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The real story behind Syria

In this fully referenced article, you will learn exactly what is taking place in Syria.  I cannot add anything to this except to say, wake up and realize that anything the U.S. says is bound to be a lie… (From … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Truth #53: Fallujah and our use of chemical weapons…

Here is a comment that I made today on various MSM, very few of which have not either flagged or deleted it, (Bloomberg specifically flagged it (I commented as Enoch Noah) and deleted my additional replies)because it is based on … Continue reading

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Dial “M” for Meltdown (Fukushima)

Watch this layman’s version of Nuclear Reactors, and what happened at Fukushima, then read “Inconvenient Truth #21: The Disturbing Facts about Fukushima’s Accident “

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Inconvenient Truth #49: The Avian Flu was created by scientists

In this news article on, (story archived here) a group of scientists not only announce they are going to engineer the next avian flu strain to give it much more deadly capabilities, but that they are the same ones … Continue reading

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