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Inconvenient Truth #102: The cost of the wars since 2001

Think we got our moneys worth (>4 Trillion dollars)? Just like in 1984, the wars were designed to divert the resources of our country into something that would be of absolutely no benefit to it’s citizens, keeping us in a … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #100: Hillary and Jeb Bush are best friends (along with Bill and George W)

I know for many of you who are caught up in the controlled brainwashing that goes on through the MSM, it is extremely disturbing to be given the truth. However, when the curtain is pulled back just a bit, you … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #30: Bilderberg 2008: What we learned

[Updated 15 May 2013] – Well, it’s been a long, strange trip for Mark Sanford, the centerpiece of this post. ¬†After being forced from office for his hiking trip to Argentina, he has resurfaced and become a congressman for South … Continue reading

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