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Inconvenient Truth #67: Leaked Senate Summary on CIA S.E.R.E Torture

[Updated 27 Apr 2014] – In a story on Al Jazeerah (archived here), it is confirmed that the Senate report identifies S.E.R.E. as the source of all torture done by CIA, DOD, and FBI:  “…The Senate report, like a 2009 Senate Armed … Continue reading

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Dialogue from the past…

Though written by the group Chicago in 1972, the song “Dialogue” concerning the apathy of the college students about what was going on around them, was a sort of prophecy.  Things have come full circle and we are back to … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #61: AF patent on Mind Control

The United States Patent Office has a patent, #6470214, (which you can view yourself HERE) whose assignee is the United States Air Force, calling for the “Method and device for implementing the radio frequency hearing effect”. Under the main heading … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #60: The Sandy Hook Police Report

An in-depth analysis that reveals the truth about the Sandy Hook shooting. [Updated 17 Oct 2016] – Reviewing this post, I searched and discovered the final ruling on the Hartford Courant’s FOIA ruling that demanded all documents related to Adam … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Bombing: Manchurian Candidate?

In a just released special report on the Boston Marathon Bombings, the Boston Globe reveals a major finding that no one has revealled before:  That Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older brother, reported that there were voices in his head, from a … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #37: Galvanic Bracelets, L. Ron Hubbard, and Microsoft – a study in occultism

[Updated 28 Nov 2013] – Google recently got a patent for an electronic throat tattoo that will allow users to communicate easily with their hand-held devices via blue-tooth type technology.  But, LOOK CLOSER:  Starting in paragraph 5 we read: “And how’s … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #55: FBI and CIA contact with Lee Harvey Oswald

It is 1968 and a C.I.A. document details the meeting of an agent with Oswald in 1962 in Monterey, Mexico, where he was given $50,000 under direction of Clay Shaw, head of CIA recruiting for Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Cuban … Continue reading

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