The Torture Documents

The torture question is one of the most important questions we, as American’s will have faced in our history.  It is the #1 moral issue in our lifetimes, and will be in the history books long after we are gone.

For the first time in our history, our government, in our names, sanctioned and codified as legal inhumane treatment of other persons.  Things for which we court-martialled soldiers during Vietnam (water-boarding) became legal “tools” and were used literally 100’s of times against certain detainee’s in a 30-day time-frame.

For me, I will attempt as long as possible to keep these documents readily available for use in refuting any argument that says torture was legal and had results.  It was NOT legal, no matter how the past administration(s) frame it, and it did NOT produce results, not matter who says so.

You can find all new’s articles related to torture HERE:

You can find all official, formerly classified documentation about torture and it’s origination HERE

View the OLC / Executive Branch memos that made torture “okay”

To see what kind of atrocities were being committed view the ACLU FOIA Claims

Here is the two congressional committee’s review of the origins of torture and it’s relationship to S.E.R.E:

panel one

panel two

A riveting documentary “Frontline: The Torture Question” shows what we knew BEFORE the Senate committees investigation revealed S.E.R.E to be the source of all torture techniques…

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