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Dial “M” for Meltdown (Fukushima)

Watch this layman’s version of Nuclear Reactors, and what happened at Fukushima, then read “Inconvenient Truth #21: The Disturbing Facts about Fukushima’s Accident “

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Inconvenient Truth #47: Cancer risk from CT scans

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How big could a man-made earthquake get (Popular Mechanics)

View the original story Scientists have found evidence that wastewater injection induced a record-setting quake in Oklahoma two years ago. How big can a man-made earthquake get, and will we see more of them in the future? By Sarah Fecht … Continue reading

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Fukushima update: Interview with Arnie Gunderson

This is reblogged from my other site, “Down the Rabbit Hole“: Update on Fukushima Daiichi: A sobering interview Radio show “If You Love This Planet“‘s Dr. Caldicott hosts a new conversation with Arnie Gundersen, of Fairewinds Energy Education, about the … Continue reading

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