDrive

NSA memo announcing alliance with Microsoft for access to Skydrive data without special permission after months of negotiating between the FBI and Microsoft. Skydrive is a cloud service used by over 250 million people worldwide to store files online and … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #86: Blarney and Facebook

The ACLU has acquired (through Freedom of Information Act lawsuits) thousands of previously classified documents on the NSA spy programs. ┬áIt is critically important to note that the NSA is NOT just a government entity, it is part and parcel … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #85: Why gas prices suddenly plummeted

The following is a blog post from WashingtonsBlog, concerning an interview with the worlds “private CIA”, Stratfor head George Friedman, on the current escalation conflict with Russia by the U.S. and why gas prices are plummeting. Additionally, you should read … Continue reading

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Zombie Apocalypse

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