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Inconvenient Truth #37: Galvanic Bracelets, L. Ron Hubbard, and Microsoft – a study in occultism

[Updated 28 Nov 2013] – Google recently got a patent for an electronic throat tattoo that will allow users to communicate easily with their hand-held devices via blue-tooth type technology.  But, LOOK CLOSER:  Starting in paragraph 5 we read: “And how’s … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #55: FBI and CIA contact with Lee Harvey Oswald

It is 1968 and a C.I.A. document details the meeting of an agent with Oswald in 1962 in Monterey, Mexico, where he was given $50,000 under direction of Clay Shaw, head of CIA recruiting for Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Cuban … Continue reading

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What you have known but you don’t realize

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The future is almost here

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